Monday, March 15, 2010

Greek 3.17: "The Big Easy Does It"

“Aww, I remember when you were a pledge, you used to say, ‘One day, someone will wake me up with beer.’”


I love the City of New Orleans. My bedroom is decorated with photos I took during a visit there and a watercolor of a street in the French Quarter. And I love the more festive and less raunchy aspects of Mardi Gras- Ashleigh has it right in this episode when she comments on how great Mardi Gras colors are. Unfortunately, though, I did not love this Mardi Gras themed episode of “Greek.” I don’t know what it is- Greek just isn’t holding my interest anymore. I got into the show for the college nostalgia, but I’m finding that lately the show’s plotlines don’t really matter to me. I could care less if ZBZ is number one house or what Rebecca has done this week to screw up her love life. But I am to finish what I start, so the rest of Greek season 3, including this episode, shall be blogged.

It’s Mardi Gras, and typically, the KT house is going to be holding a huge party. Casey doesn’t have time to help Cappie and the boys set up, though, it’s LSAT day. Everybody, including Cappie, keeps telling her not to be nervous. Casey’s nervous anyway, though, which is to be expected. The only thing I take issue with is everybody saying things like it’s the biggest test of her life or the biggest day of her life. If you think that’s bad, you should try the bar exam, sweetie. Or heck, even try any law school final, which, more often than not, is the only thing you’re ever graded on in a class. Anyway, the only person who makes Casey feel at all better is Joel. Joel suggests that Casey have a freak out before the test so that she’s calm again by the time she actually needs to concentrate. He also suggests she find some sort of lucky talisman.

Casey decides to use a purple hair tie as her lucky talisman, but she has trouble finding it. She ends up back in the Kappa Tau house, figuring she may have left it in Cappie’s room. In Cappie’s room, she does find the purple hair tie, but she also finds Cappie’s major declaration form, which still hasn’t been filled out. Casey is pissed that Cappie lied to her that morning when he said he already filled it out and turned it in, and that he was so excited to do so that he declared three majors. Casey is kind of distracted by the Cappie not caring about the future issue while she’s taking the LSAT, but she thinks she did okay in spite of it.

Joel is waiting for Casey after the LSAT, and he comes bearing gifts. Cookies and a bottle of Scotch “because that’s what lawyers drink.” They end up sharing the cookies and Scotch on a park bench, and Casey is surprised to learn that Joel was quite the partier when he was in college. But he grew up. This appeals to Casey, probably because she’s so frustrated at the moment with Cappie’s refusal to grow up. Joel goes to kiss Casey as she’s telling him the story of the purple hair tie, and Casey quickly puts a stop to it. Joel is a little perturbed, wondering why Casey spent the whole evening with him and didn’t mention she has a boyfriend.

Sort of connected to the KT Mardi Gras party is Rusty’s plot for the episode. He’s planning on taking Catherine to the party, and everybody, including Cappie and Dana, is surprised that she’s agreeing to this. Catherine proves them all wrong, though. Not only does she want to go to the party, she wants to have sex afterwards. She is determined not to leave college a virgin. Rusty is a little unsure about this- mostly he’s nervous about the idea of being someone’s first, but Cappie convinces him it’s a great idea. While at the party, Rusty tells Dana this whole plan (she agreed to go to the party as Dale’s date, and they are pretty much wallflowers the whole time), and Dana gets really, really upset. She accuses Rusty of being a “dog” and treating sex with Catherine as just a transaction, but the true source of her reaction is revealed pretty quickly. She still has feelings for Rusty.

Rusty, although thrown a little by what’s going on with Dana, is still cool with going ahead with Catherine’s plan. He changes his mind, however, when Catherine starts talking about “getting it over with.” Rusty thinks that really does sound like just a transaction, and he’s not okay with that. He leaves Catherine sitting on her bed, feeling kind of confused. I think the show is heading in the direction of Rusty dating Dana, and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Dana's a pretty intriguing character, even though we haven't seen much of her yet, but Rusty and Catherine have a pretty adorable chemistry.

The rest of the plots going on in this episode (yet again, way too many) are all somewhat connected. In his effort to try and embrace gay culture a bit more, Calvin agrees to go with Grant to Gentleman’s Choice for Mardi Gras. Evan is also going to be at Gentleman’s Choice for Mardi Gras, but as a bartender. Grant clued him into the fact that he could make a ton of money that way, and Evan definitely needs money. Evan’s not making much money at first, then he decides to take of his shirt, and the tips come pouring in. Neither of these plots are that interesting until Ashleigh and Rebecca are thrown into the mix.

Ashleigh and Rebecca have both been abandoned by their boyfriends for Mardi Gras (Pete is out of town for a lacrosse game, and Evan is working, although he lied to Rebecca about exactly where he was working), so they decide to try the KT party. They’re kind of grossed out by the guys there who are hitting on them, so they decide to go to Gentleman’s Choice. If that’s where the plot had ended, it could have been a funny/awkward bit with Rebecca seeing Evan bartending there, but it went a step further (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Evan’s about to have some fun teasing Rebecca from behind a mask when he sees Rebecca start to kiss another guy. They go outside to talk about what happened, and Evan accuses Rebecca of being purposely self-destructive. Which she is. It may possibly be interesting to see where her character goes from here.

At the end of the episode, Casey finally shows up to the KT party just as it’s winding down. She confronts Cappie about the declaring a major issue, and he really doesn’t have a good answer for her. He’s just really not ready to graduate. Which I find kind of sad. Part of what I love about the character of Cappie is that he’s such a free spirit, but there comes a point where everybody must grow up. And growing up doesn’t have to mean two kids, a dog, and the white picket fence, either. Cappie’s just convinced that his college/KT life is the best life has in store for him. Casey admits to Cappie that she was so upset that she almost kissed another guy, and Cappie’s not quite sure how to respond to that. Casey decides she’ll be spending the night back at the ZBZ house.

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