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No Ordinary Family 1.11: "No Ordinary Friends"

Sarah is still graciously handling "No Ordinary Family" recaps for a little while longer. Enjoy her take on "No Ordinary Friends!"


“I just wish we’d had a chance to become friends, real friends.”
“Michelle, we still can.”
- Michelle and Stephanie

So, I really wasn’t enjoying this episode until about 2/3 of the way through. We didn’t exactly get more power conspiracy movement, but what we did get on the Katie front was at least interesting. The episode starts pretty much where “No Ordinary Sidekick” left off. The Powells are trying to figure out why Daphne can’t remember anything about what happened. Jim lifts her and the couch up to show his super strength, Stephanie zooms off to get a glass of water, and JJ rattles off some genius-y sounding mumbo-jumbo, but Daphne’s still not buying it. I have to say this was the worst “fix” ever. All they had to do was put their hands together in a cheesy huddle and have Daphne touch them to get all their memories. Lame!

Later that day, Jim’s out and about when he gets a call from George. A really expensive painting ($8 million) was stolen from a museum. Jim’s a little annoyed that George didn’t tell him about it while it was happening, but apparently George didn’t know until after the fact. As Jim is walking, a guy walks out into the street, not looking where he’s going and nearly gets flattened by an oncoming bus. Jim, in superhero fashion, saves him just in time. The guy, Dave Cotton, is really grateful for Jim’s help and won’t let Jim go until Dave knows his name. Meanwhile at the lab, Stephanie is filling Katie in on the issue with Daphne, and Katie makes the comment that she can relate to Daphne dealing with hormones (Stephanie’s theory) and that she (Katie) is practically an adult. This sparks the conversation that reveals Katie is in love. It also reveals that she’s still a virgin. She decided to wait for “the one” and she never stopped waiting. She’s worried about how to tell “Joshua” and Stephanie advises that if he feels the same way about her, he won’t care at all.

That night, the Powells get surprise visitors in the form of Dave and his family; wife Michelle, son Troy, and daughter Chloe. How sweet, everyone has a little friend now. This storyline was not one of the better ones, sadly. In short order, Dave and Michelle invite the Powells over for a barbeque the next night. Jim and Stephanie have a brief conversation about why Stephanie accepted the dinner invitation. She wants to do normal things with a normal family for once. They’re interrupted by none other than George calling about another art heist. This one’s in progress. Jim leaps over and fails to apprehend the thief. He does, however, manage to keep the thief from stealing anything. The next day, George tells Jim that even though he didn’t catch the bad guy, the cops found a boot print. Jim, however, turns George down to go investigate because he and Stephanie and the kids are going to Dave’s for the barbeque.

We have a semi-cute scene where Stephanie is trying to decide what to wear and she ends up settling on a blouse and blazer combo. She says she wants to look nice because she felt a connection to Michelle. The happy feeling doesn’t last long when Stephanie discovers her journal of info about their powers isn’t in its drawer. More on that plot a little later. Katie’s having a night out, too- she’s on a date with “Joshua’ and she’s babbling on about Star Wars drinks. She almost tells him she’s a virgin but chickens out and rattles on more about the drink she’s having. I guess I could see why she’s nervous. He’s been flattering her pretty heavy. I wouldn’t mind Josh Stewart flattering me.

The Powells and the Cottons seem to be getting along. Michelle tells Stephanie that she feels like she’s missing out on friendships because their family moves so much. First Boston, then Seattle and now where they are now. Jim has a similar bonding moment with Dave over a set of drums. We find out that Jim was in a hair band in art school (amusing since he has no hair now). He also comments on Dave’s watch. Dave says it was a birthday present from Michelle. While they’re all eating, Jim telepathically orders Daphne to agree that she and J.J. will show Troy and Chloe around school the next day.

The next day, Daphne is showing Chloe around school and they run into Bailey, the snotty student council president. Chloe quite handily tells her off, and Daphne’s pretty impressed. Chloe suggests that since it appears Daphne knows what’s really going on with the kids at school, she should run against Bailey. After all, no one has run before because they’re too intimidated by the pretty popular girl. Daphne’s not really sure it’s going to work, but as she’s going through her day she reads people’s minds to find out what they’re really thinking and uses that in her campaign speech. It’s not entirely clear whether she wins, but I’m assuming she does. Similarly, we get the JJ plot of the episode which is fighting with Troy over Natalie. It turns out that Troy was just acting like a jerk so that J.J. could impress Natalie (who was very close to placing J.J. in the “friend zone”). The mission is accomplished when J.J. punches Troy in the face.

Jim and Stephanie are reflecting on how much fun they had at the barbeque and Stephanie admits that Michelle called for drinks and Stephanie said yes. Just before the act break, we see Dave and Michelle sharing a bottle of wine, and as Dave goes to the garage to get another bottle, we see a pair of boots. It was pretty damn obvious that one of the Cottons are behind the art thefts. In other couples news, Katie and “Joshua” certainly seem to go out on a lot of dates, and now they’re back at Katie’s place. She awkwardly invites him inside and has enough time to lamely tell him she’s only got juice boxes when he starts kissing her. And the night doesn’t end well for her. She tells “Joshua” she’s still a virgin and he splits. She’s left in her living room crying, most likely thinking she’s scared him off with the news.

Jim is gloating to George a little bit about his new friends, saying it’s been a long time since he and Stephanie liked both the husband and the wife. We learn that George had a wife, Hannah, but they’re now divorced. George tries to convince Jim that they talk about normal things but obviously, that fails. He’s come to fill Jim in on some information about the art thefts. Over the last two years there have been thefts in Boston and Seattle. Jim makes the comment that the Cottons lived in both places before moving. George immediately gets suspicious and Jim tries to brush it off.

Next is possibly my favorite scene of No Ordinary Family ever. Stephanie and Michelle are having drinks at the Powell house, and Stephanie is extremely drunk. She is about to spill the beans on her super speed when Jim gets home and stops her. She babbles that he’s super strong and she zooms but Jim manages to pass it off as she’s just horribly drunk. Julie Benz doing drunk just makes me giggle. Once Jim gets Stephanie settled in bed, he’s back at the museum and the thief is back too. Jim catches up with the thief with just enough time to see a very distinctive watch, Dave’s watch, before the thief takes off with the painting. Jim trips the motion sensors but manages to escape before the security guards find him by bending the metal gates barring his way. The next morning, Jim is telling Stephanie about his suspicions of Dave and she tells him to tread lightly. After all, he never used to think their friends were criminals. Jim says he’ll use a light touch, but it doesn’t go well. Dave ends up storming off all pissed off that Jim would accuse him of theft.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Katie is now complaining about “Joshua” bolting the night before. Stephanie tries to make Katie feel better by saying that she did the right thing and it’s not her fault if he couldn’t handle it. That maybe he wasn’t the right guy for her. It wouldn’t be a Stephanie/Katie scene if Stephanie didn’t get to complain about her own problems. She still can’t find her journal. Next we find “Joshua” in Dr. King’s office. In a scene that makes me quite happy, “Joshua” tells King he’s out of their deal. The powers aren’t doing it for him anymore. He’s found something better (Katie). King lets him go but tells him it won’t work with Katie because he can’t be what she wants and she’ll never accept the things he’s done.

Jim feels bad about accusing Dave, and George suggests he go and apologize. So, Jim does and finds not only the boots but the stolen painting. Just as he’s trying to decide what to do, Michelle walks in and we learn that Dave isn’t the thief. She is. In short order, Stephanie agrees to talk to her. We learn that two years ago Dave lost his job and Michelle ended up getting roped into helping a faux janitor at the museum she worked at steal a painting. And it just never stopped. Stephanie thinks she’s convinced Michelle to turn herself in after talking to her family. Unfortunately, she was lying. Stephanie follows her that night to a meeting spot for her buyer. Michelle tries to get Stephanie to leave, but she won’t, and the buyer ends up shooing Michelle. Stephanie, using her speed, gets Michelle to the hospital. It turns out later on, the cops even caught the shooter. But that doesn’t make Stephanie feel any better. She says she’s responsible for breaking up the Cotton family. Jim tries to assuage her guilt by saying if he hadn’t saved Dave from being flattened by the bus that would have also broken up the family.

Meanwhile, Katie’s wallowing in her sadness when the doorbell rings. She assumes it’s the pizza guy but finds “Joshua”. I really hope we actually find out his real name at some point. Anyway he apologizes for running out on her and explains, in very vague terms, that he hadn’t expected to fall for her in the beginning but now that he has, he chooses her and they end up sleeping together. As Katie goes to smell his jacket (kind of weird but whatever) Stephanie’s journal falls out of the inside pocket. Katie is left watching suspiciously as “Joshua” sleeps.

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