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Glee 2.12: "Silly Love Songs"

Much thanks to Sarah for saving me from having to blog two episodes of "Glee" in one week. Enjoy her take on the Valentine's Day episode, "Silly Love Songs."


“There are two lessons I learned the hard way. One, never punch a cop. The other one, you can’t choose love. Love chooses you.”
- Puck

Overall, I thought “Silly Love Songs” was a decent Valentine’s Day episode. There were some plotlines I liked more than others. We start with Puck mooning over Lauren (the girl he got to join New Directions for Sectionals) and he thinks he’s in love with her. He gave her a heart-shaped box of candies, which she ate and then said sucked. So now, he’s determined to get her to go out with him on Valentine’s Day. Finn is riding high after winning the Championship game and everyone is treating him like he’s on top. And apparently every girl at McKinley is giving him those little candy hearts, including Becky. It’s nice to see Becky not under Sue’s thumb for once. And it is all going to Finn’s head. Then there’s the whole Quinn-kissed-him-after-the-football-game thing. So, Finn decides to use his “celebrity” at the school to raise money for Glee (aka set up a scenario where Quinn might actually kiss him again). He sets up a kissing booth and will charge one dollar for every kiss. This is the plotline I found to be the most offensive. You’ll see why later on.

We actually get to see Kurt in this episode for more than thirty seconds. He actually has a pretty big storyline. He and Blaine are out and about getting coffee and discussing Valentine’s Day. Blaine says it is his favorite holiday, and he thinks it is really romantic to be able to just lay it out on the line and tell someone how you really feel. He asks Kurt for his opinion. Blaine has feelings for a guy he’s only known for a little while and he wants to sing his feelings. Kurt, believing that someone is him, says Blaine should totally go for it. I mean, yes, Darren Criss is cute, but Blaine is so clueless! Kurt further thinks his dislike of Valentine’s Day is disappearing when Blaine knows his coffee order by heart (and pays). It’s kind of adorable.

Back at McKinley, Will is giving the kids their weekly Glee assignment; partner up and sing what they think is the greatest love song. An appropriately themed assignment, if I do say so myself. This scene actually has some intense stuff with Santana. She gets a verbal smack down from just about every member of the club. The club makes it clear that Santana can dish crap but she can’t take it. It ends with her sitting in the hallway sobbing with Britney at her side. Puck also gets his personal challenge for the episode: woo Lauren so she’ll go to Breadstix with him for Valentine’s Day.

And we’ve now bopped back to Dalton Academy where Blaine has called an emergency meeting of the Warblers. He wants them to help serenade the guy he likes in public. There is much outrage because the group hasn’t performed in public since 1927. Kurt manages to step up and explain that even though New Directions were heckled basically everywhere they went, it gave them confidence and kept them loose. He thinks that the Warblers need some of that. Blaine says the performance will be at the GAP, because that’s where the guy he likes works. You can see Kurt’s face just fall with the realization that he is not, in fact, Blaine’s crush. Luckily for Kurt, he gets to have a slumber party with Mercedes and Rachel to complain about his heartbreak. It is rather adorable. Plus, we get to see Mercedes for more than half a second as well. And she has a good point. The three “divas” need to be single for a while and focus on their talent and their musical ambitions. They don’t need love to be happy.

The next day, Puck sings “Fat Bottomed Girls” to try and impress Lauren. It’s a fun song and I rarely dislike the things Mark sings. The song starts off with the boys singing a Capella which is kind of cool. Lauren acts offended by the song, but she’s really playing hard-to-get. Finn has set up his kissing booth and all the girls are excited. He steps out to floss (or so he says) and Quinn approaches him. She says that she knows what he’s up to and it won’t work. She won’t lead him on or hurt Sam by kissing Finn again. Sam sees this exchange and kind of freaks a little. He tells Quinn he saw her and Finn together. She assures him that she only wants to kiss him. He’s not satisfied and after a little fight, she says she’s going to kiss Finn after Glee rehearsal.

At rehearsal, we get Mike Chang and Artie doing a duet of “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)”. It’s awesome. Artie really does soulful songs well. It fits his voice well. Britney and Tina are pretty impressed by their men. After Glee, Santana tries to get back with Puck but he’s not having any of it. Thus ensues the crazy Santana/Lauren cat fight in the hallway. I have to say, it was pretty hilarious. Puck is one step closer to getting Lauren to go out with him. And the cat fight makes him want to date Lauren even more than he did before.

Rachel stops by Finn’s booth and after some babbling, they kiss and Rachel is insulted that it was a kiss on the cheek. Rachel tries to say she still loves Finn and that messing around with Puck doesn’t mean anything. Finn is still upset that she cheated on him. Finn gives Rachel the present he got her for Christmas (a little late), a star necklace, and he says that Rachel should be alone for a while. Then it is time for Quinn to kiss Finn at the booth, with Sam watching. And there are fireworks on Finn’s end. He thinks he is still in love with Quinn and she tells him to meet her in the auditorium. No good can come from that at all.

Next we see the Warblers’ big crazy “GAP Attack” singing extravaganza. Blaine almost chickens out, but Kurt tells him to go ahead and he’ll be great. It was an impressive number and they really like doing kind of funky/hip-hop type numbers. The guy that Blaine likes, Jeremiah, kind of keeps slipping away from Blaine as they sing and then afterward, he tells Blaine he’s kind of not interested. For one thing, not many people know he’s gay, and also they couldn’t go out because Jeremiah would get arrested since Blaine is underage. Oh, and then there was the fact that Jeremiah got fired for it. Blaine is kind of bummed, to say the least.

Santana is pissed at being single on Valentine’s Day and then gets vengeful. She kisses some guy in the nurse’s office who got mono and kisses Finn at the booth. Course it is all misinformation about how mono is spread. Anyway, Finn and Quinn end up in the auditorium kissing. Quinn tells Finn that it makes her a cheater, the thing that got Finn so upset that he broke up with her and Rachel. Finn says he was hurt so bad because it meant they didn’t love him anymore. Double standard much? I think that this part of the Finn storyline is what pissed me off so much. He got angry at them for cheating on him with Puck but here he is getting Quinn to cheat on Sam. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of respect for Sam, which is kind of sad. But Quinn tells Finn that she won’t break up with Sam until she’s absolutely sure she doesn’t love him.

Blaine and Kurt are back out together for coffee, and Blaine’s tune has changed. He finds Valentine’s Day horrible now that he’s had his heart broken. Kurt tells Blaine that he thought the song was for him (based on how much they hang out and singing duets). Blaine admits he’s clueless (you think?) and tells Kurt he’s never been anyone’s boyfriend before. Kurt replies that he hasn’t been either. So by the end of the episode, they’re sort of together, or at least on the way. They basically agree to be really good friends and see if anything romantic comes of it. Kurt seems happy anyway.

Puck gets stood up by Lauren at Breadstix (he managed to get her to agree to a pre-Valentine’s Day dinner with him). He doesn’t seem too worse for wear, considering he’s making out with a waitress (until her husband calls). The next day, Finn announces he raised $324 for Glee and then promptly ends up going to the nurse with Quinn because they both feel like crap (mono). Like I said before, massive misinformation about how mono is actually spread. Tina ends up singing “My Funny Valentine” to Mike. Well sing would be the wrong word. She cries through most of it. Tears of happiness, though. Quinn tells Finn that they can’t keep cheating until she knows what is going on with her and Sam and Finn knows what is up with him and Rachel. Finn tries to deny that there is anything going on with Rachel but Quinn knows it’s true. She catches him staring at Rachel (when he’s not staring at Quinn).

Puck confronts Lauren for standing him up. Things end well though because she agrees to go to dinner with him on Valentine’s Day as friends. She wants to take it slow and he’s willing to try that. Later that afternoon, Rachel shows up at the nurse’s office and basically tells Finn she is better off alone for now. He tries to convince her he still has feelings for her, but telling her that he saw fireworks when he kissed Quinn probably wasn’t the way to go about it. But it inspires Rachel’s Valentine’s Day song. She does Katy Perry’s “Firework”. I think that is the 3rd or 4th Katy Perry song they’ve done/used this season. They must really like her. The episode ends with the Warblers performing “Silly Love Songs” (had to work the episode title in somehow) at Breadstix. It’s a fun way to end the episode, except that Sam was getting all oogly eyed with Santana. Never a good sign. Guess we’ll see how things shake out next week.

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