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No Ordinary Family 1.19: "No Ordinary Future"

Since there were two episodes of "No Ordinary Family" last week, Sarah generously agreed to blog one of them for MTVP. Here is her take on the season (and probably series) penultimate episode.


“Don’t forget, I gave you life. I can take it away again just as easily.”
- Mrs. X

I was a little sad to blog this episode seeing as it is the penultimate episode of the season (likely series). So we start where “No Ordinary Animal” left off. Steph is out running and she’s sort of dematerializing. She ends up reappearing at the house and there’s all manner of SWAT and military people surrounding the house. Steph tries to talk to the lead guy at the scene once she figures out its her house, but no one sees her. She makes it inside to find Jim and the kids trying to find a way out of the now surrounded house. Again, they can’t see or hear Stephanie. Jim tells J.J. and Daphne to slip out the back while he distracts the guys outside so they can meet Stephanie at Katie’s. Before Stephanie can try and stop Jim, she is yanked back through a big flash of light (à la the crack in the universe from Doctor Who series 5) and ends up back at the house. But the scene is far quieter. Steph is rightly confused but tries to hide it when she walks in to find Jim there. He asks if the run helped, and she mumbles an answer. She puts on a brave face and tells Jim to go to Captain Cordero’s goodbye party.

Jim doesn’t believe her that she’s okay but goes to the party anyway. He tells George obviously there has to be something wrong. Stephanie nearly died the day before, and i trillsettum changes people. Jim and George spend a little time with Cordero, telling him how they’ll miss him and how the precinct won’t be the same without him before a few of the other attendees pull Cordero away for some drinks. And to think he used to not like Jim! Later, Jim, George and Cordero are heading out. After some quick goodbyes, Cordero heads to his car when a car drives by and Cordero ends up looking like bloody Swiss cheese. George hastily calls for an ambulance, but it’s no use. The next morning at the precinct, George and Jim meet the two cops who are supposedly handling Cordero’s case. They’re definitely sketchy in my book. Anyway, Cordero’s wife shows up and thanks Jim for all he did for Frank. She reveals he was really stressed over some trial and couldn’t sleep. Which was unlike Frank. This sets Jim and George on the investigatory path.

Back at the house, Stephanie is still wandering around a little dazed and confused, and she overhears Daphne telling J.J. what she heard when she read Mr. Litchfield’s mind. He’s scared someone will hurt him. This prompts Stephanie to butt in, and after J.J. explains they were biochemical equations, she tells J.J. she doesn’t want him doing any more work for Mr. Litchfield until she can talk to him. At school, Chris catches up with Daphne, and after some arm twisting, gets her to agree to see him at his work after school so she can mind push his boss into giving him a raise. Daphne really doesn’t want to do it but agrees. Chris really has been kind of a jerk since he found about Daphne’s powers. At Global Tech, Stephanie is running some tests on Katie to make sure she’s safe. Katie has a little freak out about having a superbaby. After all, it usually ends in the baby killing its parents. But Stephanie assures Katie that she’s fine and gives her the name of her own OB/GYN so Katie can get an appointment. With that, Stephanie races off to school to try and talk to Mr. Litchfield.

Like before, Stephanie shows up and things are weird. She finds George running down an empty hallway and J.J. and Daphne hiding in a classroom looking rather worse for wear. George hands over some food and water, but there’s agents searching the school again. Stephanie watches helplessly since she can’t seem to communicate with anyone as George almost misdirects the agents who stop by the room. But J.J. accidentally nudges a beaker, and George resorts to blocking the door into the room so the kids can escape. Steph has time to see the date, March 31, before she’s yanked back to the lab. She tells Katie she doesn’t think she just ran to the school, she saw the future.

And now we get what I thought was a pretty shocking reveal. Mrs. X has somehow (my guess is through the trillsettum) brought Victoria back to life. It was apparently rather difficult to bring Victoria back, but Mrs. X did it, with Joshua’s help. He told Mrs. X to take care of Victoria. Victoria is kind of excited and asks if Joshua’s there, but obviously he’s not. Her excitement then turns to confusion because she figures he wouldn’t want anything to do with her after what she did to Katie. And then the boss lady drops the baby bomb. She wants Victoria to find out everything she can without raising suspicion.

Back at the lab, Katie is trying half-heartedly to convince Steph that she didn’t go to the future and that it was just some hallucination. But Stephanie is positive. She just doesn’t understand what she’s seeing or how it could have come to pass. Katie gets super excited about time travel and rattles off other super heroes that had similar powers; The Flash and the Silver Surfer. Steph hasn’t told Jim yet. She doesn’t want to bother him with everything else that’s going on. Just as she gets up to try and zip off to the future again to try and figure out what’s going on, she loses her balance and Katie insists on running some tests of her own.

At the Lair, Jim is searching through Cordero’s cases to try and find the one that was keeping him up at night. He finds a case about a gang member who was facing drug charges, and Jim thinks they’ve got the right case. The ADA prosecuting is a friend of George’s and they go to find out what the ADA knows. Cordero apparently called the ADA the day before and wanted to meet in private so Frank could submit some evidence. Definitely something fishy afoot in Pacific Bay.

We hop over to teen land for a few minutes as Chris waits for Daphne to work her mojo on his boss. She comes over and tells him that it didn’t work. She mumbles something about it maybe being the fumes that are messing with her ability but Chris calls her out on it. He’s none too pleased that she didn’t actually do it. He pretty tells her to stay out of his life and he’ll fix his problems himself. Somehow, I doubt that will really end well.

And we’re back at Global Tech. Katie is making an OB/GYN appointment while going over Stephanie’s test results. Katie shows Steph the results that prove Stephanie’s body is starting to suffer the effects of time travel. Stephanie brushes it off, but Katie tells her that she may feel fine now, but eventually, her body won’t be able to handle the stress. Stephanie isn’t interested in listening. She needs to get to the future at the precinct to make sure Jim’s okay. She arrives to find it occupied by scary looking military types, and the jerk FBI agent that was at the house is pacing in front of Stephanie. Jim and the kids are chained up nearby looking rather groggy. They’ve apparently been sedated. The Agent wants to know what Stephanie is and once they do, they’ll decide whether she and her family are more useful dead or alive. Stephanie begs for a lawyer, but the agent scoffs and tells her those rights are only for human beings.

Katie is at her doctor’s appointment and she’s anxiously waiting in the front office. Dr. Klein is on his way in from the garage when Victoria accosts him with a metal pipe and morphs into him. Faux!Klein is giving Katie an ultrasound and finally finds the fetus. Katie’s pretty excited until the doctor produces a very big needle and claims they need to an amniocentesis. Katie unfortunately doesn’t have much choice in the matter.

Back at the Powell house, Steph is filling everyone in on what she’s seen. She tells them their secret will be exposed in two days and they’ll be taken into military custody. Jim and Steph share a look after she says that maybe someone in the family spilled the beans. J.J. denies that Mr. Litchfield knows anything. All eyes fall on Daphne. She finally admits she told Chris but professes he’s cool enough to not blab it to anyone. Daphne is told to get in touch with Chris to find out if he told anyone. Meanwhile, Jim gets called away by George because someone broke into the Cordero house. Nothing was taken, but Mrs. Cordero says they were probably looking for the hidden safe behind a bookshelf. It was so well hidden that even she didn’t know it was there until cops discovered it. Jim and George convince her to let Jim try opening it and he does with ease. They find police personnel files, and they realize Cordero was delivering intel on a dirty cop to the ADA.

Back at the house, Stephanie is going to race off to Global Tech to see what’s happening there, since Dr. King knows about them and the lab sometimes does military contracting. She finds Agent Annoying Jerk questioning Katie. Katie’s holding her own with snappy comebacks until he shoves her up against a wall and arrests her. She falls to ground in pain and yells at him that she’s pregnant. Apparently that’s the magic word because he orders someone to get a paramedic. The important thing is, Stephanie sees a newscast that clues her in to a rather shocking truth; whatever happens to reveal the Powell secret happens on the 29th at 5:07pm. Stephanie ends up smacking into the car when she’s pulled back to the present, much to J.J.’s surprise.

Stephanie is insistent that she needs to go to the future to see what happens and try to stop it. The kids protest, but she gets J.J. to help determine the exact coordinates she needs to run to. She zooms off to find Daphne and Jim at the scene. Chris is there too, but Daphne’s got him covered. George is giving a eulogy at Cordero’s memorial service, and Jim realizes that someone is about to kill George. He races off to stop them, but gets caught on camera as he flips the car with the gunman in it. And thus begins the potential hell that the Powells find themselves in. At the precinct (in the present) one of the cops investigating Frank’s case corners Jim and says his partner is dirty. He tells Jim to meet him somewhere in private, and just as Jim heads out, he nearly gets gunned down. He knows it was the cops. Another piece of the puzzle falling into place.

Stephanie zooms back and has another crash including smashing up the table in the house. She tells J.J. that it is Jim that exposes them when he tries to save George’s life. Too bad, Jim doesn’t listen. He can’t let George die. And Daphne’s already left to find Chris. Daphne confronts Chris and he says that while he was angry at her, he would have never revealed her secret to anyone. And this time, Jim is more careful about not being caught on camera as he stops the gunman. But it’s only half the equation. His partner is still in the crowd of blue and it’s up the Daphne to stop him. She reads minds until she finds the guy and ends up mind pushing the guy to give her the gun and not shoot George. Jim and Stephanie aren’t happy to hear Daphne has these powers, and they force her to use her powers on Chris again. She’s never mind wiped someone before, but she’s never needed to either. She thinks she’s only going to erase his memories of knowing she has powers but, like when Joshua did it to her, it wipes all the memories surrounding that knowledge. So, Chris is back to being his extra jerk self. Meanwhile, Mrs. X and Victoria are chatting about Katie’s results. The baby’s DNA has full incorporated the trillsettum. Mrs. X is very excited by this news and informs Victoria that she will be raising Katie’s baby once it is born. After all, at that point Mrs. X will have no use for Katie. Things are not going to end well in the finale. I can tell.

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