Thursday, May 26, 2011

Body of Proof 1.09: "Broken Home"

Sarah joins us again today for a write-up of what seems to be the season finale of "Body of Proof."


“Funny thing, you always go straight to the bodies. Whenever something is bothering you, this is where you are drawn for solace.”
- Peter

We begin (what the network claims is the season finale) with a somewhat blurred view of a man pronouncing a young woman dead. We quickly fade to someone flipping through pictures of the dead girl on a phone. It turns out Lacey was looking at them on a paparazzi website. The Principal is not pleased one of his students is using her phone in class. He doesn’t think it’s appropriate to be looking at dead bodies at age 12. Megan has no problem with it and quickly commandeers the phone when she learns the girl was the daughter of some big socialites. She also discovers in one of the photos something that looks suspicious, so she calls in the pronouncing doctor. He says when he saw the girl (Nikki Parkson), she was lying flat on her back when he pronounced her dead. She’d been very ill for the past 2 years. He promptly tells Megan he has better things to do and leaves. Enter Peter, and Megan explains that the blood in Nikki’s ear should have flown down her neck if he was lying on her back. So now Megan wants to interrupt the funeral. Megan attempts to ask Kate for permission/assistance but she’s not around. And Curtis says he wants nothing to do with her schemes. Smart man that Curtis. Megan’s on her way out of the building when he runs into Todd. He wasn’t happy that she just ran off from the school and left him to be the bad guy. Megan promises she’ll talk to Lacey and be the bad cop. I have to wonder what Todd is doing there anyway.

So Megan and Peter are at the funeral home, and they walk in to find one of the morticians touching up Nikki’s make up. Even with the blood gone, Megan discovers evidence of foul play. There are ligature marks on Nikki’s neck. And in typical Megan fashion, she informs Nikki’s mother and brother that they can’t bury Nikki because there is now a murder to solve. Her brother is pissed off and admits that Nikki hung herself. Lucky for Megan, Kate swoops in to handle things. Back at the lab, Megan confirms that the marks on Nikki’s neck are consistent with suicide by hanging. Peter, Kate and Sam are at the Parkson house talking with Nikki’s mom and brother when Nikki’s sister, Sarah, shows up. She and Peter talk, and we learn that Sarah was thrown out of the house five years earlier after her dad died and she got caught with some drugs. She and her mom no longer get along. I have to say I don’t blame Sarah for not liking her mom. She’s kind of uptight and all about herself.

Sarah shows Peter Nikki’s room. She points out where Nikki hung herself and what she used to do it. Sarah says she and Nikki kept in touch a little after he left, and Sarah came back to try and cheer Nikki up. Peter and Kate get back to lab to find Megan examining the body. The rope from the curtain matches the mark on her neck but it turns out there is bruising on the muscles of her neck and throat. She was manually strangled and we’re now back to murder. Sam and Peter show up at the Parkson home and after Sam acts kind of badass, they get into the house with a warrant. They figure out that whoever strangled Nikki then had to put the rope around the beam first to make it look like a real suicide. Meanwhile at the lab, Megan tells Ethan to change the death certificate. Curtis also discovers Nikki had gout. And we also bring back the other storyline in the episode. Lacey ha arrived so Megan can yell at her and be bad cop. It turns out Lacey thinks that Megan and Todd are getting back together. Megan is a little freaked out about this and rightly suspicious.

Megan has every right to be suspicious. After she leaves a voicemail for Todd to call her back, we cut to him and Kate in a hotel room. They’ve apparently been having a fling for a while and they think it might be time to come out. Megan’s clearly distracted when Ethan says that Nikki did have gout. Which doesn’t make sense since the meds she was on was used to treat gout. So they test her pills and find he was being given placebos. It also turns out there was semen found in Nikki’s sheets. Sam also learns that money wasn’t motive for the murder because all of Nikki’s money was going to the rain forest.

Megan and Sam are back at the Parkson home to question Nikki’s mom. Megan confronts her about wanting to keep Nikki sick so she (her mom) could feel important and wanted. That’s why she gave Nikki the sugar pills. Nikki’s brother has had enough and tells them to get out. Back at the lab, Megan still can’t believe that Nikki’s mom could do this to her. Todd shows up and he and Megan have quite the shouting match about him sleeping with Kate. He makes the decision to tell Lacey. I knew he was a jerk. Sam and Peter are interrogating a guy who apparently slept with Nikki (it was his semen on the sheets). He’s got a record including pot possession down in South America. This has me thinking there’s some relationship to Sarah. He says that he and Nikki were in love and he did sleep with her the night he died but he couldn’t have killed her. Sarah confirms this when Sam and Peter go to talk to her. She says she walked in on them and then threw Shane (pot guy) out of the house. She also says that her brother went up to Nikki’s room and was yelling at Nikki. Too bad the brother has lawyered up and now the cops can’t talk to him.

So they’re trying to figure out how they’re going to determine whether it was the mom or brother that killed Nikki when Kate tries to approach Megan. But Megan blows her off and heads down to the morgue. Peter makes the observation that she always goes to the bodies when she’s frustrated, and she tries to make him see how wrong it is for Kate to be sleeping with Todd but, he doesn’t get it. Then, while she’s examining Nikki’s body to calm down, Megan discovers that the polish on Nikki’ toenail doesn’t match her hands, and she takes a swab to try and match it to Nikki’ brother. Kate and Todd are out to lunch and are trying to figure out how their relationship is going to work with Megan. Todd doesn’t want to complicate things at work for Kate. He still doesn’t seem to really give a crap about Megan.

Kate gets back to the lab, and she and Megan get into it about Todd. They really are good at yelling at each other. And classic Ethan bursts in at the worst possible moment. It turns out the DNA under Nikki’s toenails belongs to Sarah. I guessed it would be her. It turns out Shane was in on it too. He and Sarah were going to get Nikki’s money that she put in a fake rain forest fund. But Nikki wanted to change where her money was going so that’s why Sarah came home and killed Nikki. At the funeral (back where we first started) Megan and Peter go to pay their respects to Nikki while Sam and a bunch of cops arrest Nikki’s mom for interfering in her medical care. And we learn the brother isn’t a complete jerk. He made sure that Nikki’s money is going to help fund research for her disease. And Megan and Lacey are out to dinner as a thank you for Lacey helping Megan solve Nikki’s murder. Quite happily, Lacey understands how Megan feels about Todd dating Kate. We end with the two sharing a dessert and enjoying their time together and their newfound relationship.

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