Sunday, December 14, 2014

Selfie 1.09: "Follow Through"

“As someone who has spent far too many nights alone with the Reverse Garbage Santa I can tell you that following through on personal stuff is just as important.”
- Henry

So by now you know that “Selfie” has been cancelled. But the network is putting the last few episodes up online so we here at More TV, Please can bring you the final chapters in the Eliza and Henry saga. As we all know, Eliza is social media obsessed and you can see all the places she tweets, posts to Instagram and such. But with Henry, she actually has to go see him face to face to find out what he’s doing. She finds him in his office staring forlornly at diaper cream that isn’t selling. Eliza comes up with the idea to use it as facial cream and Henry thinks it is brilliant. He tells her to go to Saperstein immediately and pitch the idea but she doesn’t feel comfortable doing that. She’s the idea person, not the pitch the idea person. He ends up having to walk her to the office (after she wins some rather hideous water shoes on eBay) to pitch the idea. Saperstein loves it and they end up having a weird jazz riff thing going. I kind of loved how clueless Eliza was in the scene.

Since the cream can’t legally be sold for anything but the intended purpose, Eliza offers to use her social media kingdom to get the word out unofficially. As she’s brainstorming hashtags, Freddie mentions that his parents are going to be in town and she agrees to meet them. The next day she’s kind of freaking out over the fact that the relationship is getting deeper and that for the first time she and Freddie slept together without actually sleeping together. I am a little hesitant to get behind where this is going but I’ll stick with it and see what the outcome is.

Henry is having his own bizarre relationship drama this week, too thanks to one of Brynn’s friends; Wren. Henry runs into her and one of the other girls while they are delivering delicious artisan sandwiches to the café in the building and then Wren sneaks into Henry’s office and tries to flirt with him over a muffin. I can’t blame Henry for shutting her down the way he did (very matter of fact and frank…that’s just his social awkwardness shining through) but it is obvious Wren takes offense to being shut down. Henry’s turning Wren down trickles into the work environment when she purposely messes with Saperstein’s sandwich order. So Henry is tasked with apologizing to Wren. He tries to talk to Brynn about it, even offers to pay her double or make the sandwich himself but she explains that it was the way he said what he did that was so upsetting.

That night, Eliza is working late (which as we can all tell is rare for her) when Henry stops by. She’s all excited about the progress she’s been making on the diaper cream and she’s pretty intrigued by the janitor, too. She’s a little nervous about meeting Freddie’s parents and she even tries to get out of it by asking if Henry thinks she should skip. It is actually a very touching moment between the two of them. He says that she should follow through on personal stuff as well as professional and so she decides to go. But she thinks she’s not dressed appropriately. Henry offers his coat and she ends up turning it into a little sexy dress. She looks quite hot actually. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what Henry was envisioning when he offered it but it works. It is very Eliza.

Eliza gets to the restaurant and shuts off her phone for the first time in probably forever. She’s going to be totally unplugged when she meets Freddie’s parents. But they are not what she’s expecting. They’re internet savvy and talk in hashtags which I found very annoying. They even have a ship name for Christ sake! The more time she spends with Freddie and his parents, the more she realizes that Freddie is not what she wants out of life and a partner. All they do is have sex and spend time texting and not really interacting with each other. As she puts it, they aren’t a winning combination. Not like her and Henry. Eliza has the waiter to thank for spurring her to this revelation (with a fish metaphor) and so she heads home, having officially dumped Freddie.

Henry is trying to solve his own relationship issues by apologizing directly to Wren. He interrupts the girls’ book club where they are discussing Little Women and he explains that they are better as friends because he’s in a relationship and he never meant to hurt her feelings. It was a little odd that he was referring to himself and her as book characters but I guess it got the point across and fit with Eliza’s fish metaphor scene. Wren accepts his apology and he heads out, but not before trying to sling an insult at Brynn. She’s not impressed with his attempt but whatever. I honestly find that group kind of annoying. It’s like they took the bad parts of a set dressing from Pushing Daisies and stuck it in one little room. Way too vibrant for me.

Anyway, this week ends with a giant leap forward for Eliza and Henry that will no doubt create a paradigm shift for the remaining episodes of the series. Eliza is moping in the elevator and she realizes that the only person she can really be herself around and who doesn’t see her through the haze of social media is Henry. And of course, the doors open and he’s standing right there. She gets out and he gets in and then she says she wants to return his coat right then and there. For an 8pm show (yes I know you can now watch it whenever you want) this was quite the racy scene. Eliza drops her bag, slips off the belt and unbuttons the coat to reveal herself to Henry. We can’t see just how scantily clad she is but I’m guessing she’s got no bra on and it’s just panties. So yeah, Henry got quite the show there. She asks him if he really wants to go home and he’s noncommittal. He mutters about needing to feed his cat and then when Eliza reminds him that he doesn’t have a cat, he says he needs to go buy one and feed it generously. If the satisfied look on Eliza’s face is any indication, Julia has a lot to worry about. Our Media Queen Bee has her sights set on Henry and she’s not going to let anything or anyone get in her way.

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