Monday, January 18, 2016

Galavant 2.04: "Bewitched, Bothered, and Belittled"

“Like I’m going to sleep in the thing people use to give birth and die in. Sometimes simultaneously.”

This particular episode of “Galavant” was kind of disjointed, but it did have a common theme of love. Galavant is trying to use love to get Richard out of his hair so he can pursue his own love. Galavant’s love, Isabella, is currently being controlled by the evil Wormwood to marry someone she doesn’t love. Chef gives up the minimal comforts of life in Hortencia for his love for Gwynne. In her lowest moment, Madalena experiences true kindness from Gareth that may turn into love. It’s love (although in some strange forms) all around for all our characters. And, of course, there is plenty of humor along the way. Because it wouldn’t be “Galavant” without a good dose of humor (albeit juvenile humor at times).

The episode opens with Galavant and Richard trying to make a deal with a group of mercenaries. The mercenaries would help invade Hortencia and rescue Isabella in exchange for the Jewel of Valencia. Apparently Richard smuggled the Jewel out of Valencia by eating it. Retrieving it again wasn’t pleasant. The whole encounter goes sideways when Richard complements the mercenaries for considering the deal and not just murdering them and taking the Jewel outright. It quickly becomes apparent that the mercenaries were indeed considering just stealing the Jewel, and Richard, Galavant, and Roberta have to fight their way out of the situation. While they’re trying to run away, Richard realizes that Roberta is actually his childhood friend, Bobbi. Well, to be more precise, she’s someone his parents hired to play with him when they were kids.

Meanwhile, in Hortencia, Isabella is practicing her wedding dance with Harry, who is strapped to the Jester’s back. It’s Harry’s snack time, though, so Gwynne takes the opportunity to ask Isabella if something has changed (since she’s been acting so peppy lately). Wormwood quickly shuts that conversation down, though. Later, Chef is throwing away leftover food, and a very agitated Gwynne starts eating it from the trash can. She’s used to starving, after all. Chef reminds Gwynne that they’re big pimpin’ now, and he thinks that feels fantastic. They share a really cute musical number called “This is as Good as it Gets.” I was impressed with Sophie McShera’s vocal chops in this one.

Back in Valencia, Madalena is fretting over which pair of earrings to wear to the Sunday Roast with the Madalena getting ready for Sunday Roast with the Von Falkenberg Sisters. They are the “most popular Queens in all the seven realms,” so Madalena thinks the invite to the Roast means she has really arrived. We get a flashback to when Madalena encountered the sisters as a young girl. They pretended to offer her a ride in their carriage, but then they kept the carriage moving as she tried to join them, laughing and saying “you’re so poor!” That incident is what inspired Madalena to be a Queen. When Madalena arrives at the roast, however, she finds out that it’s not a food roast, but a comedy roast. And she’s going to be the person roasted by the sisters. They insult her for essentially being a slut, and they say she doesn’t even own a pair of decent earrings. They even pull the moving carriage gag again at the end of the event. Madalena is devastated.

Galavant has gotten tired of Richard constantly messing things up and holding him back from rescuing Isabella, so he tells Richard he thinks he might like to go it alone from here on out. He says he thinks Richard should spend more time with Roberta, since they seem to have some chemistry going on. Richard disagrees, saying that he sees Roberta like a sister. Galavant decides that coming up with a plan to bring Richard and Roberta together would be the perfect way to get Richard out of his hair. Galavant arranges for a nice dinner, then he conveniently has to leave to answer a message that has been sent by crow. When the romantic sparks don’t seem to be flying, he joins some minstrels to sing a song called “Maybe You Won’t Die Alone.” Richard ruins it all, though, when he accidentally sets his beard on fire with a candle.

In Hortencia, Chef visits Isabella to ask for her advice on adjusting to life in Hortencia. He thinks that since she is suddenly so happy, she might be able to help Gwynne, who isn’t used to living in conditions above complete deprivation. Isabella suggests buying something expensive and treating Gwynne like a princess, which of course is the exact opposite of what Chef should do given his situation. Chef notices Isabella’s tiara is crooked and offers to adjust it for her. She growls, and he backs off. Hopefully the seeds have been planted with Chef and Gwynne that something is very wrong. When he arrives back at his chambers, Chef finds Gwynne sleeping in a drawer again. She is distressed that she hasn’t been sick in weeks, and there’s no way she’s going to sleep in a bed. She thinks she and Chef is growing apart, and she’s ready to live. Chef agrees to leave with Gwynne, since he loves her more than the upper lower class life they’ve been living in Hortencia.

After the beard igniting incident, Galavant, Richard, and Roberta head back out on their quest. Nothing has really changed in the dynamic between the trio. Galavant and Roberta are upset about this, Galavant because he’d really like to be rid of Richard and Roberta because she now has feelings for Richard. Richard, of course, is completely oblivious and happy, content for things to continue on as is. In Valencia, Gareth and Sid are playing Celebrity and drinking when Madalena returns from the roast. Gareth can tell something is wrong. Madalena runs into the next room and sings a song about how she might be feeling a feeling for the first time. Gareth sees this and feels bad for Madalena. I will say it’s been interesting to see Madalena act like a human being for once. Gareth presents Madalena a gift. He gives her the earrings the Von Falkonberg sisters were wearing. Still attached to their ears. Madalena likes the gift, and she kisses Gareth on the cheek.

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