Wednesday, April 5, 2017

iZombie 3.01: “Heaven Just Got a Little Bit Smoother”

“You really should tan and dye. We’re trying to keep a secret here.”

We’re back! It’s been a long time since Liv, Clive and the gang were on our screens but they are back in action and it’s going to be glorious! When last we saw Team Z, Peyton was stuck in an awkward Ravi/Blaine love triangle, Clive was hip to the zombie truth and Liv had kind of started a mini zombie apocalypse at Max Rager! Things take a fiery turn when Vivian, the head of Fillmore Graves (oh so funny … or not), has the Max Rager building blown up to cover up the zombie feast that had gone on there. She also is going to get all the Chaos Killer victims to a safe house and get their stories straight. Basically they are going to try and pin everything on Vaughn.

Later that night, Liv and the gang decide not to keep any more secrets from each other (which includes the fact that Peyton had slept with Blaine at one point and again she’s stuck in this weird sort of triangle with him and Ravi). Liv is grateful to still be on soldier brain because otherwise she’d be falling to pieces over having to kill Drake. Girl has really bad luck with boyfriends! Major is also having some issues with acclimating back to the world now that he’s been cleared as the Chaos Killer. He gets a coffee cup with Chaos Killer written on it and someone has seriously defaced his house. He’s also still trying to find Natalie (the zombie hooker) to wake her up but he’s not having much luck with that.

Blaine is also not exactly having the best of times. Don E keeps insisting he’s faking the memory loss and then quits (and decides to go into business with Blaine’s unfrozen dad to compete with Blaine’s business). I honestly can’t tell if Blaine is faking it or not. I like this version of him a lot more than the dickhead. He even offers to be an ear for Peyton if she ever needs him. By the end of the episode, she even calls him for moral support when someone is online trolling her and it is freaking her out (and Liv and Major and Ravi don’t answer her calls).

I have to admit I did find a lot of this episode very exposition heavy. Liv, Major and Clive go back to see Vivian to get her to explain about the whole “With us or against us” bit and the “zombie homeland”. She’s more than happy to oblige. She bought out Max Rager so no one else could have the formula for Super Max and it’s making the zombies faster and stronger so they can beat the humans who will inevitably want to take them out when the general populace becomes aware of zombie kind. Major seems pretty damn pessimistic about the whole thing but Liv wants to believe better of humanity. Given the world we currently live in, I’m inclined to agree with Major on this one. Humanity can be pretty awful to one another for little differences. But Fillmore Graves has a plan. In addition to training up their military forces, they’re setting up a sanctuary island for all zombies to relocate so they can be safe, including the children. Yes there are undead kids going to school, including a little boy that Clive used to leave nearby. It was a sweet little reunion and it is going to be some interesting motivation for Clive moving forward. I have to admit, I like that they are expanding the scope of the zombie population. We also learn that Vivian’s husband was turned first and then he got extorted for $25,000 per brain (oh, hi there Blaine) and when he stopped paying, he disappeared. Before he did, she scratched herself with his hand in the middle of the night so she could still be with him. Sort of a reverse of Major and Liv: Vivian at least wanted to be scratched. I did find it kind of amusing that everyone kept telling Liv that she needs to tan and dye her hair to fit in but I think if she did that, it would be too weird and would ruin the “look” of the show.

When Liv finally comes off soldier brains, she has quite the breakdown and so Clive decides to just get her really drunk and drop her on Ravi’s work couch before heading out. Interestingly, Ravi has new vials of cure #2 (the one that gives memory loss). So he has decided to try and find a way to reverse the memory loss so that maybe the cure can still work. Of course, you only have 17 vials (15 if you count giving one to Liv and Major) and so who decides who gets it? All very interesting questions for the season going forward.

What is not so interesting is the crime scene Liv and Ravi get called to (after his former boss at the CDC shows up with one of the bodies from the Max Rager massacre and finds brains in the stomach … oops). The little boy who Clive used to know has been murdered along with his parents. They all had shots to the back of the head with very little blood. The father’s nails were pulled off and had cans of Super Max shoved in the pockets. Someone specifically targeted this family of zombies because they were zombies. At this point, Liv realizes that humanity isn’t ready to know the truth. And Major has decided to join up with Fillmore Graves as one of their soldiers so that he doesn’t have to worry about people caring that he was basically a serial killer. Clive obviously can’t be on the case but he, Ravi and Liv agree to investigate the case on their own time because someone needs to pay for the crime and the officer assigned can’t find out about zombies.

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