Monday, August 7, 2017

Summer DVR Dump: The Librarians 3.10: “And the Wrath of Chaos’

“In one single act, you have destroyed everything we have worked for.”
- Jenkins

We’ve reached the end of another season with our wacky crew of Librarians. Coming into this episode I was a little worried for Flynn’s life and Eve’s allegiance. Let’s see if my fears were borne out! Unfortunately, at least on the Eve front it looks like I’m going to be sorely disappointed. We find her meeting with the head of DOSA. Eve agrees to give the government the Library and all the artifacts but only if they let the Librarians go. When she gets back to the Library she says that DOSA was trying to turn her but she got some intelligence off of them and sends the rest of the team off to investigate. Knowing something is off, Flynn stays back. It doesn’t take Jake, Cassie and Ezekiel long to realize that things are off and they try to head back.

It's going to be hard for them to get back to the Library when Eve has disabled the back door and she is marching DOSA in through the front door while Flynn and Jenkins watch. Flynn naturally freaks out but Jenkins reminds him that their duty is to protect the Library and the artifacts. So, our lead Librarian goes off to try and protect the items he’s collected over the years while Jenkins tries to buy him some time. He confronts Eve and the head of DOSA as they bust in to take stuff away. He gets turned to stone by Medusa’s head and later undone so Eve can try to explain what she’s done. He isn’t buying it (although the way he was going on, in the infection of his voice, I thought he might be in on it and this is just some giant ploy to get the government back for taking other artifacts). Anyway, Flynn tells the rest of the gang to follow Jenkins to wherever the artifacts are being stored while he continues to sneak about the Library and snatch back as many artifacts as he can. It’s quite comical with him in a full suit of armor that turns him invisible, slipping soup cans into cases. Meanwhile, Eve brings up the Egyptian God of Chaos. The head of DOSA says they have the sarcophagus in storage and it’s under strict security. Eve is skeptical so DOSA lady takes her to see it.

Jake, Cassie and Ezekiel slip into a truck bound for storage land and find that the government has created its own version of the Library, creepy! The team finds Jenkins easily enough (all while marveling at the security measures in place). They try to unlock the box Jenkins is locked in but it takes them realizing that DOSA knows how smart they are to realize they need to use the wrong answer to unlock it. Back at the docks, Eve gets head DOSA lady to open the container with the sarcophagus. Eve acts like she’s convinced it’s all safe and walks off, leaving her former mentor to open the damn thing and get infected by the god.

Things get a little hairy when Eve realizes the god has taken control of her mentor and is going to use a bomb to blow up the library. When the rest of the team gets back, she explains that she and Flynn were working together to find a way to get the god to the Library so they could take him out. As we see, Flynn uses a trail of artifacts to lead the god into the heart of the Library where the DOSA goons set off the bomb. But it does what Flynn wants. It traps him in there and allows him time to start doing what he needs to do to sacrifice himself to stop the evil deity. I have to say, I did like the little nod to the first film when Flynn was looking at a painting of a much younger him with the Spear of Destiny.

Not surprising that the rest of the team isn’t very keen on this idea. They manage to break through the rubble but Flynn has already started using the artifact to trap all the escaping evil. But it appears our gang isn’t without options. Thanks to the magic bestowed by the Monkey King, Jake can give the god a human soul. Cassie gives him a mind and Ezekiel tosses in a love potion to give him a heart. Somehow this combines and turns him human so they use him for the rest of the sacrifice. To be honest I’m not sure how I felt about that being the solution. I’ve kind of felt for most of the season (and last) that the team gels better without Flynn and this would have been a way to write him off in a good way. Going out the way he would have wanted.

The rest of the team then decides to only use magic as a last resort going forward because as Eve said, the Library chose them for their ability to know when to use magic and when not to. I think that’s a good thing to do going forward. Flynn starts to prattle on about an old mission when the clipping book brings up a new problem to solve and the trio just starts going into investigatory mode. They really have found their balance working together and it shows. Flynn and Eve seem to be in a good place, too in their relationship. Eve recognizes that Flynn is trying to adapt to working with others and that it will take time.

Overall, I’m kind of lukewarm on the finale. It was fun in spots but not the outcome I’d been hoping for. I was ready to see Jenkins and the trio and Eve tackle the world’s magical problems without Flynn. He had his time to shine. Let the others have their spotlight now.

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