Saturday, September 19, 2009

MTVP 2009 Emmys Coverage Part 1: Horribleness

"The greatest expression of rebellion is joy."

-Joss Whedon

You can probably guess this by the fact that I have a blog completely devoted to TV, but the Emmys are my favorite awards show. If I knew more die-hard TV fans in this area, I would totally host an Emmys party, and I am not usually a party-hosting kind of girl. Since, besides being something that I really enjoy, the Emmys are a big deal in the world of TV, and this is a TV blog, I'm going to devote two posts today to Emmy coverage.

Later this evening, you can expect more extensive coverage on a few select categories that especially interest me because the nominees include actors or shows that I really enjoy. For now, though, I'm going to devote some space to the Emmy exploits of one Dr. Horrible and his Sing-Along Blog.

As I mentioned earlier this week, "Dr. Horrible" won an Emmy at last weekend's Creative Arts ceremony in what Joss Whedon described as the "most incomprehensible category." In fact, the category was actually called "Outstanding Special Class - Short-format Live Action Entertainment Programs."

An extremely edited down version of the Creative Arts ceremony was broadcast on E! yesterday afternoon, and here is a video of the part of Joss' acceptance speech that was included in the broadcast.

The Dr. Horrible news doesn't end there, though! This morning, Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly posted something on his blog that I've been predicting for about two weeks- ever since costume designer Shawna Trpcic tweeted a photo of Dr. Horrible's goggles on Twitter.

I'll just let the link here speak for itself!

Are you all as excited for the Horribleness as I am? Bring it on!

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