Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Greek 3.06: "Lost and Founders"

“Friends are fun. I think Plato said that. Or…Elmo.”


Even though this episode placed way too much emphasis on Jordan, a character who has never been especially compelling, I think I found “Lost and Founders” to be the most enjoyable episode of Greek this season thus far. It’s ZBZ Founder’s Weekend, and the alumnae are invading.

Casey has decided that hitting up as many alumnae for donations as possible is the way to get ZBZ back on top of the “rankings.” And this would be why I don’t go back and visit my sorority’s house on Homecoming. I also don’t get this “ranking” thing. I mean, we had a competition where we could get points for supporting the events of other Greek organizations, but there were no “rankings” everyone was aware of. Nevertheless, Casey and Ashleigh are going all out for the festivities. One ZBZ, however, is not being her best. Jordan doesn’t show up for the art class that she has with Rusty and Calvin, and she was supposed to give a presentation.

The alumnae start to arrive at the ZBZ house, and it turns out that the alumna with the most money has arrived with her “grandson.” Casey thinks the “grandson” is pretty hot. What is more amusing is that Ashleigh and Rebecca decide to work out their differences by seeing who can get more donations from alumnae. If Rebecca wins, she has to be Sober Sister for a month. If Ashleigh wins, she has to forgive Rebecca for kissing Fisher. Although they start out using their usual hard sell tactics and not resorting to anything especially dirty, the “competition” eventually devolves into who can tell more sisters her side of the “Rebecca kissed Fisher” story. Ashleigh eventually wins the competition, not for Rebecca’s lack of trying, but she decides to forgive Rebecca anyway. Over a bowl of Cheeseritos. Which is appropriate, considering the two characters first bonded over a bowl of Cheeseritos in the first place.

Speaking of bonding, Cappie and Evan continue to rediscover their friendship, and they desperately try to hide that from Casey. “Evan Keller” and “Cappie Keller” do a pretty poor job of mocking each other when in Casey’s presence. They decide to work together to defeat a common enemy, the “grandson,” AKA “Douche Bigalow.” Cappie does have a way with nicknames, right? Cappie was at Dobbler’s with the cater waiter girl (hoping that’s over with sooner rather than later) and ran into Casey and, as I’ll call him, “Douche.” Cappie, who clearly still has feelings for Casey even though he’s actually on a date with cater waiter girl, doesn’t like Douche at all. It’s probably a combination of jealousy and genuine bad vibes.

Cappie has instructed Evan to do more reconnaissance, so Evan gets all the Omega Chi’s over to the ZBZ house to serenade the alumnae. This fits into Casey’s plan of trying to make the really rich alumna nostalgic, and it gives him a chance to meet Douche. Who is pretty Douche-like. Evan warns Casey about him, but Casey doesn’t take it seriously. She questions Evan about whether he has feelings for her again, since he decided so quickly that he didn’t like her new guy. She had no clue that Evan was acting under Cappie’s orders. She might get a hint when Evan calls him “Douche Bigalow” and Casey remarks that it sounds like something Cappie would say, but nothing more concrete.

I’ve been focusing on the more fun Cappie and Evan story, so I’ve been neglecting to mention why Jordan was missing from art class. Apparently she was on Main Street all morning taking pictures. While she and Rusty are on a double date with Calvin and Grant (who, it turns out, was one of the Omega Chis who taped Rusty to a wall last season), Grant mentions that he knows someone who works as a photographer in New York City. Jordan is suddenly extremely interested in the conversation, and Rusty knows he’s in trouble. He goes to great lengths to try to get Jordan to stay at CRU. He takes her to see the Photography department head, but it turns out she only reviews portfolios for admission into the program in May. Rusty then takes his plan a step farther. He purposely sets up a show of Jordan’s photos at a gallery where he knows the department head is going to be. It’s manipulative, but it works. The department head accepts Jordan into the program. Jordan thinks that getting a degree in photography is really just going to be marking time instead of actually helping her succeed, however, so she’s off to New York anyway. And unfortunately, because I’m usually a sap for love stories, I don’t really care.

Casey soon finds out that Douche really is as douche-y as Evan told her he was. He tells Casey that the rich alumna is going to give ZBZ a very generous donation. There’s just one catch. He wants a cut of the money. He tells Casey that he usually asks for 20%, but because she’s hot, he’ll settle for 15%. Casey is disgusted, and she doesn’t accept the money. Douche then goes and starts telling the rich alumna all about their relationship. Which doesn’t make rich alumna all that happy, considering she sort of considers Douche to be a kept man. The exact nature of their relationship is not ever revealed, and the fact that it isn’t clear is played for a running joke. It’s really just squicky, though.

In the end, the rich alumna does give ZBZ a generous donation, and Douche backs off. He claims it’s because Evan and Cappie threatened him and told him to stay away from Casey. Casey finds this both confusing and intriguing. She’s surprised that Evan and Cappie seem to be friends again. I must say that I do love the Evan/Cappie friendship. I hope we get to see more of it in future episodes.

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