Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Glee 2.08: "Furt"

I honestly couldn't stand this episode, and I could write a whole essay just on why Kurt is an unbearably annoying Mary Sue, but now is not the time for that. Instead, our guest blogger, Sarah, has a somewhat more positive take on "Furt." Enjoy!


“Today a new union was formed. Furt. You and me, man. We’re brothers from another mother and quite frankly, no one else has shown me as much as you about what it means to be a man."
- Finn

Overall, I found “Furt” to be a pretty decent episode. Personally, I could have done without the Sue storyline but I don’t run the show so I guess I can’t complain too much. Anyway, the episode opens with Kurt, Carol and Burt approaching Finn’s locker quite excitedly. In short order, Burt and Carol explode with the news that they’re getting married. Finn is kind of stunned into silence while Kurt bubbles with joy and says he’s going to take care of the entire wedding, including getting the New Directions to be the band.

Meanwhile, Sue is in her office sealing wedding invitations of her own and we quickly learn that she’s going to marry herself. It’s because her ex-boyfriend from the news studio and his co-anchor are getting married themselves. Honestly, I think this is one of the stupidest storylines in the history of television. Plus, I’m pretty sure it’s illegal. Kind of like marrying your dog. But she does it anyway. More on this in a little bit.

The third storyline we’ve got going in this episode (there’s about 4) is centered on Sam and Quinn. I like them as a couple- they’re kind of adorable. Sam is going to find a way to make Quinn his girlfriend, and he does it in actually a sort of sweet way. He asks her to accept a promise ring from him. And he promises to be the model boyfriend, including not pressuring her to do anything more than kiss. Given her track record, I’m sure she’s pleased. She doesn’t give him a straight answer, but a maybe. By the end of the episode, she’s wearing the ring.

Meanwhile, Finn approaches Kurt at his locker and is kind of freaking about the wedding itinerary. They end up deciding, well Kurt does most of it, that in order to up Finn’s leader quotient, he’s going to have a lovely dance with his mom at the reception. Even though Finn is a rubbish dancer. Right after Finn leaves, Kurt’s tormentor, Karofsky, shows up and just stares Kurt down. You can see the terror on Kurt’s face as Karofsky takes the wedding topper from Kurt and walks away.

Mr. Schuster sees the exchange and ushers Kurt off to the principal’s office. Sue is still acting principal so they’ve got to deal with her. Surprisingly, she’s actually sympathetic to Kurt’s situation. Unfortunately, since Karofsky didn’t physically assault Kurt this time, she can’t legally do anything. Kurt explains that it is the fear that is the worst. The not knowing when it’s going to happen. Sue promises though, that if he touches Kurt again, she will expel the bully. Kurt makes the comment to Sue as they walk out of her office that calling him Lady is bullying and hurtful. Sue, in typical fashion, claims she thought it was his name and allows him to pick a new nickname from her little list.

The Glee girls are having an impromptu meeting in the rehearsal room. It turns out it’s all the girls who have boyfriends on the football team. Rachel insists they need to do something to make the bully leave Kurt alone. Their plan is to get the guys to take on the bully. The outcome however, isn’t what they expected. Finn refuses to help, saying Kurt will be fine and he can help by staying the quarterback. Mike Chang, Artie and Sam take on Karofsky and Sam ends up with quite the black eye. The kids are back in the glee club room and the girls are tending to the boys. Puck complains that he would have loved to get in on the action (he couldn’t because he’s on probation) and Finn makes a lame excuse that he was still out on the field. Kurt says it was nice of them to try but it isn’t their fight. It’s his.

Sue is in a meeting with her wedding planner, who is not her wedding planner for long, when Sue’s mysterious mother Doris shows up. Sue’s none-too-pleased to see her mother after a thirty-year absence. Doris says she’s been off hunting Nazis. She hasn’t even been to visit Sue’s sister yet, which I think upsets Sue. She takes her sister’s well-being very seriously. Sue’s mom decides that her gift is going to be singing at Sue’s wedding. We get an okay number with Sue and her mom. I mean Carol Burnett is a good actress but not the best singer I think. They end up singing “Ohio”. Maybe it’s just that I’m not overly fond of the song that makes it not that great. Surprisingly, the episode is pretty void of musical numbers. They end up having an argument whilst singing which I think was at least a good use of the time.

Kurt is giving his dad and Finn dance lessons for the reception and things are going well until Karofsky walks by and Kurt freezes up. His dad notices and asks what’s going on. Kurt reluctantly tells his dad what’s been going on, and Burt confronts Karofsky. Finn’s just as surprised as Burt when Kurt admits that Karofsky threatened to kill him. Everyone seems to be dumping on Finn about not protecting Kurt. So, they end up in Sue’s office again and true to her word, after hearing both sides, she expels Karofsky.

It’s now time for Burt and Carol’s wedding and Finn is trying to put on his tie. And he’s failing. Which gives Santana the opening she needs to try and hit on him. She tells him to tell Rachel about their night the previous year, but Finn refuses. We get a quick flashback in which Rachel admits she didn’t sleep with Jesse. So Finn doesn’t want to hurt Rachel because he loves her. We get a really fun number to “I Think I Want to Marry You” in which pretty much all the Glee kids have been coupled off. I think it’s a little odd but whatever. It worked for the number. Burt and Carol each give a little explanation as to why everyone has been invited and it is very touching. Beautiful wedding vows really. And you can see Finn starting to accept the idea of Kurt being his brother.

The reception is in full swing and Burt and Carol are sharing their first dance while everyone watches. Will is singing which is nice because I like Matt Morrison’s voice. And now it’s time for Finn’s speech to the newlyweds. He gives a very brief toast to his mother and then focuses on Kurt. He apologizes for not standing up for him like he should have and promises to be there going forward. Plus, Finn’s put together a number in Kurt’s honor, “Amazing” complete with Finn dancing with Kurt. You can see Kurt’s face visibly brighten with emotion.

We end with Sue’s wedding rehearsal with which is horribly ridiculous because Sue is not only marrying herself but officiating too. Her mother protests and Sue sets her mom in her place. Sue says that her mother was a bully and she only started feeling good about herself when Sue stopped trying to please her.

Kurt is back in Sue’s office and finds out that Karofsky is returning to school. Kurt can’t take the terror again. Unfortunately Kurt announces he’s transferring to Dalton Academy. The Glee kids offer to protect Kurt but he says it’s not going to work. It looks like the Glee kids are in for a rough Sectionals now that they’ll be competing against Kurt. But at least for now, Kurt will feel safe.

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