Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Girl 2.02: "Katie"

“I’m not Jenny McCarthy. I know that now. I’m back on the grid, Nick.”
- Jess

So it’s been a week since Jess got laid off and things around the loft are a little crazy. Winston’s mom and sister are coming for a visit and Schmidt is still not so happy about CeCe having a boyfriend. Jess is going a bit insane, cooking and making multi-textured pictures (including one of the guys). Nick tells her she can relax and doesn’t have to go so overboard with stuff. She can do whatever she wants. This rather humorously translates to her ending up at the bar at 11am. She meets an old guy named Nick and then a rather cute guy comes in and delivers some beer. Later that night, Jess meets a guy who thinks she’s someone named Katie, his internet date. And Jess decides to go along with it, in an effort to start fresh. Meanwhile, Schmidt is temporarily over CeCe as he crushes on Winston’s pro basketball playing sister Alicia. Too bad Winston’s mom arrives. She really doesn’t like Schmidt.

In what is probably the weirdest part of the opening act of this episode is that the old guy Jess met at the bar claims to be Nick from the future. I’m kind of flashing back to “Hells Bells” in Buffy season 6 where a demon tricks Xander into thinking he’s met himself from the future and he’s miserable. Nick seems equally freaked out by what old Nick has said (and the fact he abruptly pulls on a matching hoodie and takes off). Jess appears to really be enjoying her date with internet guy (Sam). They end up back at the loft and have rather loud sex. The next morning Nick tells Schmidt about meeting his future self just in time for the guys to meet Sam. Jess likes being “Katie”. Katie is confident and sexy and takes control of what she wants. She even thinks Katie can juggle two guys after she gets a text from the cute guy from the bar delivery. Too bad it turns out to be the heavy-set guy who was helping. Kind of creepy. I do find it interesting that Jess actually went through with perpetuating the lie of being Katie. It’s so unlike her. But I guess being laid off/unemployed has really affected her personality. She doesn’t quite know how to cope. And honestly, I have to say bar delivery guy is much cuter (not the heavy guy, the one she thought was actually texting her).

Schmidt is being his douchebag self around Winston and his sister. He really wants to sleep with Alicia but it’s clear she’s not that interested. Well I wouldn’t be either with all the innuendo he’s throwing around. He can’t just be a normal guy who is interested in a girl. Winston’s mom is even less thrilled that Schmidt is into her daughter. She threatens to stop paying Winston’s cell phone bill if Schmidt does anything with Alicia. That really can’t end well at all. Schmidt tries to get Alicia to have drinks with him but she only dates basketball players.

Back at the loft, Jess is freaking out over the guy who showed up to cook dinner. He’s kind of sweet in a slightly unnerving way and Jess manages to slink off and claim she’s sick. She ends up getting it on with Sam in the bathroom. Which is totally not a Jess thing to do. And it turns out Katie isn’t very good at juggling guys because hot delivery guy and the other guy catch Jess. To make matters far more awkward, Nick walks in to apologize for doing something stupid (his future self tells him to apologize). The heavy set guy and the hot guy are pretty appalled at Jess for what she did. So she heads home. Nick sees his future self off (even though he’s pretty convinced the guy was kind of crazy) and goes home to make Jess a drink as a preventative apology. Just as Jess is about to drink it, Sam shows up and says that he lied to her too. Despite the deception, they’re still going to sleep together. Personally, I would have tried to stay with hot delivery guy. He could have actually turned out to be a decent relationship for Jess (on the path to Jess/Nick romance of course). Finally, we get a little tag of Schmidt and Alicia playing basketball.

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