Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Person of Interest 2.08: "'Til Death"

“Besides, our journey starts here. Any mystery around the corner, we can discover together.”
- Grace

This week we begin with a flashback to 2006. Finch and Grace are at a bar chatting about painting and Italy. They have such an easy chemistry together and they appear to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. I suppose that may have something to do with the fact that Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson are married (and odd side-note she played his mother in an episode of LOST). Back in the present, Finch is out walking Bear near Grace’s apartment. I’m guessing this is a common ritual. Unfortunately, a pay phone rings with not one but two new numbers. Finch fills Reese in on our duo, Sabrina and Daniel Drake co-owners of a small publishing house. By the way, Mr. Drake is played by Mark Pellegrino 9so that’s two Lost-alum shows he’s been on this week). Reese heads to the office to see what he can find out while Finch heads to their house to snoop. They think that a militia leader named Wade Huggins may be after them for publishing a scathing expose on his organization.

Reese manages to get into the building without a problem. He’s there under the guise of attending a meeting with Harold Crane who never intends to show up. Got to love Finch when he’s being crafty. Anyway, Reese overhears a meeting between the Drakes and Henry Brooks, their first investor. There’s an offer to buy the company but Sabrina doesn’t want to sell. Sounds like discord among the top brass. Meanwhile, at the house, Finch downloads some files off their computer. The house is huge but a bit of a mess. Looks like a giant remodel. Shortly after the meeting with Henry, Finch and Reese are tailing the couple on different sides of town. Reese has to call Carter for intel on Wade because Lionel keeps sending his calls to voicemail. Lionel is acting a little jumpy and sketchy this episode. As Sabrina is leaving her meeting he spots a guy putting something under her car. He discovers it’s a bomb and gets it away from the car before it blows. He disables it as Finch waits with baited breath on the other end of the line. Finch has to jack Daniel’s second phone and it looks like he may have taken a hit out on his wife.

Finch and Reese listen in as the Drakes are arguing on their way back to the office. Meanwhile, Finch has enlisted Carter’s help in tracking down the bomber (an old friend of Daniel’s). Meanwhile, Reese inquires why the Drakes just don’t get a divorce and we get a rather humorous bit where Reese tries to guess where Finch grew up based on what baseball teams he likes. It doesn’t get him anywhere, though. Over at the precinct, Carter gets her new pal, Beecher, to look into the whereabouts of Santiago (the bomber). There’s definitely some chemistry there. Reese follows the Drakes to a book signing for one of their authors and comes to realization that the machine spit out both numbers because both Mr. and Mrs. Drake are victim and perpetrator. Sabrina hired a sniper to take out her husband.

We jump back to 2006 and Finch and Nathan are having dinner. Finch is reluctant to talk about Grace and Nathan warns that too much mystery in a relationship can be a problem. He recounts seeing his ex-wife a friend’s wedding and how she just ignored him. Sounds kind of harsh. In the present, we find Lionel on a first date with a woman named Rhonda. A mutual friend set them up. Of course Finch tracks him down and sends him to stake out Sabrina at the office while Reese and Carter keep tabs on Daniel at home. It’s not long before both hit men take their second shots. Reese roughs the sniper up a bit but he gets away. As Daniel is protesting and asking what’s going on, Reese knocks him out and stuffs him in the trunk. Carter is rather appalled. Meanwhile, Lionel is tracking down Santiago. They exchange a few shots but he gets Sabrina out of there. Of course, just as Carter gets introduced to Rhonda (she went on stakeout with him), Reese puts a bag over Sabrina’s head and tosses her in the back of the car. Because that’s so legal, John.

Kidnapping the Drakes is Reese’s idea of marriage counseling. His tack of trying to force the information about their respective hit men by just being himself and cocking a gun doesn’t work. All the Drakes do is snipe at each other. We cut briefly to Lionel and Rhonda saying good night with the promise of another date in their futures. It’s nice to see Lionel get some attention and be happy. As our gang watches the Drakes continue to bicker, Finch thinks they need to try something different. We cut to one of the sweetest flashbacks ever. It’s Grace’s birthday and Finch sends her on a scavenger hunt. First to the ice cream truck near where Finch first plucked up the courage to meet her. Then that evening she goes to an art gallery. Back in the present, Finch sets out wine and a nice meal for the Drakes with a picture from their home where they looked happy and in love. I felt there was a little bit of Ben sneaking into this scene. We gain a few tidbits about why the Drakes let their feelings fester to hate. At one point in time, Sabrina was pregnant. But based on the looks on their faces, she lost the baby. Reese decides, after Sabrina and Daniel give up what little information they have, to take them home to set a trap.

Using the Drakes as bait works out well. Carter and Lionel take out Santiago and his boys while Reese handles the sniper (using a nail gun to do him in). As all of this is going down, Sabrina and Daniel have a heart to heart. They shut each other out after she lost the baby and just stopped communicating. They share a passionate kiss before they’re both taken away in handcuffs. With their lawyers, they won’t be doing much time. We end with Finch showing Grace around the gallery, including a painting by her favorite Italian painter (I’m thinking Finch bought it). Grace says she’s had the best birthday and Finch is about to tell her all about himself and the Machine when she stops him. She tells him nothing he says will drive her away and that he should tell her in his own time. Whatever’s out there, they’ll face together. God I wish he could get back together with her!

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