Sunday, December 30, 2012

Person of Interest 2.10: "Shadow Box"

“I’m not gonna make it, Harold. Sorry I screwed up. But I meant what I said yesterday. So thanks, Harold. It was fun.”
- Reese

We have reached the fall finale of season 2. And boy do I have to say the promo for it make it look really intense. We start with the Machine picking up a part of a recorded message from a young woman to her parents and then we see a figure on a surveillance tape smashing a case and making off on a motorcycle. Cut to the library, we find Finch and Reese struggling to give Bear a bath. I have to say it was a rather amusing way of getting out the exposition on this week’s POI; Abby. She was working for a military charity up until a few weeks ago when she left and started working for a temp agency, at the city planning office. She’s also ditched her cell phone and moved out of her apartment. Just as its time to dry Bear, Reese decides she could be in imminent danger and he needs to get eyes on her.

Meanwhile, over at the precinct, Carter and Beecher are flirting a little after their dinner date. Beecher wants to go out again but Carter is trying to find out what happened to the IA cop Lionel shot. Beecher starts to offer up some intel when Agent Donnelly shows up. With HR decimated, the Feds are back on Reese’s trail. They now believe that Snow is working with him and they’re being bankrolled by the Chinese. Donnelly wants to read Carter in but only if she accepts a temporary assignment with the FBI. Carter calls Finch to get Reese’s location and finds him impersonating a US Marshal (from the case he worked last season with the woman hiding from her crazy ex-hubby Marshal). It appears Abby stole an engineering plan for a block near Wall Street. Carter is a bit miffed that Reese was impersonating a federal agent but Reese is quite jovial. He also knows what Donnelly told her. There’s a funny bit where Reese tells her he thinks Beecher might be good for her but only if he treats her right. God forbid he doesn’t, because he’d be getting a visit from Reese. It was kind of endearing. Meanwhile, Reese asks her to get security camera footage from the time Abby left.

After some snooping we see her get onto a motorcycle and then Carter gets the footage from where it was stolen. It’s the video from the beginning of the episode and we see the guy drive straight through a window. Kind of impressive. There’s also a report that the motorcycle was seen near a construction site where explosives were stolen. Looks like Abby is mixed up in something serious. By taking a closer took, Reese determines that the motorcycle driver may be ex-military and he’s got a high-end prosthetic arm. Unfortunately, Carter has to put out an APB on Abby.

Back at the precinct, Lionel is trying to do some digging on Beecher. I can’t tell if he’s just trying to protect his partner of if he thinks Beecher knows something about his involvement in the IA guy’s death. At the library, Reese and Finch and trying to find any other leads they can to Abby. Reese takes the payphone number Abby listed on her temp agency application while Finch goes to check out the charity. Reese ends up waiting at the apartment he finds near the phone and watches the whole video of Abby we saw at the start of the episode. At the charity, Finch learns that Abby was fired for stealing money. And the owner, Mr. Chapel thinks it started up because of a marine named Shane. Carter does some digging and surmises that he is the motorcycle driver. Finch decides he’s going to stay until the charity closes and sneak back in to see what intel he can gather. Pretty much simultaneously, Abby and Shane show up. Finch does some hacking while Shane breaks into the safe and they escape together. Reese tries to keep Abby from getting away and she finally calms down enough to let him at least explain he’s there to help.

Things aren’t really improving with either Finch or Reese. Abby threatens Reese with Shane’s imminent arrival. And Shane is not pleased that Reese has Abby. The foursome ends up meeting on neutral ground and they part company, for now. Finch has cleverly planted a tracking device on Shane via his prosthesis. And it actually works. They track our couple to the investment bank where Chapel is likely hiding all the proceeds from the shoddy loan foreclosures he’s been handing out to returning veterans (including Shane). Chapel sends his goons off to try and intercept Abby and Shane but Reese is on his way there, too. Meanwhile, it looks like Lionel may have a reason to distrust Beecher. Using the app that Reese gave him at the start of the season to highjack other people’s phones, he realizes Beecher is having a meeting with the head of HR (well Lionel doesn’t know that’s who it is be we do). Lionel follows Beecher to meet where we overhear some talk about a Russian trying to muscle his way into a new area of the city from behind bars. Simmons shows up and tells Lionel to get lost. The next day Simmons and Quinn meet up. They’re going to try and get the Russians on their side as a new revenue stream since Elias has burned HR.

Things are starting to heat up. Carter is meeting with Donnelly and he fills her in on his theory about Reese. They picked up the communications bandwidth Finch and Reese use to communicate the day he disappeared last season and at the robbery at the charity (obviously that was Finch but they don’t know that). But the next time our boys communicate, the FBI will know about it. Meanwhile, Reese catches up with Abby and Shane as they are about to blow their way into the bank from below. He’s going to stop them at first until he realizes why they’re doing what they’re doing. He’s not happy about Abby getting threatened by Chapel’s goons and the DA. He’s all gung ho about sticking it to Chapel. They time both the blast to get into the bank and to pull the safety deposit boxes down to their level with the passing Subway trains. I thought that was rather clever. Meanwhile, Chapel’s goons have arrived and just as Abby and Shane find the evidence and account information they need to sink Chapel for good, a shootout begins. Now things are really heating up.

Finch is not pleased with Reese’s sudden bank robber routine. But he does get to the bank after Carter relays to Lionel that Donnelly is on to them. As Finch sneaks inside and meets up with Abby and Shane (now dressed incognito), Chapel shows up as well. Boy is not going to be happy. Finch tells Reese to abort and get the hell out just as Chapel’s goons pretty much decide the same thing. Things get tense, when Reese smashes his phone and ear bud after thanking Finch for the chance to do some real good. The FBI closes in and they spot a guy just out of frame in a suit with his hands behind his head. You can’t see how it is at first and I remember on first watch shouting at me TV that “No! John couldn’t give himself up”. Seconds later it’s revealed that it’s the lead goon and John has mixed himself in with the other goons (who all happen to not be wearing ties. I had to wonder if in the chaos of trying not to get caught, the guys came to a decision to all get caught together. I’m thinking not but it was still pretty hilarious. Carter fails to ID Reese (yeah she’s not going to sour that relationship) and they all get taken into custody as Finch, Shane and Abby bask in the fact that Chapel got screwed over big time. I’m looking forward to seeing where the show goes in the New Year.

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