Thursday, November 14, 2013

Person of Interest 3.08: "Endgame"

“Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all that you’ve done for me and for this city. But in the eyes of the law, you’re still a criminal. HR already knows we work together and if they could prove it…I’m sorry but I need to finish this on my own.”
- Carter

This week kicks off a big three-episode Sweeps event for the show. It’s being touted as leading to one of our heroes falling. The Machine gives us a brief recap of what’s happened so far before we catch sight of a burning car and a guy being taken out and his delivery van stolen. Then things get a little unruly for the guys. Finch has received 38 numbers all of them members of HR. The Machine jumps back two the afternoon the day before and we see Carter meeting with the head of HR and cloning his phone. She listens in on a phone call with him and Simmons setting up a new price for the Russians. As it stands (thanks to Lionel and Reese doing a little digging into the scene we saw via the Machine) the Russians usually get protection and safe passage through the city with their drug deliveries. Since the head of the Russians declined to give HR an additional 10%, it looks HR stepped back and let them get ambushed. As if things were tense enough, Carter asks Reese to leave her alone for a while so she deal with HR once and for all. She goes so far as to destroy her phone so the boys can’t listen in on her or track her.

We jump back very briefly to 2005 when Carter first became a cop and her ex-husband shows up back in town. He had some serious PTSD issues he didn’t really deal with and she says he can’t see Taylor until he gets it handled. I’m not sure what the purpose of the flashback was but it’s always nice to get a little insight into our characters. Later that day, she gets called home by her nanny because her ex showed up anyway. He gets angry and breaks a lamp and she throws him out. I guess that explains the whole single mom thing. In the present, Lionel pays her a visit (after he left her 10 messages) and she brushes off his theory that someone else was there when the HR cop and her partner died. She’s working a plan up and she enlists Elias to send a message and deliver some info to the Russians. Meanwhile, she meets up with Shaw who brought her some oh so fun weaponry. Before long, the guys figure out that Carter is the one who interrupted the drug shipment with Shaw’s help. Reese is not happy about this little development and snaps at Shaw and Finch to get eyes on the 38 numbers while I’m guessing he goes off to find Carter.

Reese doesn’t exactly find Carter. He gets to her place and finds the HR wall in her closet, complete with the head’s photo at the top. Finch knows this too since he’s decoded the last number. Reese begs Carter to tell him where she is so he can help and he urges her that revenge isn’t the answer. She hangs up on him, telling Reese that he needs to trust her to do what needs to be done. Carter takes a few shots at the head of HR and this generates about 18 more numbers (all of the top level Russian mob guys). Carter is starting a war. But hey, maybe this means that the HR storyline will be over soon!

HR rounds up all of the Russian guys, save the head of the organization. Carter shows up at his place with cuffs, saying if he wants to live, he needs to go with her. She convinces the lead Russian guy to sign a statement so she can get an arrest warrant for the HR leader. She’s been vetting judges and she’s narrowed it down. If she chooses wrong, a lot of people could end up dead. She swings by and surprises Lionel and gives him a safety deposit box key to a bank where she’s stashed all the evidence she’s collected before heading off to execute the rest of her plan. Meanwhile, Reese and Shaw are waiting to try and handle the situation of the corrupt cops killing all the Russians. The FBI busts in (Carter probably tipped them off) so at least that’s most of the numbers safe (if you can call getting arrested safe). Carter places a call to a judge for the arrest warrant. Unfortunately, it seems her choice was not a good one because the judge hangs up with her and calls the head of HR.

So a quick flashback to Carter making detective shows us that her ex has made progress and we now know why she’s been flashing back to these moments. Her son is safely with his father and her son reminds her that she isn’t alone. She heads to the judge’s house and things are looking pretty dire for her. The head of HR is there and it seems they might win and kill her but Reese and Shaw bust in and start shooting. He and Carter grab the head of HR and Reese shoots up a cop car that pulls up. While he disabled the engine, he didn’t shoot the camera which is going to be a big problem. Simmons reviews the footage and sees that it caught a semi-decent image of Reese’s face. So now they are putting the image out to all their people, cops and criminals. They want Reese dead. So while Carter may not quite be in the line of fire, our hero is now in grave danger. I’m almost positive they aren’t going to kill off Reese. I mean he’s one of the two main protagonists. My theory is that Lionel ends up dying. He hasn’t been in the season very much and that’s what the previews lead you to believe. Either way, it seems that the HR storyline will soon be ending. I just hope our team can mostly come through it unscathed and whoever does become the fallen solider is honored properly by the rest of the team.

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