Monday, November 4, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 1.06: "The Sin Eater"

“Imagine you had a pair of glasses that could see through them into their hearts, what they’ve done. The parts that are locked down so deep even they’re afraid to see but you see them. You carry them. Til the only person you can’t see anymore is yourself?”
- Henry Parrish

Sleepy Hollow is finally back! The break for baseball was too long if you ask me (then again I’m not really a big sports fan). But the show does pay homage to the sport as Abbie and Ichabod are watching a game and Abbie is getting really into yelling at the umpire for bad calls. She explains the allure of baseball and Ichabod even gets in on the heckling. It’s rather amusing. After the outing, Ichabod heads to the cemetery to visit Katrina’s grave and he is promptly abducted by a strange man. Later, Abbie’s on her way home when she drifts to sleep and encounters Katrina for the first time. They’re in a house which is an echo of where she and Ichabod lived (and possibly a child as Abbie sees a pram rolling down a hallway). Per her usual, Katrina is rather cryptic. Apparently there’s now a way to break the link between Ichabod and the Horseman but it has to be done before sundown or the Horseman will return. Abbie needs to find a sin eater to sanctify Ichabod and of course Katrina yells this at Abbie as she wakes up and narrowly avoids getting turned into road kill by an oncoming truck.

Abbie goes to plead her case to Irving, explaining about Katrina and the blood link and the sin eater. She’s got a pretty big favor to ask. She needs Jenny out of the psych hospital to help her hunt down the sin eater. They’re in luck though since Jenny’s at least heard of the term. Apparently it’s someone who reaches into you and takes on your sin and cleanses you. She followed a guy around the world for a while but he stopped two years earlier. Guess they have a guy to find.

Meanwhile, Ichabod wakes up and is being questioned by a Mr. Rutledge, descendant of one of the youngest signatories to the Declaration and apparently a good friend of Ichabod. Mr. Rutledge (played by the ever creepy James Frain) wants to determine if Ichabod is who he says he is. We’re now dealing with free masons. They’ve been fooled in the past with demons and the like (because that’s not sketchy). So the first test is for Ichabod to recount when he first heard the words “order from chaos”. And now it’s flashback time.

Ichabod is still in the service of the British crown when he’s ordered to interrogate a freed slave who supposedly published an anti-crown pamphlet. Ichabod doesn’t get much despite being with the man for days. And this is where he first meets Katrina. She says she’s a Quaker nurse and she sees his desire to be lenient. And it would appear the man he’s interrogating sees something special in him, too. He explains that there are demons and evils that can walk among men and appear as men to rile people up. At a public hanging, Ichabod suggests that the deaths are not proving as useful as they’d hoped and he fears it will only incite a new generation of dissidents. But the colonel is dismissive and Ichabod sees something (perhaps the true face of a demon) in the colonel. Katrina was at the execution as well and she and Ichabod share some brief conversation in the woods. It appears they are more connected than they realize, too. They both feel a deep connection and Katrina begins to see that he will be of great importance.

Down in the bat cave, Jenny and Abbie are trying to find a clue as to the sin eater’s identity. Jenny half-jokes that next time her sister sees Katrina, the witch needs to be more specific since Ichabod is going to be a dead man. This jumpstarts Abbie’s brain and she figures out at the uses the ID of death row inmates to keep hidden. They find him in Connecticut (a stone’s throw from where I grew up) and with some legalese, get the guy (real name Henry Parrish) to let them in. he explains that his ability is to reach into people and take on their darkest secrets and that if he were to continue doing it, he’d completely lose himself. He may be able to point them in the right direction to finding Ichabod though. He touches Abbie and sees an underground tunnel to a door marked with the symbol of the free masons. But they need to hurry. Time is running out for our handsome hero.

Ichabod finishes his tale by recounting that he was ordered to murder the man he’d been interrogating. He doesn’t do it and it seems he’s joining Washington’s cause when the colonel shoots the man and reveals himself to be a demon. Of course, Ichabod is rather beaten up at this point and stumbles into Katrina’s arms. He does that a lot, you know. Anyway, with his identity confirmed, the mason, led by Rutledge explain that the account they were reading from was penned by Katrina before she betrayed them by secreting him away. They were aware of the tie to the Horsemen and believe she knew the ultimate outcome, that both would have to die to stop the Horseman. Abbie and Jenny arrive just in time to see that Ichabod is going to sacrifice himself. He believes that it is his duty to do so, to stop the Horsemen. Abbie begs him to let her take him to the Sin Eater so they can extract his lifeline from the Horseman but Ichabod’s not having any of it. He thinks that even if it works, they’d just be unleashing the Horseman to rampage even more. So while holding Abbie’s hand, he drinks the poison. I legit screamed “no1” at the TV while watching.

Luckily, Henry decides to try and save Ichabod. Apparently he’d given up on his gift because he didn’t know its purpose until now. He’s meant to help Ichabod. He tastes Ichabod’s blood and becomes the man Ichabod blames himself for not saving. He’s absolved of his sin, seeing it now as his salvation, putting him on his path to Katrina and Abbie. He’s able to forgive himself and the link is broken. The Horseman still rises and goes in search of Ichabod but they are no longer tied in life and death. And it would appear the masons will stand behind Ichabod in their fight. I have to say I’m really excited to see all the interesting people that are now populating this world.

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