Saturday, May 30, 2015

iZombie 1.09: “Patriot Brains”

“We eat people. And I wanted you to know that I get it. I was a coward. I didn’t want to know.”
- Lowell

This week picks up pretty much right where the last episode left off. Liv’s in the elevator and she sees Blaine come to deliver some fresh brains to Lowell. After a quick stop at the morgue where she freaks out and rants at Ravi a bit, she goes back to confront Lowell. He says that when he got turned by Blaine, he was starving and desperate. He never really got super violent visions and not all the victims were young so he didn’t realize what was going on. Liv isn’t buying it. She doesn’t have time to process because Ravi calls her out to a case at a paintball field.

Before the gang arrives on scene, we see that a group of people are playing paintball and a body is found. It belonged to an Army Ranger Sniper named Everett. He’s been shot once through the neck and the CSI guys identify that the shot came from high up in a nearby tree. Liv—grateful to not have to see more of one of Major’s homeless kids getting murdered—eats the guy’s brains and gets very military. She and Clive first bring in Everett’s ex-wife and her new husband (whom she met while Everett was deployed). The husband (played by one Wallace Fennell) has a pretty solid alibi for the time of death but the ex-wife is a little shaky. When they go to question the daughter (who is quite young) Liv gets a vision of Everett having some kind of outburst and his ex-wife has to threaten him with a knife to get him to leave.

While all of this is going on, Ravi tries to check in on Major and tempt him with some video games. Major has been learning out how to shoot a gun and studying up on brains. He thinks the zombie guy he fought (obviously he doesn’t know about the zombie part) is eating human brains to stimulate growth hormones or something. So of course, Major goes to the gym where the guy works out and ends up convincing one of the trainers that he is up for anything, including brain eating. Yeah that’s really not going to end well!

Later that night, Liv is having flashbacks thanks to Everett’s PTSD. So instead of staying in bed, she goes out running and to the paintball range where she handily takes out everyone. Ravi points out she had an unfair advantage and then they have a really important conversation that kind of serves two purposes. They discuss how Liv knew she was a zombie from the word go (brain craving) and what she’d have done if she hadn’t gotten the job at the morgue with access to food. First, this is Ravi trying to point out that Lowell didn’t know where Blaine go the brains and also, Ravi got bitten by the zombie rat and since he hasn’t had any brain cravings it probably means he is ok. Clive chooses this moment to come by and steal Liv away for a trip to Everett’s place to find a journal his psychiatrist wanted him to keep. They find the journal but it’s basically empty. But Liv finds Everett’s sniper rifle kit and gets another flash of Everett’s little brother (through the mentoring program) handling the weapon.

It turns out that the kid is something of a red herring. Sure he has some emotional and anger issues but he’s not the killer. Thanks to some police work, Clive and Liv go talk to Everett’s ex-wife’s neighbor who filed a report after seeing Everett speed out of there with the ex-wife threatening to kill him. He also thinks that her new husband has been messing with his sprinklers and stuff. As luck would have it, her new husband designs drones that are supposed to deliver products in a day and he ended up killing Everett to get the promotion at his new job and solve the custody battle. Bad move, Wallace!

So at least the case has been solved. But there is still plenty left going on in the lives of these characters. Blaine has a meeting with a rich zombie who wants to eat the brains of an astronaut because he never got the chance to be one thanks to Blaine. And Blaine sends the zombie who beat up Major to finish the job. Major thinks he gets the upper hand and shoots the guy three times but when Clive shows up the body is gone. I guess it’s not so easy to kill a zombie. Apparently it has to be head shots (as we’ve seen Blaine do in the past). Clive questions whether Major is off any meds he should be on. Clearly Major is not having a very good season. He is seriously spiraling out of control and I can’t imagine what is going to happen when he finds out the truth.

And last but certainly not least, Lowell shows up at Liv’s place with the brain of a guy who he dug up from the cemetery. He admits that he didn’t want to know and he was a scared but he loves Liv and wants to be with her. Besides, if he continues on Blaine’s meal plan, he’ll be broke within a year. Lowell thinks Blaine turned him because Blaine likes his music (Blaine, we learn, is a huge Kurt Cobain fan). Liv decides that the only way to solve this problem is to kill Blaine once and for all. So Lowell invites Blaine over to jam the next day and Liv breaks into Everett’s apartment to acquire his rifle. But in the end, her Hippocratic Oath gets in the way and she can’t go through with it. Lowell, poor sweet boy, decides to take matters into his own hands and tries to stab Blaine (after he also sees one of the homeless kids get murdered by Blaine). Blaine is ready for him and pulls a gun, shooting Lowell in the head. So I guess he’s dead. Which makes me so sad because there was so much more to do with his character and his relationship with Liv. But I guess now that gives Liv even more reason to go after Blaine.

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