Sunday, May 31, 2015

iZombie 1.10: "Mr. Berserk"

“This is on us. At what point is it worse not telling him than being honest?”
- Ravi

Both Liv and Major start out this week’s episode not in a very good place. Major insists that he shot Julien and Clive asks Ravi to talk his roommate off the ledge because it really does seem like the boy is going crazy. And poor Liv is being questioned about Lowell’s death as if she were somehow involved. She is a complete wreck. She tries to get some sleep that night but the PTSD brain is still in her system and she keeps flashing back. She needs to work so insists on horning in on the current case of the week: the death of the journalist that Major worked with (the one who wrote the expose that got Major beat up in prison). Turns out the journalist was a raging alcoholic and this appeals to Liv at the time. She’s willing to drown her sorrows and numb her pain with a bottle. She also can’t deal with the idea that they may need to rule Lowell’s death a suicide (even if the evidence doesn’t support it) just so they can safely dispose of his body.

Liv’s first vision shows that the reporter wasn’t killed for foiling a break-in. That was a cover up for getting something else that the reporter had secreted away on her phone. So Liv and Clive talk to her editor and learn she was writing up an anniversary piece on a college student who went nuts and killed some classmates after drinking the Max Rager energy drink (hmmm methinks he might have been a zombie). The editor puts our duo onto the path of a college kid who knew the killer. He’s kind of pompous and arrogant. Liv sees a young woman at the guy’s apartment and flashes back to the reporter trying to talk to the girl. Liv spends the night drowning her pain in alcohol and drunkenly confronts the girl when she leaves the apartment. Clearly this woman knows something but it doesn’t look like Liv is necessarily going to get what she wants. Well, until the girl shows up at the morgue offering to tell all with the promise of immunity. The woman tells Clive and Liv that Ryan (the douchebag she was sleeping with) got jealous of the kid who went nuts and so they pranked the guy. They got him black out drunk and she pretended to be dead and they convinced the guy he’d killed her. What a stupid prank. Then again, they’re college kids. Liv and Clive pay the guy a visit to let him know that the girl is actually alive and well and they learn that he’d been addicted to the Max Rager energy drink.

Elsewhere Clive does a little checking and finds Julien at the gym looking unharmed. So he reports this back to Major and then warns that if Major doesn’t get some professional help, mandatory help may be forced on him. So Major makes the responsible decision (in his mind) to check into rehab. Ravi clearly isn’t happy with this decision since he knows for a fact that Major isn’t crazy or delusional. Ravi even suggests to Liv that it might be safer to clue Major in on Zombie Club but Liv refuses. She thinks if Major is going to rehab for a few weeks, he will at least be safe from Blaine’s clutches. Liv, still surfing the drunken wave from the latest meal hits up a bar and gets really drunk herself. Somehow she ends up calling Major to pick her up and taker her home which is kind of sweet. But they both avoid talking about what’s really bothering them. Liv wakes up the next morning and heads to work where Clive announces that they have a link to the Max Rager drink. Some of the other notations in the reporter’s notebook refer to other locations where people have gone nuts after drinking the stuff. Despite clear instruction from Clive, Liv goes to confront the CEO (played by the ever popular Stephen Weber. I swear he’s in everything these days) but she doesn’t make a whole lot of headway. She does get booted from the case by Ravi though and she ends up back at the bar where the reporter’s alleged source approaches her and asks for help.

He tells her that he’s one of two sources linked to the company, the other one is still inside. With a little digging, Liv figures out it was the CEO’s assistant (tracked down through Pilates). The assistant says she’ll help Liv but she bails and when Liv goes to find her, the first guy knocks Liv out. When she wakes up, she’s on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The real source is dead and the guy who is a mercenary, tosses her overboard. He gets ready to do the same to Liv when she goes full-on zombie and knocks him overboard with a cinder block. She thinks she’s killed him when she sort of accidentally runs him over with the boat (ouch propellers have to hurt). She ends up coming clean to Ravi about what exactly happened the night Lowell was killed. She admits her involvement and culpability in it and then she cries over Lowell’s corpse (artfully filmed so they didn’t have to actually show Bradley James). She vows to find Blaine and kill him herself the next time. She may have more than just him to worry about though because the Max Rager enforcer is also a zombie (I’m guessing he probably was one all along).

And even without Liv and Ravi spilling the beans, Major is getting closer to learning the zombie truth. In a group therapy session, he meets a guy who says he’s seen the same thing as Major and that what they’ve witnessed are zombies in Seattle. Obviously Major doesn’t quite believe him (they are in a mental hospital after all) but it’s pretty clear that his interest is at least piqued. And it would explains things about as plausibly as he’s been able to explain thus far.

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