Friday, December 4, 2015

iZombie 2.07: "Abra Cadaver"

“You know what this means. The murder was a magic trick. Sometimes I love this job.”
- Ravi

This week’s episode is going to be magical, if you couldn’t already tell by the title. After some heavy petting and chatting between Liv and Major (since you know they can’t have sex or else he will turn into one of the living dead), the team gets called to a hotel where a man is found dead by a maid. He’s a magician named Sid Wicked and his throat’s been cut with a razor sharp playing card (I thought Damien Dahrk killed that guy on Arrow!). Anyway, Liv eats the guy’s brain and not only does she become obsessed with death, but she actually is pretty slick at magic. I have to say, like Ravi, this is one of my favorite personalities we’ve seen with Liv so far. There is a conundrum with the dead guy though. The maid said she heard shouting and the guy arguing with “the angels” earlier. But the video footage doesn’t show anyone entering or leaving the guys’ room aside from the maid and hotel security. Very intriguing.

Back at the house, we get a rather entertaining scene with Ravi, Major and Peyton (Liv is at the morgue). Ravi is freaking out about his girlfriend and Peyton is being cheeky with him. Major claims all is good on the Liv front aside from the creepy voicemail she left him about drowning. But hey, at least she just needs to eat another brain to get this one out of her system. He is a little freaked by hearing about her go full on zombie mode and kill people (although that’s rich since he’s been killing people too). While the housemates are having this bonding moment, Blaine shows up at the morgue to ask Liv to team up to find out who is killing Seattle’s zombies. This is so not going to end well!

Liv and Clive pull Sid’s assistant, Angel, in for questioning and she points them to a couple of other magicians who likely had it out for Sid. He made his career exposing other people’s tricks. So while Clive and Liv head to question one of them, Ravi is subjected to the super awkward Guy Fawkes Day celebration with his girlfriend (notwithstanding the fact that it was several weeks earlier). Ravi ultimately dumps her because she’s just so clingy and nuts and I don’t blame him. Plus it gives him and Peyton a chance to rekindle their romance! Liv gets brought up on stage for one of the tricks performed by Houdina. It involves throwing playing cards at a stalk of celery to show how sharp they are. And wouldn’t you know, the card that was used to kill Sid is missing. And that’s not all. Live got a vision while she was on stage of the woman tossing an engagement ring back at Sid. She explains that she and Sid had been together when they were younger and he wasn’t so obsessed with death. But they he really got into it and she didn’t want any part of it. So his revenge was to ruin her best trick, then modify it and build his career on it. He doesn’t seem like a very nice guy.

Elsewhere, Liv and Blaine stake out the FBI agent’s house. They were expecting she and Clive to head out to a movie but they are staying in so the breaking and entering will have to wait until daylight hours. They don’t find much that they don’t already know until someone drops a forensics report through the mail slot. Blaine just rips it open and they see that Clive is looking into some brains found in the captains’ mini fridge. Liv is going to try to doctor the report and return it. But first, she and Clive head out to question the other magician. He explains that Sid used to be his opening act and when the magician refused to give Sid additional time on stage, he left and then gave a really nasty blurb for the guy’s autobiography.

We catch up with Liv at home with Major and she shares the news about the dead zombies. He promise that no one is going to go after her. Oh if only she knew the truth! I am just waiting for that shoe to drop. And my hopes for a Ravi and Peyton reunion may be stalled a bit by Blaine being kind of charming when she stops in to let him know the drug kingpin dropped by her office. He gives her his cell phone number. It would be kind of sweet if he weren’t such an asshole. At the lab, Liv is doctoring the lab results when Ravi picks up on a new lead thanks to angry Twitter messages between Sid and a duo called Smoak & Meers. Liv and Clive go to question them but they don’t get much, other than pointed back to Houdina. She says that the waitress at the end of her show is really her just in a different costume. Clever. The only person left who went into the room was the maid (who is undocumented and paid under the table). I don’t have any clue why she would want to kill him but I guess we will find out.

As soon as Clive stumbled onto the stage to interrupt the duo, I figured out what had happened. At least part of it. Meers was mute and it turns out he is a she and she was the maid. Liv also found the woman who was apparently the sort-of alibi for the other magician and she was paid by Smoak to lure him out of camera range. They thought they had covered their tracks but thanks to magician brain-Liv, she figured it out. She also manages to slip the doctored report into the FBI lady’s house. But there’s a woman watching the house and while Clive and the agent cuddle in bed, she drops off an envelope on the front porch that says “occupant’. Mysterious. Ravi and Peyton are also in an awkward place when he goes in for a kiss and it’s obvious she thinks this is rebound territory. And Liv is doing some Ouija board stuff when Major gets home and he ducks out. Guess he can’t handle any more death-obsessed Liv.

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