Saturday, December 5, 2015

iZombie 2.08: "The Hurt Stalker"

“So, Fatal Attraction brain. That’s gonna be fun.”
- Ravi

After twenty episodes, we are finally really diving in to Clive as a character. Too bad it’s due to him being a murder suspect. A wedding planner named Regina Sumner is murdered and Clive’s gun is found at the scene (Regina was shot). Things take a pretty nasty turn when the FBI agent drops off a fake wedding book Regina put together of her and Clive (from photos we learn he’s a really good cook and pianist). Unfortunately, Liv has already eaten her brains when the agent shares that Regina was kind of a crazy stalker.

This leads to some very comfortable exchanges with Liv and Major. She questions him about lady’s shampoo in the shower (it’s Ravi’s) and then uses his thumb print while he’s asleep to read his texts from “Rita” (aka Liv’s roommate and the head of Max Rager’s daughter). Liv admits the brains are making her jealous but it really isn’t an excuse. Major tells her that he split with Rita as soon as he and Liv got back together. But that doesn’t stop her from demanding he open the safe in his closet for her. This is not going to do much good for their relationship. Although I kind of hope Liv finds out soon about Major’s extracurricular activity. I fear, though, that he may be in more trouble than he thinks since they are close to testing Super Max on human.

Clive finally opens up to Liv and Ravi that he met Regina at a wedding and as soon as he found out she was a badge bunny (women who sleep with cops), he dumped her. He also tells that that she was suing a couple for unpaid fees. So Liv and Ravi go undercover and Liv gets a vision of the husband of the couple telling Regina they were done. We also see that he’s a cop, too. Very interesting. As they leave the shop where they met the couple, Liv fills Ravi in and points out a detail about where the husband tossed the wedding album. Ravi knows where to look and at first they think the husband is the killer (which would be good for Clive). But even after Ravi finds the wedding album, Liv shares that the husband was on a call at the time of Regina’s murder. Oops! But Liv does figure out that they may have a third option since they found locks (on a bridge where couples put locks to symbolize their love) for Clive and the client’s husband, and a third guy, W.P.

Liv does a little digging and finds that a black SUV with police plates was spotted near Regina’s place. So Liv puts out a fake post trying to track down the location of said SUV to figure out which cop drives it. Meanwhile, Liv is stalking Major on Facebook when her roommate comes home and kind of feeds into Liv’s paranoia by saying that Major deserves to be punished. Yeah, I really hope that doesn’t go any farther. It’s just so wrong.

Liv finally gets a lead on the locations of the SUV just as Clive drops by with some Cajun cuisine from his grandmother. They are interrupted by the lead detective on the case demanding to know who took missing evidence. Our team denies any knowledge (and I’m inclined to believe them) but the detective won’t say what the evidence was. Luckily (or maybe not), Liv breaks into the SUV and finds out that it’s the chief of the department and the evidence was a wedding album as well. He’s W.P. Unfortunately, Liv gets caught in the back seat of the car.

Having a zombie in jail is definitely not an ideal situation and by the end of the weekend, Liv is ready to eat her cellmate’s brains (well to be fair, the woman was really annoying and kept yelling about how she couldn’t be charged with the same crime twice and such) but she gets released. While she was locked up, though, Ravi did learn there were two blood samples at the crime scene and they are testing Clive (even though it’s unlikely it won’t match). Regina’s paranoia has mostly worn off by the time Liv gets released but it’s all Ravi had on hand at the morgue so it’s back to being stalker Liv for just a little bit longer.

Maybe that’s a good thing, though, at least for the case. Liv pulled a page from the scrap book with the original photo of Regina and the chief. She was wearing her client’s engagement ring. Thanks to some pretty good police work for people who aren’t police, we get a confession from the wife (and learn it was her brother who beat up Regina). They didn’t plan to kill her but she acted in defense of her brother when it looked like Regina was going to kill him. Good lord, Regina was nuts!

On the Max Rager front, the head of the company tests Super Max out on himself but it seems it brings out the anger and violent tendencies in the zombies in him, too. So I hope Major doesn’t try it. And since Liv is back on Regina brain for just a bit longer, she demands Major open the safe. The list of zombies and the drug to sedate them aren’t in there. But her engagement ring is. I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that. That night, Major gets a text from Rita and Liv starts texting back, asking for a picture. Of course her roommate isn’t stupid enough to send a shot with her face in it but I’m hoping it’s enough to get Liv curious at least and notice something about her roommate going forward. This wasn’t the best episode of the season but it was still interesting. And I’m glad we got some backstory on Clive, even if it was food and Game of Thrones related.

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