Thursday, December 22, 2016

No Tomorrow 1.06: “No Debts Remain Unpaid”

“Hank, I need your help. They’re not after you, they’re after me.”
- Xavier

While this episode of “No Tomorrow” may seem like it’s about debts based on the title, it is all about relationships. Evie and Xavier seem to be in a really good place and they are continued to knock things off their lists. When we catch up with them at the top of the episode they ar buying lots of hideous pottery and garden gnomes to do lawn bowling. They’re having a lot of fun but it probably won’t last. For one thing, Evie decides to let her parents crash with her while they rent out the house for a few months to get some money. Her dad’s acting career hasn’t taken off (gee, who’d have guessed). But Xavier also has some drama of his own to deal with this week. First, he gets an unsolicited letter from his father. He tries to burn it but Evie stops him.

Then, when he’s out for coffee with Hank, he sees a black van following them. After he and Hank split up, he sees them following him again and calls Hank for help. They furiously try to spook-proof Xavier’s house when Xavier discovers that they are repo agents because he’s maxed out all his credit cards and hasn’t paid any of the bills in months so he owes over $9,000. To cover at least a little of the debt, the repo men take everything in his house. He then tries to return the broken shards of the pottery and gnomes but only gets a few bucks back. Hey, I have to side with the store clerk on this one. You can’t return seriously destroyed merchandise. That’s just not cool.

While Xavier tries to hide his financial woes from Evie, she’s busy trying to hang with her Kareema. Karemma has enlisted Evie to be a buffer with Kareema’s brother’s new fiancee. She thinks that the girl is going to be awful, just like the rest of the women he’s dated in the past but it turns out Kareem amore than likes her future sister-in-law. She’s developing some actual, human feelings! She is kind of freaking out about it until she spends some time alone with the girl and they end up making out in a sauna. I’m not surprised that Kareema is into women. It seems like it would fit her personality and the “I don’t care” attitude she’s got going on. But she’s definitely going to care about this snag. That’s going to be a major complication for the marriage!

Speaking of marriages that are on the rocks, Evie notices that her mother is really stressed out about the fact that they have to crash with Evie and that her dad made the decision to quit his job without asking or even bringing it up. I can’t say I blame Evie’s mom. I’d be furious if my fiance did something like that to me. But Evie’s dad seems so happy with his life and so her mom won’t say anything to burst his bubble. Evie thinks a trip out on the water for a wine cruise is a great idea to sort of trick her mom into being honest with her dad. She apparently gets very talkative when she’s drunk. Unfortunately, there’s a mixup at the docks and they get stuck on a land-locked fake pirate ship. Evie’s mom gets drunk and starts talking but then ends up falling into the ocean. Evie manages to fix things between her parents though by recreating their first New Years together. Xavier eventually comes clean to Evie about his financial problems and says he’s sold his house. He can’t afford anything fancy but he ends up buying a trailer which at least for the time being is parked outside Evie’s house. If it weren’t hooked up to a car already, I’d say that was a touch creepy but you know, it’s kind of endearing. And I’m glad they are going to try and get through the situation together. And Evie gives the letter back. Maybe one day (before the end of the season) Xavier will actually read it and call his dad. I want to know what happened between them that he is putting off getting back in touch. If the world really is doomed, I can’t imagine he’d want to wait and have a fiery space rock hit the planet without resolving that giant chip on his shoulder.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention Hank and Deidre. Oh, how i wish I didn’t have to talk about them to be honest. They are trying to start up their relationship, especially now that Hank realizes he’s got feelings for her. Of course, there’s the issue of them being in a manager-subordinate reporting structure to deal with. Hank thinks he can solve this by requesting a transfer. I wish he’d just forget her whispering in his ear turns him on because office romances are never good. The minute you stop accepting the sexual advances and something negative happens, you’re more likely than not going to come crying to my organization about discrimination and or retaliation. It just isn’t pretty. Neither is Hank taking Timothy’s weird romance advice of finding out what Deirdre is interested in and then pretending to be interested in it. To be honest, the date that Hank and Deidre went on was so uncomfortable I can’t even write about it. They are the worst part of an otherwise entertaining show. I mean, i don’t think the show is going to win any awards but it’s still quirky and fun. My one other gripe is I wish it were a half hour long. They drag things out and I feel like it would work better in a shorter format. The emotional and comedic beats would hit better if they didn’t have to be stretched out over such a long period of time.

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