Sunday, December 4, 2016

Once Upon a Time 6.10: “Wish You Were Here”

“I risked my life to come here because you’re the Savior. Your family needs you.”
- Regina

Emma is not wasting any time trying to figure out a way to use the sword that’s destined to kill her. But when she, Regina and Hook head to Regina’s vault, they encounter the Evil Queen. She taunts them and then they discover an interesting little secret. The sword can harm the Evil Queen, but not Regina. So of course, the Evil Queen is not happy about this. But hey, Rumple’s pleased as punch. He slaps one of those tracking cuffs on the Evil Queen’s wrist and then says he’s off to find his boy and he’s going to let Emma kill her. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen is thinking ahead and nabs Aladdin’s lamp. When Emma, Hook and Charming go off to confront her, the Queen uses Aladdin to grant Emma’s wish of not being the Savior.

When next we see Emma, she is celebrating her birthday in the Enchanted Forest. Snow and Charming have aged as they should have if the Queen’s spell had never been cast. We see that Henry still came along (via Neal who is sadly still dead…but he’s got a nice portrait hanging in the castle). Henry is getting ready to be knighted the next day which is kind of adorable. But things are not all happy for the princess. She shares a dream she had the Queen had cast the curse and she was the Savior and in Storybrooke. And she produces the sword that’s meant to kill her. Her parents aren’t worried though. I mean, for them, the Queen’s been defeated for something like thirty plus years.

Back in Storybrooke, after some brief squabbling, Regina has a plan to use the Queen’s plan against her. She shows up at the mayor’s office and after some bantering, Regina points out that they are in fact the same person which makes Regina master of the lamp too and she has Aladdin send her to where Emma is. Unfortunately for her, she runs into the dwarves who aren’t keen to hear her out about being good. She then runs into Emma and the Charmings and she has t hightail it out of there before she gets skewered. She ends up back at her old palace where she finds an absolutely deranged Rumple. He’s been locked away so long he’s kind of turned into Gollum (although he doesn’t talk to himself in the third person). He ends up convincing Regina to make a deal: his freedom for a magic bean to get her home. And he tells her that she needs to act like the Evil Queen to jump start Emma’s Savior-ness. So Regina (as the Queen) crashes Henry’s knighting ceremony (which is somewhat reminiscent of David and Snow’s wedding all those years ago). You can see Regina trying to goad Emma into heroics (to wake her up) but she’s pretty useless. It’s kind of sad really. But once Regina takes Snow and David, Emma seems to get her butt in gear. We can hope, anyway. Yeah, it takes Henry nearly killing Regina (after she’s killed these versions of Snow and David) to snap Emma out of it and get her to remember who she is supposed to be. I’m glad this whiny version of Emma is gone. She was getting on my nerves and she was only in like three scenes! Rumple comes through with his magic bean but before the ladies can go home, a familiar face pops up: Robin Hood. And he’s robbing them. Regina is so freaked out that they miss their portal. Okay, I knew Robin was coming back and it wouldn’t be a flashback but okay I wasn’t expecting this!

The episode wouldn’t be complete without some Rumple family drama, too. He tries to track baby Gideon using the same magic globe he used to find Neal (and Henry in Neverland). But it doesn’t work. I have a feeling perhaps his mother took the baby. So he goes to see Belle and at least takes off the cuff and then urges her to call the convent. Something has happened to their baby and Blue! They go to the convent and learn that in fact, Rumple’s mom has taken baby Gideon and apparently in her creepy realm, time moves differently.

Meanwhile, David is fuming that he can’t find Emma and he doesn’t want to sit around waiting for things to happen. So he decides to come up with a plan to get the lamp and end the Queen’s reign once and for all. I admire your determination, David, but for once listen to the one-handed pirate. You don’t have magic on your side with Emma and Regina gone. What are you going to do, go to Gold? Yeah right. It turns out he lied to Hook to keep him occupied while David went to confront the Queen on his own. She tosses him about like a rag doll for a few minutes but it fits in with his plan perfectly. It positions himself to grab the lamp and become Aladdin’s new master.

David’s wish to give the Evil Queen everything she deserves backfires and it takes Hook, Jasmine and Henry busting into the room to stop the Queen from killing David. But their problems are far from over. Because as the Queen takes a stroll down Main Street, a hooded figure emerges and turns her into a snake. I’m thinking Jafar is back somehow. I mean you don’t cast Oded Fahr in the role for one episode. You just don’t. But this is supposed to be in continuity with “Wonderland” and when we left him, he was a genie as well. Very intriguing! And as soon as Rumple said that time ran differently (and Grumpy showed up with the Queen as a snake), I knew that it was in fact Gideon under the hood. Very interesting, indeed that it seems all of Belle’s efforts to protect her son from Rumple’s influence have failed because the boy looks evil (taking after grandma). And now we have to wait until March for more!

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