Wednesday, February 1, 2017

No Tomorrow 1.09: "No Truer Words"

“What if I told you the world was ending? What if I said an asteroid was headed directly for Earth in six months’ time? What would you change about your life?”
- Xavier

So this episode of “No Tomorrow” had its good points and bad points. Overall, the good did outweigh the bad. Let’s get the cringe-worthy stuff over with first. Having been kicked to the curb by Deirdre for his part in the strike (which is ridiculous in and of itself), Hank is freaking out about his romantic drama. He gets especially jealous when a guy shows up with flowers and is flirting with her. It turns out to be her ex husband (times two), Pete. He’s also her dance partner. Okay, so while most of this plotline irritated me, I did like we got to see a little backstory on Deirdre that gave her some much needed humanity. This guy is super obnoxious and while Deirdre isn’t the most likable person on planet Earth, the fact that she divorced him once should have given her a clue not to do it again. But, Hank enlists Kareema’s help to spy and they discover that Deirdre and Pete are into ballroom dancing. Hank and Kareem’s attempt to sabotage Deirdre and her ex’s big number fails and she agrees to marry the guy for a third time. Seriously, what the hell? I mean, Hank and Deirdre are a sort of weird combination but he’s miles ahead of Pete. Is she really that shallow that she would just accept his proposal because they had a good dance number? I mean yes apparently she would since she’s done it three times now.

On the less annoying front, Kareema is trying to muster up the courage to tell her brother about her and Sophia. So far, all he knows is that his fiancee left him and he doesn’t know why (especially since she needs that green card). She claims there are 5 stages of grief her brother needs to go through before she can tell him that she’s with Sophia. Let’s be clear, this is ridiculous and her brother is kind of extra pathetic going through them. But I suppose it made for a little bit of comedy. In the end, though, she tells him the truth and he does not take it well. I don’t blame him. His sister betrayed him, even if that was never her intention. That has to be a hard thing for him to hear.

Things with Timothy and Evie are kind weird, especially when Evie figures out that Fern has been embezzling from the company! She just kind of takes off on Timothy (who has been tasked to write a piece on Xavier to get a job at an up and coming blog site). Xavier tries to show Timothy his theory with a giant ball of exploding stuff (which in all honesty was pretty sweet! I mean, at first Timothy is trying to focus on the Xavier’s theory but the editor at the blog insists he dig into Xavier as a person which is not going to end well, especially since this episode is all about truth. I’m not sure i really liked the whole Timothy subplot of this episode. It kind of felt petty in a way, still pitting them against each other.

Speaking of the truth, Evie finally comes clean with Xavier about the scientist tossing his research. He’s pretty hurt by her keeping it a secret but she does try to help him out. She uses a little mailing program on the Cyber Mart website (suggesting the customers buy certain things based on their prior purchases) to get a lot of people to show up so Xavier can spread the word that way. I have to admit this was my favorite part of the episode. Where he’s usually focused on the scary part of the asteroid hitting the planet and obliterating everything, he instead focuses on asking people what they’d change about their lives if they had 6 months to live. He turns it into a positive and it was beautiful because he had everyone writing down what they’d do in chalk on the ground it was just a giant collage of words and colors. It really felt powerful to me and while they may not know that it’s true that the asteroid is coming, but it at least prompts one guy who works at Cyber Mart to quit his job and move on to something that makes him happy.

What’s not so great is what TImothy finds out having doing some serious digging into Xavier. For one thing, he finds out at the Xavier was kicked out of school for his crazy theories. And perhaps even more crazy, he has a different (and super ridiculous) name. Timothy doesn’t really want to hurt Evie with this information but he feels he has no choice but to tell her. I suppose he’s being a good friend, even if it does benefit him in an adverse way to Xavier. Xavier is riding high off his inspirational speech (I really have to say I kind of feel like if the show had focused more on that tone rather than the doom and gloom so much at the beginning it might have done a little better, it has a good message) so when Evie shows up at his trailer and confronts him, he’s caught totally off guard.

As I said at the start, I wasn’t a huge fan of at least one of the plots of this episode and I do feel like this show would benefit from being only a half hour. With the full hour, they have to kill a lot of time and I think this episode could have been better without the stupid Deirdre and Hank storyline (or maybe Kareema and her brother). It really was a lot of different threads to follow. But as I said, I loved Xavier’s speech to the crowd that gathered and I really liked how everyone reacted to it. Given the state of the world, we could all use a little hope.

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