Friday, February 24, 2017

No Tomorrow 1.12: “No Time Like the Present”

“I was wrong!”
- Xavier

We are in the home stretch, the penultimate episode of the season and things are getting kind of dire for everyone. More time has passed obviously and we are less than 4 months from the world ending and Xavier has gotten really pulled into his research. He’s trying to find a way to avert the asteroid because he’s realized he wants to have a future with Evie. he thinks he’s finally found something but it’s going to take some scientific help. Luckily, Evie may have a suggestion.

The head of Cyber Mart shows up and announces that he’s shutting down the branch and everyone is being shuffled around to different locations. I’m not sure that’s entirely legal without a union but it happens and our core four (I still think it’s weird that Deirdre has managed to end up with the other three as friends but maybe that’s just me) are being split up. Deirdre is literally being sent to Siberia which clearly puts a kink (and as Kareema would say not the fun kind) in her relationship with Hank. So Evie has the bright idea to go to the Tacoma location (where she’s being shipped to) and find a way to eliminate the three people in Hank, Deirdre and Kareema’s spots so there are openings for them to move to.

Evie devises a plan to get them into the Tacoma branch without revealing who they are (a quality assurance team). Once there, Evie sets her friends off to try and figure out what it is that their counterparts would rather be doing than working at Cyber Mart. I have to admit I did enjoy this part of the episode. It was kind of quirky and fun to see the team work together (even Kareema) to find a way to stay together. First up is Hank’s counterpart. Hank thinks he can bribe the guy with jerky but its’ really candle making that is his passion. Too bad the candle scent he’s come up with is horrible. But this gives Kareem and Evie an idea ot market the candles for weight loss. Their plan works and he goes off to make his gross candles in peace. Deirdre’s replacement is also pretty easy to get rid of. Despite Deirdre not understanding why her counterpart is so happy to help everyone, they realize that she just likes it and thanks to some connections in Hank’s family (he really is pretty integral to this whole thing) they get her a position working on a cruise ship. Kareema’s counterpart, however, is almost impossible to figure out. It seems she has no hobbies until they follow her to an underground magic show. They think that she’s into magic so Deirdre agrees to set he rup with David Copperfield (one of her nexes naturally) but the woman say she hates magic and thinks its lame. She’s only doing it because she wants to be with the guy who is her partner in the show (and her boss at work). So, romance is in the air and they head off into the sunset together. And our team is able to stay together at the new store! Kareema even gets a little emotional which is totally not in character for her. Helping people may not agree with her tear ducts but I suspect it agreed with her soul. She can be hard but really, she’s a softy on the inside!

With a little help from Jesse, Xavier manages to become the guy’s limo driver with the hopes of being able to share his theory so the guy (who is moving into space travel stuff) to help him find a way to stop the asteroid. At first the guy is totally not interested in even acknowledging that Xavier is a person. But as time goes on and Xavier picks up on the guy feeling like his success cost him the woman he loved. But Xavier does some digging and even reunites the couple. It’s enough to get the Cyber Mart guy to agree to set up a meeting with the head of NASA in Houston for Xavier.

Over at the blog, Timothy gets a new editor and he’s pretty hot for her right off the bat. She also wants to run the store on Xavier, even though his previous boss had promised it would never be published. He at least gets her to agree to have someone check Xavier’s science which leads to the scientist (with the name similar to Neil Degrasse Tyson) who had previously just tossed Xavier’s work without even looking at it. Timothy gets the letter back saying that the science was wrong and the asteroid isn’t hitting the Earth which gets passed to Xavier.

Xavier is clearly ecstatic that he was wrong because he can be with Evie but she’s already at the airport going to Iceland to see the Northern Lights like they’d planned. She kind of gave him an ultimatum: stick to freaking out about the science and burying himself in it or go to iceland with her and just enjoy the time. She had a point. I mean they’d been planning the trip and it was on both of their lists but he was so engrossed in his work that he wasn’t living his own mantra. I suppose when he finally realized he wanted to have a future with Evie, averting the apocalypse could be a bit all consuming. Unfortunately, even though Jesse agrees to drive Xavier to the airport, his devious cousin drugs him with horse tranquilizers and heads off somewhere else. And that’s not the worst of it! Timothy gets home to find the scientist and some government goons standing in his living room. The science was right and we are all doomed! Oh, and he can’t tell anyone! Poor Timothy. Just when things were looking up for him he gets slapped with a gag order. That’s not going to sit well with him. The final episode is going to be quite the doozy for our cast of characters!

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