Sunday, March 5, 2017

Once Upon a Time 6.11: “Tougher Than The Rest”

“This is on me. The wish I made to give the Evil Queen what she deserved. It brought him here. Now, I am not going to wake Snow until I fix this.”
- David

Well it’s been three months since we last checked in with the denizens of Storybrooke and boy are they in quite the pickle. Emma and Regina are still stuck in the Wish Realm (thanks to wish-Robin showing up) and Rumple and Belle have a grown (and evil) son to deal with who is likely to end up on the not-so-nice end of a hook and a sword. Before we pick up with the action where we left it, we get a glimpse into Emma’s past. We find her on the streets as a pre-teen in winter. She’s burning pages from a fairytale book to keep warm when an older boy (part of me wondered for a second if it was August and he just didn’t know her) stops her and explains his version of the Ugly Duckling. And thus, we see Emma get her last name!

In Storybrooke, Hook and Charming are off to find Gideon (although they don’t know it’s him) and Charming is kind of running on fumes and anger. Hook is right to call him out but David doesn’t seem to give a damn. He wants to keep his baby girl safe! And things aren’t any less confusing for the Gold family either. According to Gideon, the Black Fairy tried to turn him evil but he wouldn’t break thanks to Belle. But he’s still here to kill Emma because he’s laboring under the notion that if he does so, he gets her powers and the Savior mantle which he can then use to back to the Black Fairy’s realm and kick Grandma’s butt. Yeah buddy, I’m pretty sure that isn’t how it works! As Gideon meditates in the woods, Rumple goes to chat with his boy. He doesn’t think his son has what it takes to kill the Savior, not if he can’t even hit his own papa. But Rumple’s tough love approach isn’t going to win his son over. I suspect Belle won’t be able to talk him out of it either. But she certainly thinks she can talk him down when she pays David and Hook a visit. They’ll try it her way but she has to be ready for them to take action if her way doesn’t work.

In the Wish Realm, Emma and Regina promptly get robbed by Robin and have to hide from Henry and his guards. But as they duck behind some driftwood, Emma gets an idea. They can use the magic wardrobe to get home. Unfortunately, this version of Pinocchio dismantled it years ago as it reminded him of the time before the Evil Queen was defeated. It was nice to see August again and he was pretty quick to trust Emma and Regina’s story. But, as they plot to build a new wardrobe, Regina goes off to see if this version of Robin (who interestingly hasn’t aged) is better off without her.

Regina finds Robin in the pub he’d been in the night she chickened out back in the Enchanted Forest. Unfortunately, while her presence gives them some privacy (people are littler climbing out windows to get away from her) and it looks like they may have a chance to reconnect, the Sheriff of Nottingham shows up and arrests them both (slapping that damned magic suppressing cuff on Regina’s wrist). Emma and August aren’t having much luck either. They’ve found a magic tree and she fills him in on her Savior destiny when old Hook (complete with awful hair and beer belly) shows up to rescue her. Lord I hope she kicks his ass! Well she sort of does but it’s mostly because he’s drunk and old and stupid. That’s my kind of Hook! Unfortunately, when Hook went sprawling thanks to Emma’s magic, he broke August’s magic chisel so he can’t carve the tree. Meanwhile, Robin and Regina have a heart to heart where he admits he never had love and isn’t really happy. She’s hopeful and when wish Rumple shows up to free them, she’s practically beaming. Until he reveals that the Evil Queen killed Belle and he wants to make someone bleed. Oh no!

Emma tries chiseling the tree herself but it doesn’t work. As she sets the tool in the box, she finds a box with her name on it and a swan carved inside. She confronts August and r3ealizes it was in fact him in our world as a kid giving her advice. Makes me wonder why he couldn’t just stick around with her then. Anyway, She and August go back to the tree and start to chisel their way home. Robin and Regina share some more moments in Rumple’s dungeon as she explains where she came from and who he used to be. And then he busts them out. I want them to go back to our world together but I know the actor who plays Robin only is in a few episodes. I’m not ready to have Outlaw Queen back if it’s going to be yanked away again!

After a little worrying, Regina, Emma and Robin get back to our world and Regina is thrilled! Emma is on her way home when Gideon pops in and we see the battle that has been plaguing Emma all season. But she changes her fate and doesn’t let him kill her. Instead, she’s got a piece of the sword’s broken blade to his throat when Gold begs her not to kill his son. Gideon disappears in a puff of smoke again bemoaning he doesn’t need papa’s help. Things aren’t all happy though because Gideon is still out there and Snow is still asleep under the curse. We end with Gideon destroying the clock tower as his parents share a rather gentle moment by the well. Rumple swears he’s not going to use the shears on his son and he never wanted what’s happening. He wanted his boy to grow up as a boy should. And if they are going to find a way to stop him and get their child back, they’re going to need to do it together. I have to say, I know they aren’t true love anymore but I want them to work through this and actually team up.

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