Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lucifer 3.14: “My Brother’s Keeper”

“You put this mark on me. Now you’re gonna help me get rid of it.”
- Cain

A lot happened in this episode and yet it only moved the plot along the tiniest of fractions. We did get to learn a little more about Ella’s family along the way, though which played into Lucifer’s present drama with his own family. He and Cain are still on their quest to find a way to kill Cain and Lucifer thinks Amenediel may be able to help, seeing as he’s the brainy one. But Amenediel refuses to help. Even when Cain shows up at Lux with a gun, Amenediel insists he can’t help the guys out. See, Amenediel put the brand on Cain for God and believes the punishment is deserved. This leads to a pretty crazy knockdown, drag out fight at the bar. Obviously, neither is really the victor but it was a pretty awesome action sequence to watch and well filmed. I will admit it didn’t top the fight from the last episode but it was pretty good. At the end of things, Amenediel commits to standing in Lucifer and Cain’s way on this crazy journey because he’s trying to protect his little brother.

Before we dive into the case of the week—which is kind of interesting—we have to touch on Linda and Charlotte and the PTSD going on there. Charlotte has gone to see Linda to get some therapy and help dealing with the whole near death/going to hell situation. Linda can just sit there staring in horror at the woman who nearly killed her. Obviously, Charlotte has no memory of that and it wasn’t in fact Charlotte that did those things (as Lucifer points out). Linda eventually gets over her initial fear and she agrees to work with Charlotte so that they can both start to heal.

The main case this week involves Ella’s oldest brother Jay. We first see him meeting with a guy who has a bunch of diamonds. Then, Ella’s phone call ruins everything goes sideways. The next morning, Ella is worried and she drops by to hire Maze to hunt down her brother. Maze and Ella together is a really odd combination and I have to admit it made me kind of uncomfortable. They are just so different. But, Maze does end up leading them to the diamond guy who has been shot. Ella calls Chloe and Lucifer but quickly proclaims her brother’s innocence, primarily because there’s a powder burn on a lampshade and the only way that could happen at the right angle is if the shooter was left-handed. Jay is a rightie. Chloe insists that they follow both avenues (that there’s a second shooter and that Jay’s the culprit) while Ella and Maze run off to find Jay and prove his innocence.

Maze finds Jay in a rundown hotel. He swears up and down that he’s innocent and of course Ella believes him. She even lies when Chloe calls to ask if Ella’s found anything. While Ella and Maze have been off looking for Jay, Chloe, Dan and Lucifer have done a little digging on their own. The dead guy was a diamond merchant and at least one of the diamonds found in his office were stolen. So Chloe and Lucifer use the old “engaged looking for a ring” rouse to get past the clerk to the owner of the jewelry store where the diamond had been stolen from. It turns out the owner was in on the theft and they were going to just get the insurance money. Apparently, millennials were ruining business with trying to be socially and ethically conscious about the stone they purchased.

Chloe and Lucifer suspect that Ella is lying when she tells them she hasn’t found her brother yet. So they try to figure out where she would take him and they finally determine she’d take him back to the scene of the crime so that she could prove his innocence. And damn, they’re right. Jay tells Ella he saw the shooter from the bathroom and that the killer had red wing-tipped shoes. Ella quickly figures out that her brother couldn’t have been in the bathroom (the angle was all wrong). Maze finds the stash room (with equipment used to change serial numbers on diamonds to clean them. Jay takes off with a gun when Chloe and Lucifer arrive and Ella is devastated. But, Chloe finds a video camera which shows that Jay could have been telling the truth if he’d been hiding in the stash room. Now, they have to find him before things wrong with the actual killer. Who, of course, is the insurance adjuster that Chloe and Dan met earlier in the episode. Ella is told to stay with the car when they go to confront the insurance man but he’s already taken the gun from Jay is walking him out of the building out a side entrance to clean the diamonds when Ella sees him. Thanks to Maze, they all get away okay (well the insurance guy is dead but whatever). Ella seems so relieved that her brother is okay and Lucifer wants to keep her faith in her big brother intact since her faith is so important to her. He finds Jay trying to pocket the missing diamonds but tells Jay he’s not going to tell Ella (and Jay doesn’t have to either) because Lucifer doesn’t want to see Ella hurt. I hadn’t realized how much Lucifer actually cared about Ella until he threatened Jay (if he ever disappointed Ella again, Lucifer would go all Devil on him). As I said, it didn’t move the overall plot along very much but it did give us some little character insights. I liked seeing more of Ella’s background and I really was pleased to see that Lucifer cares about someone other than himself (or Chloe). In a way, he was almost acting like a big brother to Ella. We have to hope now that the next episode (post Olympics) moves things along a lot more.

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