Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lucifer 3.15: “High School Poppycock”

“Making people tell the truth is kinda my job.”
- Maze

I have to admit, the case of the week storyline this week wasn’t my favorite, although we did get to see a few interactions between characters that were kind of funny. The victim is a popular novelist who had just finished the last book in the series after 5 years of writers’ block. Her editor finds her (I’m pretty sure editors don’t make house calls in the real world but whatever). I will admit, I liked the cover art for the books. I know they are fake but whoever designed them did a great job sticking to the genre! Lucifer—after paying a visit to Linda to try and break his mental block on finding a way to remove Cain’s curse and finally help him shuffle off the mortal coil—badgers the editor on how the writer was so successful in getting past her block. This is a running theme for the episode and its rather ridiculous (especially when he tries and fails to use the improv technique of “yes and”). There’s also the subplot of investigating a super fan who got into online with the author. But he comes clean and says he shouldn’t have pushed her to be faster in writing. And he even got to help her out with the last book thanks his massive amounts of fanfiction. Yeah, I’m fairly certain most authors don’t want to read fanfiction. But hey, what do I know. The fan does say that the author didn’t want to use what he’d written but he did say she thought what he’d done helped her get back to the story she wanted to tell.

When the gang figures out that the author’s characters and situations are based on her real high school classmates, they begin to put together their suspect list. And the best part is they are all in town for the class reunion. Some undercover work is required and they pick a loner guy who no one liked that went to college abroad. However, he’s actually RSVP’d so they sic Maze on him so that Lucifer can impersonate him. And boy do things get weird. See, Linda and Amenediel are still sneaking around with their relationship and Maze decides (with some advice from Trixie) to get the truth out of them, even though we as the viewers already know that she knows they are together. So, she sets Linda up on a blind date with the real guy who RSVP’d and lures Amenediel there as her own date. She just gets all up in Amenediel’s space and licks him at one point. This is enough for Linda to come clean but Maze still gets angry and storms off. Ultimately, Linda realizes lying to her friend and hurting her just aren’t who Linda is. So, she and Amenediel break up. I’m kind of sad to see them break up. I get why Maze is hurt (and she is still new to human emotion) but they were a nice pairing. It also gave Amenediel something to do other than traipse after Lucifer trying to clean up his messes. He hasn’t really had much to do this season.

As preparation for the reunion, Chloe reads all of the authors books and she gets super into them, even staying up all night. She didn’t really have a high school experience as she was stuck with tutors on film sets most of her childhood. So, she is really digging into all the drama and gossip. It’s kind of funny to see her pointing all the people at the reunion and acting as if they are the characters. Lucifer has to actually be the mature one at the reunion. I mean, sure, he’s still desperately trying to figure out how to break his block but he’s less inclined to get all sappy over the people that are their suspects. It quickly becomes clear that none of the group are the killer because they all snuck into the school pool on the night of the murder to party. And they didn’t invite the loner guy. It was amusing to see Lucifer and Chloe try to get that alibi out of them before Lucifer deduces their whereabouts. This, obviously makes them suspect that he is the killer. He admits to being with the victim but denies he’s the killer. He was going to be the hero of the last book and everyone was going to get along. I have to agree, for a sci-fi story, having it all wrap up so nicely and everyone is happy and getting along seems both boring and lame. At least for the genre. It seems that the editor thought so as well. Chloe and Lucifer manage to catch him trying to kill the super fan (he apparently wrote a crazy robot overlord ending that would have done better). Lucifer gets really angry when the editor doesn’t give him anything helpful to break through his block. But hey, they’ve got the guy, even if the manuscript will never see the light of day again (yeah, she wrote on an old-school typewriter).

By episode’s end, Lucifer has asked Chloe to stop by Lux and he gives her the prom she never had (even though she admits she likes being the responsible adult type). They share a sweet dance and she asks him to tell her what his problem is and so he does. Of course, she doesn’t believe him but she does suggest that he needs to look to the future, no the past. But, that trigger an idea in our devil. He’s going to undo what happened to bring about the curse in the first placed. I’m not sure how he’s going to manage to resurrect Abel, seeing how crazy the Mom situation was but I’m sure he’s going to give it a go. I wonder how Cain is going to react to this suggestion of seeing his brother again after all these millennia?

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