Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lucifer 3.18: “The Last Heartbreak”

“My problem, Detective, is that we don’t need a third party interfering with our partnership.”
- Lucifer

I have to admit I wasn’t very excited about watching this episode. I’m really not a fan of Cain getting in the middle of Chloe and Lucifer (and obviously, neither is Lucifer). But, maybe it will push Lucifer to admit the truth to Chloe finally. Before we get to that point, though, we have to contend with a case from Cain’s past. In the 1950s he worked in LA as a detective, chasing a killer known as the “Broken Hearts” killer. It would appear they caught the man responsible because when we jump to present day, the killer has just died in prison. Amidst some awkward sort-of flirting between Cain and Chloe, Dan drops a new case that bears striking similarities to the crimes back in the day.

Cain insists on inserting himself into the investigation, figuring he knows what to look for and what the motivation could be. They assume it is a copycat killer but from my years of watching Criminal Minds, it makes me wonder if they got the wrong guy back in 1958. Anyway, the MO of the original killer was to hunt down cheating couples. A quick look at the victims’ social media shows that the guy was married. They bring in his wife and while it looks pretty bad for her (she’d threatened her husband a bunch of times), they were getting divorced amicably. And it wasn’t likely her when they hear that another couple has been found.

While the case drama continues to unfold, Amenediel has some drama of his own when he sees Charlotte a coffee shop and thinks it’s Mom. He goes on a big ramble about how he thought she was gone but when she says she doesn’t know who he is, he backs off and refuses to say more, even when she points out that he knows Lucifer so he must know who she is (and what happened to her). Big brother is not going to be happy with our Devil. He pays Linda a visit who is not shocked by the revelation that Charlotte is alive and warns Amenediel to stay away from Charlotte. He doesn’t listen and as the episode comes to a close, he finds her at the coffee shop and promises to tell her everything.

As Chloe and Lucifer come up against a dead end on the killer, Cain recalls a chat with a waitress at a bar where she points out that the killer was very meticulous and wanted to get every detail right. That prompts him in the present to check security camera footage at the second scene from earlier in the week. This reveals a guy taking photos. It turns out, he’s a tour guide obsessed with the original killer but he denies being the copycat when Chloe and the gang drag him in.

Cain heads back to the bar he used to frequent and runs into the waitress’s granddaughter. Apparently, is old partner and the waitress got married and lived a long, happy life together. His partner also didn’t stop digging for clues after the killer was caught. A motive was never identified. So, Cain has Chloe come join him to go through files. He ruminates on the night he left LA and the waitress behind (she pointed out he’s neve going to find someone to love him if he doesn’t let them in) when Chloe finds that there was one connection between the victims back in the day: their spouses called in to a relationship radio show.

Of course, Ella would know the equivalent show now and she’s obsessed with it. This calls for a sting operation which only annoys Lucifer more when Cain says he’ll be the guy Chloe is cheating on Lucifer with. Lucifer even seeks some advice from Dan of all people to try and deal with his emotions but it isn’t until the actual killer knocks Chloe and Cain out that Lucifer realizes he can’t make Chloe be with him (or not be with Cain). Before they get knocked out, Cain asks Chloe out on a second date. She reminds him that he turned her down originally but he’s willing to be open to her now if she lets him. I know Cain is using her to get what he wants (and whether that’s to die or not is now kind of unclear) but I just know it’s going to end poorly.

Lucifer drops by Chloe’s place to check on her and let her know that he understands she can have all kinds of different relationships in her life and it doesn’t mean they won’t still have their partnership. You’d think he would be man enough to admit his feelings but I guess God putting Chloe in his path is still a hang up for him because he declines her offer of coffee which leads her to agree to another date with Cain. As much as I adore this show, the will they/won’t they is getting to be too much and they have unnecessary obstacles. There is plenty of story left to tell once Chloe and Lucifer get together. I mean, you can’t not have drama when you’re dating the Devil. And there is also plenty to mine with the new Amenediel and Charlotte relationship and with whatever is going on with Maze. At least form the previews (and the little bit we saw of her this week) she’s reverting to her demon roots. She’s tired of humanity and just wants to go home. That’s enough to keep the fun times going without throwing a love triangle in the mix. I just hope that by the start of season 4 Chloe is in the know and Cain’s storyline has been dealt with. I like Tom Welling as an actor but I don’t want to see him continue into next year. Wrap up his story and move on to something else. Give us more celestial family members or something!

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