Friday, March 30, 2018

Lucifer 3.19: “Orange is the New Maze”

“We can’t punish the innocent or the usually guilty but innocent this one time. It’s the principle of the matter.”
- Lucifer

This week’s episode was all about Maze. Or at least the A plot focused on our resident demon> Maze is still unhappy with all the humans and their emotions and she wants to go back to Hell. But Lucifer refuses, saying that it would have bad consequences and could put Chloe in danger. It would appear that Maze takes matters into her own hands when a body is found and security camera footage shows Maze pulling a knife out of the dead man’s chest. Lucifer thinks he’s guilty and trying to manipulate him to take her home, but Chloe doesn’t believe that she’d do this. Cain—who is now her official boyfriend—thinks Chloe can’t be objective. God, the more he’s around and horning in on Lucifer and Chloe, the more I want to punch him in his smug face.

After ID’ing the body, Chloe and Lucifer go to the winery where he worked and talk to the owner and the foreman who claim that Maze stopped by to talk to the victim. He was a former bounty of hers. They find a can of Maze’s favorite drink in the victim’s trailer and then Maze shows up at the precinct with the knife to confess. It quickly becomes clear that she didn’t kill the man. So now, Lucifer and company must set out to find out who is framing her and for what reason. Maze has other plans than just waiting in a jail cell to be exonerated. She tricks Ella into a hug to snag her pass so she can get into the file room and steal a file.

While the team is trying to hunt down the real killer, Lucifer and Amenediel have to deal with a big problem of their own: Charlotte. She’s told Linda that Amenediel shared that she was his stepmother and she’s just confused and can tell he’s holding something back. Linda urges Charlotte to just drop it and move forward but she can’t. When Charlotte later runs into Lucifer, she confirms that Amenediel is his brother and he drops the truth about Hell and her soul’s journey there on her. This leads Charlotte to think she’s crazy. I wasn’t entirely sure what the point of going down this road was for, other than to eventually redeem Charlotte. In the end, Lucifer shows her his wings and she’s not freaked out at all. She’s just relieved that it was all true and she wasn’t going mad. Where they go from here, I have no idea.

After Maze absconds with the file (it has the name of the bail bondsman who contacted Maze about the dead guy), she finds him at a weekly bowling night. The guy is a total pig but in typical Maze fashion she gets him to talk. I mean, sure she doesn’t get to stab anyone but she does threaten the guy with getting his face pummeled by a bowling ball. He was paid to call her to track down the victim. So there’s yet another layer of the frame job. He has just enough time to tell her the name of the corporation that hired him before someone takes him out with a sniper shot to the head. Maze is gone by the time Lucifer and Chloe arrive on the scene but the rest of the bowling team is able to corroborate that Maze was in the room when the bail bondsman was killed. So, at least they know she’s not responsible. But, she’s still in the wind and they need to find her. They think talking to some of Maze’s other bounties will prove useful. While most of them are useless (although oddly enough everyone seemed to really like Maze and cited her as being how they turned themselves around or at least learned useful skills for prison), the last guy used to work at the same winery as the victim.

It turns out that Maze caught the winery owner’s son who had driven drunk, killed a little girl and fled the scene. Maze beats our team to the winery and she kind of can’t believe that the woman blames Maze for the son dying in a prison fight. I have to side with Maze here. It is in no way her fault at all. But Maze now intends to take out the mother. She’s going to have to dodge bullets from the foreman to do it. Thankfully, Lucifer and Chloe show up. Lucifer gets to use his angelic strength to bend the rifle barrel so it’s useless and knock out the guy. Chloe tries to talk Maze down but it doesn’t really work. She ends up stabbing the woman in the foot.

The case may be closed but things are still very much up in the air. Lucifer is still annoyed that Cain for moving in on Chloe and Cain is now intent on getting rid of Lucifer so he doesn’t have to compete with the Devil. And Maze still wants out. Lucifer claims he still can’t take her back to Hell because he doesn’t want to lose her, too. Maze breaks down at this point, realizing that she will always be a consolation prize for Lucifer and no one puts her first. Well, that may be changing. Cain catches up to Maze at the bus station to tell her that they should team up. Sure, they aren’t friends but Cain won’t pretend to be. And they can both get what they want. This unholy alliance makes me really anxious. We only have a few episodes left in the season and this makes me think we won’t be done with Cain storyline before season 4 begins which just drags things out unnecessarily. I can only hope that the resolution involves Lucifer coming clean with Chloe and that she believes him and understands. Maybe God gave Lucifer his wings back for a reason he does not yet understand. Maybe it’s so Chloe can be with him? We certainly know that Cain is using Chloe for his own ends.

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