Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Lucifer 3.20: “The Angel of San Bernardino”

“I am definitely not this angel and I know just how to prove it.”
- Lucifer

I went into this episode expecting to be highly annoyed with the Chloe and Cain storyline. It was kind of irritating but there were parts of the episode that made up for it. I’m also hoping that Maze is done with her revenge because that’s just unnecessary. There are too many storylines going on right now to put up with that.

Before we dive into the two main storylines of the week, let’s get Charlotte’s C-story out of the way. Now that she knows about God and angels and Hell and all, she’s reverted back to her wicked ways assuming that Amenediel can just pop her up to Heaven when the time comes. She even convinces Dan to sneak into a utility closet at a bar and stirp naked. Yeah, Dan is just so gullible. And totally into her. I do hope they work out but she needs to get her head in the game. Amenediel stops by for a chat as she’s trying on some ridiculously expensive necklace to explain that it’s who she is and her actions that determines whether she gets into Heaven. She doesn’t think she can change but I suspect Amenediel is going to make it his mission to help her out.

The crime of the week involves the son of a wealthy family who is murdered and the landlady who says she was saved by a guardian angel. Lucifer, who has been having trouble sleeping, fears that he is somehow responsible and so first decides to handcuff himself to his bed (after he finds what he believes is the figurine that went missing from the woman’s house in his bedroom) and then comes to the conclusion that he just shouldn’t sleep. It seems every time there is another step in the case, it comes in the evening and no action can be taken until the next day.

So, he ends up binging on drugs and alcohol and sex for a week (and binge watching all 12 seasons of Bones which I think is pretty hilarious). He imagines himself as Bones and Chloe as Booth. It’s all pretty hilarious until he claims a man of interest (who was seen arguing with the victim not long before his death) is in fact the killer. He actually played a killer on Bones in season 3. He’s an actor who was hired to be friends with the victim. In fact, this guy was hired to be the best man at a friendless guy’s wedding. This leads the Lucifer figuring out that a man they talked to and thought was the husband of the victim’s ex-girlfriend (who is the mother of the victim’s son) is also an actor for the same agency. Lucifer in his manic state confronts the guy at home and he admits that he killed the guy because he didn’t want the victim to take away his family. The woman had fallen in love with the actor for real. As Lucifer rails against the guy for being an imposter, he comes to the realization that Chloe may in fact be in peril.

This brings us to the continuing drama of Chloe and Cain. It seems that Cain is setting up Chloe to utter “I love you” so that he can then disappear on her. He seems to think that getting someone to fall in love with him will remove his mark and he can then die. Maze is willing and able to help out with the dying part. She also gives Chloe some advice. Admittedly, Chloe is a little suspicious of some of the phrasing Maze uses because it’s exactly like what Cain says. But, she brushes it off because she’s so smitten. And when Lucifer freaks out on her that he can’t sleep because he’s going nuts, she confronts him on why he’s so opposed to her and Cain (obviously she doesn’t know his true identity) being together. He drops the truth on her but because he’s so strung out and manic she doesn’t believe him. I really wish she would. But that wouldn’t make for romantic drama.

Chloe thinks everything is going great with Cain when he shows up with chocolate cake (Trixie’s favorite) and some beers. But right before Chloe says the three magic words, he bails on her. Lucifer, it turns out, is having about as a good a night as the detective. Maze shows up to find him frantically looking for the figurine to prove to Chloe that he was set up by Cain. Well, it wasn’t Cain. It was Maze pulling his strings because she’s mad at him for not taking her home. So, she played on his daddy issues to get back at him. Lucifer shows up at Chloe’s house to find her bereft, leading him to bust into Cain’s place and lay a beat down in anger on our immortal. Cain admits that he couldn’t hurt her by letting her say “I love you”. And now, somehow—I really hope they explain how because I’m a little lost—Cain’s mark is gone. He’s human and able to die. But something tells me he’s not so ready to go as he thinks he is. I also doubt that Lucifer is going to let him off the hook so easily with how he’s hurt Chloe.

From what the preview shows it looks like Cain is going to try and win Chloe back and Lucifer wants Chloe to choose him. It’s going to be all out war between these two immortals and I know who I want to win. It’s always meant to be Chloe and Lucifer form the beginning. It shouldn’t matter that Chloe was put there for Lucifer. Maybe that’s a good thing. Lucifer is so busy believing everything God does is to hurt him that he can’t possibly admit his father did something to help him. I just really hope this love triangle resolves before the end of the season. I don’t want to go into the new season with all of this drama hanging over our heads.

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