Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer TV Rewind: Robin Hood 1.13: "A Clue:No"

Sarah's joining us once again for the final installment of 2011 Summer TV Rewind. Enjoy her take on the series 1 finale of the BBC's "Robin Hood."


“Today, is a good day to die.”
- Little John

The Sheriff, Gisborne and their men are waiting just beyond the cave ready for a fight. Much and John have taken up position, and Much is ordering them to stand down or he will shoot. The Sheriff isn’t that impressed. Gisborne says he thinks there are maybe a dozen in Robin’s inner circle and who knows how many more supporters. Just as the Sheriff orders his men to kill Little John and Much, Robin appears and things get messy. He’s clearly pissed, and he’s killing everyone in sight. He even knocks the Sheriff off his horse and knocks out the Sheriff’s tooth. Stupid man whining about losing his tooth while everyone around him is dying. Things get even more intense when Will and Allan show up. Gisborne eventually calls a retreat, and the gang sits down, still looking defeated. Will admits why he and Allan took so long to show up, but no one really seems to care. Much and Robin fill them in on Marian, and they head back to the cave. They need to take her to Knighton and return her to her father. They each say a few words and then Allan, in typical fashion, says that Marian’s breathing. Djaq confirms it by holding her sword under Marian’s nose and seeing it fog up. Marian wakes and Robin is more than happy.

Back in Nottingham, the Sheriff tells Gisborne that the King isn’t actually coming. He lied. He’s arranged for an imposter to arrive so that all the plots against him (the Sheriff) will be revealed. Gisborne is not pleased. He doesn’t want to marry Marian under false pretenses. So he heads off to Knighton to tell her. Meanwhile, Robin and the gang have managed to get Marian home. Edward says that he believes the Sheriff is plotting to kill the King, and he needs Robin’s help. Robin isn’t having any of it. Before they can discuss it further, Gisborne arrives. The outlaws manage to hide before Gisborne gets to Marian’s room (after arguing with Edward). Gisborne sees that Marian is ill, but Edward manages to pass it off as excitement over the wedding. That gets Gisborne to leave. Edward has another go at Robin, but Robin says he’s tired of doing the right thing and ends up sitting on a knoll overlooking Locksley. Much arrives and tries to cheer Robin up. It doesn’t really work. Robin has some mean words for Much, and Much ends up leaving. When Robin gets really emotional, he tends to take it out on Much, and that’s not very nice.

Marian is worried that Robin isn’t going to back her father. She goes to Locksley to ask Gisborne if it is true about him trying to kill the King. He brushes it off and ends up kissing her. He’s such a sexually frustrated man! Back at Knighton, Robin pops by to check on Marian. They get into another argument. It gets rather repetitive. He finds Marian burning her Night Watchman outfit, and Marian confirms she’s marrying Gisborne. She tells Robin to grow up, and he leaves. We see a small snippet of Edward and his allies making final preparations to protect the King when Much and the rest of the gang (minus Robin) show up to help.

In the morning, Gisborne watches as the peasants in Locksley prepare for the wedding. Everyone seems happy. Gisborne is kind of sad though. He asks Thornton if his wife understood him. Gisborne seems to be admitting he’s committed crimes but that he believes marrying Marian will wipe away all the bad things he’s done. So he’s a sexually frustrated sappy guy. Fantastic. In Knighton, Marian is leaving for her wedding in a beautiful gown and she tells her father to be careful. She arrives and tells Gisborne he shouldn’t be with her. He should be inside waiting. Guess the whole “bad luck to see the bridge before the wedding” trope existed in 1192 as well.

Robin sits on the knoll overlooking Locksley, listening sadly as the wedding bell tolls. In Nottingham, the small guard to protect the King arrives. Much races off after he realizes something. I’m not sure what. Much runs into to the guards and the King and calls out to them, but then Much realizes it’s not really the King. The fake King is giving a speech that sounds very much like the Sheriff, so people start to get suspicious. Then the Sheriff gets arrested. The fake King says they will hear French evidence (whatever the hell that is). He sends each noble down a corridor, and depending on which way they turn, the sheriff knows if they were plotting against him. If someone shows up in the “evidence against” room, the Sheriff stabs them. Nice plan actually.

In Locksley, Marian is walking into the church. Much arrives and is trying to stop the wedding to say the King isn’t real. It seems that the wedding is off. At least Marian is pissed to find out Gisborne lied to her about the King being back. Decent grounds to not want to marry him. Much is now being dragged away by the guards when he shouts that she loves another man. Which of course is true. Gisborne is not pleased, and he tries to get Marian to still go through with the wedding. He threatens her father, and Marian tells Much he’s wrong. Much is still screaming as he’s thrown into the River. He says that Robin needs her. Then of course, Marian is badass and punches Gisborne in the face and gets rescued by Robin. They ride off to Nottingham. Just before they split up to put their plan into action, Marian and Robin share a much deserved and long awaited kiss. They manage to save Edward and thwart the Sheriff’s plan. Robin and the gang start to get out of the castle. The way they get out is rather amusing. The Sheriff ends up hanging upside down, shouting and furious. Not a bad way to end the episode. So things are looking pretty good for Robin and Marian as we come to a close on our first series of Robin Hood.

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