Saturday, September 3, 2011

True Blood 4.10: "Burning Down the House"

“There ain’t no Heaven. And Hell’s a dogfight.”

As of this episode, I’m officially done with “True Blood.” I’ll watch and blog the final two episodes of this season for the sake of completeness, but don’t expect to see write-ups of season 5 here at MTVP unless this blog somehow blows up in the next year and I can hire a staff to write about shows I no longer care to watch. I know it’s immature, and I’ve complained about fans of other shows doing what I’m doing right now, but I can’t help it. Alan Ball and I just plain do not agree on the characterization and relationships between Sookie, Bill, and Eric, and it’s clear that we never will. And honestly, I don’t enjoy his take on it. Constantly painting Bill as the hero, Eric as the villain, and Sookie totally in love with Bill no matter what shady business he’s involved in has just grated throughout the years, and this episode was the final straw. I enjoy the characters and stories in the books infinitely more than what I’m seeing on the TV show at the moment. And I don’t have time to watch and blog things I don’t enjoy. But for now, on with the write-up.

The episode opens where the last one left off, with the tolerance rally in complete chaos Bill and Eric are fighting it out, knock-down-drag-out style. One of the few moments I liked in this episode was when Sookie uses her powers to stop the fight. Sookie breaks Antonia!Marnie’s spells, and all of a sudden, Eric has his memories back. Eric and Sookie can only stare at each other awkwardly at first, but eventually they talk things out. And that’s where things go horribly, horribly wrong. Sookie doesn’t want to be with Eric anymore. Because of Bill. Seriously. It was an effort not to vomit at this point. I certainly got in a good eye roll. Bill is not trustworthy, and I guess Sookie just hasn’t realized that yet. Eric says he loves Sookie, but I guess he’s willing to let it be for now. Pam, always entertaining, arrives on the scene. Eric tells her Sookie is responsible for saving him, and Pam gives Sookie very reluctant thanks.

Elsewhere in Bon Temps, Jason and Jessica are getting themselves put back together after their romp in the back of Jason’s truck. Jason is really upset with himself for betraying Hoyt, but Jessica doesn’t really seem to understand what the problem is, considering Hoyt broke up with her and all. Guess she needs to watch a little HIMYM and get an introduction to the Bro Code courtesy of Barney Stinson. Jason asks Jessica to glamour him so he can forget the had sex. He’s afraid Hoyt will be able to see it on his face, otherwise. Jessica is understandably offended by this, and grumbling about how she doesn’t understand humans, she gets very pissed off at Jason and leaves. To make matters worse for Jason, Hoyt shows up at his doorstep the next morning. He can’t stand being in his house anymore with all of its reminders of Jessica, and he wants to crash with Jason for a while. Jason reluctantly agrees, but can you say “awkward!”

Alcide is trying to drive a very injured Tommy to the hospital. Tommy is in extremely bad shape, and he’s convinced he’s about to die. He asks Alcide to take him to Merlotte’s, and Alcide obliges. Sam meets Alcide and Tommy at the bar. I guess Alcide must have called him and took him away from his camping trip or something. Sam and Alcide do their best to keep Tommy comfortable as he dies, talking to Tommy about their views on the afterlife. Sam manages to get in an apology to Tommy before the end. I have to admit that I wasn’t especially sorry to see Tommy go, although I thought his send-off was well done and emotional. Dealing with the Tommy situation means that Alcide hasn’t been home all night. Marcus comes around Alcide and Debbie’s house looking for Alcide, and Debbie just starts complaining about him. She wants to fully integrate with the pack and have kids, and Alcide doesn’t really want either. Marcus slyly suggests that maybe Debbie should have kids with another wolf. Alcide still isn’t home by the end of the episode. He and Sam go to Marcus’ garage looking for a fight, and they end up fighting one of Marcus’ lieutenants instead. I don’t think that’s going to end well for Alcide.

For our final non Vampire/Witch war related plot of the episode, Terry finds V in the house (the Bellefleur ancestral home where Andy lives and Terry and Arlene and their brood are staying while their house is renovated post-fire) and confronts Andy about it. Arlene gets in on it too, because she’s extremely pissed that Andy had an illegal drug in a house with her children. Eventually, Terry succeeds in shooing Arlene out, and he tells Andy they need to go to “Fort Bellefleur.” Fort Bellefleur is a tree fort that the cousins played in when they were boys, and it’s also where Terry lived right after he got home from Iraq. The scenes here did provide for some interesting backstory on Andy and Terry if nothing else. Terry and Andy argue over who had the worse childhood, and it devolves into a knock-down-drag-out fight. Then Terry helps Andy realize he’s hit rock bottom. The cousins hug it out an make up, and then Terry drives off, leaving Andy to walk home.

Bill tells Nan he’s going to lead a team to kill Marnie. Nan strongly objects to this (since she’s all about enforced vampire pacifism whenever possible), but Bill says he’s going to do it anyway. Necromancers are just too dangerous to vampires. Bill tells Sookie that he’s going to blow up the Moon Goddess Emporium, hopefully with Marnie in it. Sookie is extremely pissed about this, because Tara is trapped inside. The next morning, Jason shows up at Sookie’s door because he can’t stand living with Hoyt and the guilt over Jessica. Sookie says Jason can spend the night at her house if he helps her stop Bill from blowing up the Moon Goddess Emporium. When she tells Jason that Tara is inside the store, Jason is only too happy to agree to help. Sookie also recruits Lafayette and Jesus to the cause.

All sorts of craziness is going on down at the Moon Goddess Emporium, too. When Marnie returns from the attack at the tolerance rally, she still won’t let anybody leave. Holly and Tara are diligently consulting spell books, but Tara doubts her abilities to find anything useful. Holly gives her a bit of a pep talk, urging Tara to believe in herself, because that’s the only way to beat Marnie. Meanwhile, in another room, Marnie talks to Antonia’s spirit. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Marnie is actually the crazy one of the pair. Antonia doesn’t really want to go ahead with all this destruction, but Marnie insists, and Antonia is eventually convinced to continue to help Marnie with her necromancy.

Sookie and her posse gather outside of Moon Goddess Emporium, hiding behind Jason’s truck. Jesus wants to try talking to Marnie first. He’s been her friend for a while, so he thinks he may be able to get through to her. The rest of the gang is a little skeptical, but they finally agree. Antonia!Marnie has a barrier set up around the shop that Jesus can’t cross at first. Antonia!Marnie tells Jesus that he can only join her if he can find a way to cross the barrier. Jesus changes into this demon-looking thing to cross over, which was really very strange. I’m not sure what it means. Jesus has some convincing to do before Antonia will let Marnie come to the surface to talk to him. When he finally succeeds, though, he is very disturbed to find out that Marnie, not Antonia is the one in control and behind all the violence. He passes a warning on to Sookie through telepathy.

Marnie is happily showing Jesus her docile, controlled vampires when Tara and Holly start chanting a spell they found. The spell starts to work, and Marnie is furious, convinced that the two women are traitors. Tara and Holly escape the Moon Goddess Emporium, and Marnie most definitely notices. She goes outside, too, and she does some sort of spell that makes Sookie, Tara, Holly, and Lafayette disappear. Jason is left standing in the middle of the street with the best WTF face. Later, at night, a shiny black SUV pulls up to the Moon Goddess Emporium, and Eric, Pam, Bill, and Jess jump out, all clad in their vampire-best black leather. There’s an awesome power shot of the four vampires striding towards the shop, ready to wreak some havoc.

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