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Body of Proof 2.02: "Hunting Party"

Sarah joins us again with another recap of "Body of Proof."  Enjoy!


“See if this helps. I don’t have a role. I can’t control what Lacey sees or what she likes any more than I can control you when you go mouthing off to a suspect in a homicide. I am not trying to be Lacey’s mother any more than I want to be your mother, and quite frankly I’m getting a little sick of you putting me in that position. So whatever’s going on between you and Lacey, figure it out for yourselves because I don’t want any part of it.”
- Kate

We begin in a forest with a guy in hunting gear. He hears a shot and takes off. One of his party found a deer, and they spread out to trap it. Just as everyone lines up their shots, they fire and one of the women in the group falls to the ground, dead. Meanwhile, Megan and Lacey are having tea. Lacey is drinking herbal tea with sugar, even though she hates herbal tea. Her explanation is she’s trying to make herself like it. With some prodding from Lacey, Megan says she’s fine with Todd dating Kate and wishes people would stop asking. As evidenced later on, she’s not all that pleased. But she does agree to a shopping trip with Lacey the following day.

At the crime scene, Peter pulls up in a sweet little sports car driven by a pretty woman. Mean jabs him a little about it. It looks like the woman, Julie Lobe, was shot once through and through but Megan posits she tumbled after she was shot and that the fall probably killed her. And they’ve got three suspects, her husband and his two grown children. Megan is rather abrasive about her theory that one of them killed Julie. She points out a scratch on Martin’s (the husband) neck, and as she and Peter walk away, she tells Peter she wants him to get the tissue if he drops it. And then we have a fun little walk and talk where Peter reminds Megan of every time she needed his help.

Unfortunately, Peter makes the mistake of bringing up Megan’s insecurities with Lacey. Kate interrupts to ask if she and Megan are good with how things have been going. Megan’s a little evasive and luckily is saved by a call for Kate from the Mayor’s office. Megan begins the autopsy, still ignoring Peter, and finds the nail of Julie’s right ring finger was pulled back and she had some traces of paint on her elbow. Kate shows up and boots Megan from the case for accusing Martin of killing Julie. Apparently he’s a rich guy who contributed to the Mayor’s campaign. This pisses Megan off quite a lot. Unfortunately, Kate drags Peter away back to autopsy. Megan’s still got the bloody tissue and orders Ethan to type it and what was found on Julie’s body. Back in autopsy, Kate is trying to assure Peter that taking over the case had nothing to do with her dating Todd. He professes to be Switzerland and avoiding getting involved. After all, he’s got three sisters and isn’t going to get in the middle of the cat fight.

The sort of C storyline of the episode is worth summing up fairly quickly. The transportation department is looking for a new driver and it’s fallen to Curtis to conduct the interviews. He sees all kinds of wacky people. It really provides some comedy throughout the rest of the episode. And with this storyline, it was really needed. Over at the police station, Bud and Sam are talking to Martin, his two kids and his financial manager. All of them were on the hunting trip, and none had line of sight with Julie. Megan shows up uninvited and asks Martin what he and Julie fought about because the blood on her fingernail and the blood from the scratch on his neck show that she scratched him. He denies they fought and says she must have had a hangnail and it caught on his neck when she helped him into his hunting gear.

Back at autopsy, Curtis shows up with Julie’s toxicology panel. It turns out she was pregnant. Megan shows up the next morning and takes a peek at Peter’s tablet to see that Julie was pregnant. Kate pops in and after telling Megan that if she pulls another stunt like showing up to the police station on a case that she’s not working, she’ll get busted down to driving for transportation, she gets a new case. Normally, I’d be concerned about two separate cases, especially when one of the leads of the show is pursuing the second one, but it all dovetails nicely in the end.

Bud and Sam are interviewing Martin’s business manager, Alan. He knew that Julie was pregnant but Martin didn’t. She claimed it was so she could get past the three-month threshold. She went to Alan seeking financial assistance. She wanted him to look into Martin’s assets. Meanwhile, Megan and Ethan show up at the new crime scene and we meet some rather annoying new cops. I know Bud and Sam aren’t the only cops in Philly that work with Megan and company, but these guys were just really two-dimensional. Anyway, this second victim is a guy named Patrick. He’s well dressed and groomed but in a crappy part of town. The officers think he was there to score some drugs and got carjacked. Megan quickly debunks that theory as he’s got no track marks on his arms and his car is sitting safely across the street. Megan’s also not too pleased that her investigator got called to another scene.

Megan takes a break to go shopping with Lacey and is a little horrified to find out that the shoes Lacey wants to buy are rather dominatrix looking. Lacey says she tried on a pair of Kate’s and really liked them. Megan is clearly not pleased with the kind of influence Kate is having on her daughter.

Bud and Sam are at the ex-wife’s house to interview her (apparently she was the one who get Martin into hunting). She says she hated Martin for dumping her for a younger model but didn’t kill Julie. The kids had an interesting spin, too. Even if Julie had children, their inheritance wouldn’t be so diminished to kill. Bud still thinks they’ve got a money motive. And then there’s the whole semi-secret pregnancy. Peter ran some tests and Marin isn’t the father. When Bud and Sam share the information about Julie’s pregnancy and the fact Martin wasn’t the father, they expect to find motive. But Martin explains that following prostate surgery, he became sterile. Julie was going to a sperm bank but he didn’t know which one. And now Peter’s out canvassing all the sperm banks in the city. Oh he’s so going to get jabs from the gang for that one.

Megan confronts Kate about Lacey seeing Kate’s shoes, and Kate basically tells Megan to deal with her issues with Lacey and to leave her out of it. She’s not interested in the family drama. Megan doesn’t have much chance to get far in rebutting Kate’s accusation when it’s time for her autopsy with the newbie cops. And I have to say it was kind of dull. They’re just so boring and don’t get Megan. But they learn that Patrick was an interior decorator who lived in the nicer part of town with his husband. Megan kind of zeros in on Ethan telling her that Peter was canvassing sperm banks. More on that in a minute. Peter explains that Julie did go to a sperm bank but left empty handed. He also talked to her doctor and she showed up for the insemination process with sperm on ice but he didn’t know where it came from. Megan interrupts the group pow-wow to share the news that Patrick was the father of Julie’s baby. She figured it out because they both had the same paint trace on them and since Patrick was gay, they weren’t having an affair. So now she’s back on the case-of-the-week.

Megan and Peter go to talk to Patrick’s husband and they learn that Patrick and Julie were old friends and she asked him to be the father of her child because she didn’t want it to be a stranger. But they didn’t tell Martin because his ex-wife, Alexandra, blamed Patrick for introducing Julie to her husband. Patrick decorated the Lobes’ house a few years earlier. And it turns out Patrick was beaten to death with a tire iron for high end German cars.

Megan is meeting Lacey for some quick tea and a chat. Lacey assures her mom that even if she likes some of Kate’s things, she doesn’t like Kate more than her mom. No one will ever replace Megan. I think Megan needed to hear that most of all from Lacey. Bud and Sam are at Alexandra’s house checking her car, but the CSU techs find nothing useful in the car. But it turns out, according to Alexandra, Martin hid all kinds of physical assets during their marriage. Megan and Kate have a two-person pow-wow to share the latest intel on the cases. Kate discovered some trace in the bullet wound that come from a rare oak tree that isn’t in bloom.

Now we have some fun Ethan and Curtis in the woods finding the tree. They find the tree and some residue from hairspray. Bud and Sam are going through the Lobes’ assets because they think maybe someone didn’t want Julie to see what the assets were. Peter is checking out Patrick’s loft where he spent a lot of time painting and finds a video camera (more on that later). Bud and Sam figure out who killed Patrick and Julie just as Megan does. Alan, the financial manager stole from Martin a while ago and he just kept stealing. He couldn’t pay back what he initially took so he just kept going. Megan knew who it was because he has acid reflux and coughed up calcium on Patrick. Unfortunately, as soon as they take Alan out of interrogation and Martin sees him, he shoots Alan. Now they have something to arrest Martin for.

That night, Peter stops by Megan’s office with the tape from the camera in Patrick’s loft, insisting that she watch it. Patrick and Julie were painting a crib for their baby. Even if Martin was going to raise the child, Patrick and Julie wanted the child to know how much he loved the baby. Megan gets teary-eyed as she watches. She calls Lacey to tell her that if she really wants the shoes, she should have them. It sounds like she’s over Kate being in Lacey’s life.

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