Monday, October 24, 2011

Ringer 1.04: "It's Gonna Kill Me, But I'll Do It"

Sarah's helping me out again with another write-up of "Ringer." Enjoy!


“My sister did something unforgivable. She ruined her life, just one bad choice after another until I didn’t even recognize her anymore. I’m ashamed of what she did. I should have been able to help her, save her.”
- Bridget

We begin this week with what obviously is a dream. Bridget walks in to the Martin home with shopping bags and Andrew confronts her as Bridget. He tells her that she lied to everyone and that he doesn’t want her apology. But there is someone she needs to apologize to. She turns around to see a dead Siobhan. She wakes up in a bit of a cold sweat. Andrew comes in and seems to be in a good mood. When he makes note that she’s not been sleeping well for weeks, she suggests she could go to the Hamptons for the weekend to get out of the city. It quickly turns into a trip for two when Andrew tells her he won’t let her spend her birthday alone. She’d completely forgotten it was her birthday. I can understand that. That morning, Bridget heads out to the Hamptons before Andrew gets back from work and retrieves her bag with her ID as Bridget from a storage locker. Too bad Victor had the place under surveillance and he’s got proof she took it.

Bridget gets back to the house and makes a call to Malcolm but leaves a message. Poor guy is probably in a really bad place. Just as Bridget is about to stow the bag in a closet, Andrew arrives early. He’s pawned his work off on Olivia. I’m sure she’s really pleased (sarcasm much?). Andrew and “Siobhan” end up on the beach at the Hamptons, and she quickly nixes the idea of going out on the boat. She plays it off as the thought makes her nauseous because of the baby, and he buys it. Andrew swears this year will be different between them. He won’t let work get in the way. They head back to the house and have a good-spirited debate about the merits of soccer when they hear something crash. Andrew grabs a poker from the fireplace, intending to be all manly, only to discover Henry and Gemma. The weekend trip for two has now become a foursome. Gemma tries to brush it off that they were having a discussion and the vase that is now smashed on the ground just broke. Henry says she threw it at him. It’s quite clear they are very unhappy. But they’re going to stay the weekend anyway. This is going to get awkward.

At police HQ, Victor is getting rather excited. He’s going to try and find Bridget by finding evidence she’s been in touch with Siobhan. Victor’s really determined to find Bridget. We’ll see how well that works. “Siobhan” and Gemma are out getting coffee, and Gemma explains how things have just been so bad lately. They couldn’t even handle a 2 hour car ride together without sniping. Bridget obviously feels really bad for what Siobhan did to Gemma by sleeping with Henry. They part ways for a little bit and we get our first flashback to Bridget and Siobhan as kids. It’s their birthday, and they’re about ten or eleven, and they see a necklace in a jewelry store window. They’ve only got $20 so they decide to buy one necklace and share. They will alternate who gets to wear it. It definitely informs the rest of the episode. As Gemma is looking at hats, Victor pops up and says he has some questions for her. He shows her a picture of Bridget and when Gemma calls her Siobhan, Victor drops the “she’s got a twin sister” bombshell.

Gemma gets back to the house and confronts “Siobhan” about why she never mentioned Bridget. “Siobhan” feeds Gemma a line about how they fell out of each other’s lives because Bridget did something unforgivable. She says it was ruining her life with bad choices, but obviously it has something to do with the little boy from the pilot. Gemma has nothing but sympathy for “Siobhan” and promises not to tell Andrew. We get another flashback, this one only to six years previous, when Bridget shows up to find Siobhan packing. She’s moving to New York with Andrew. She tosses the necklace they bought years earlier on the ground at Bridget’s feet and says she doesn’t want to ever get it back.

Segue to Paris in the present. Siobhan is in the lounge at the hotel about to light a cigarette when she stops, presumably because of the baby she’s now carrying. She spots Tyler walking through the lounge and attempts to approach him when she finds him on the arm some brunette. She tries to apologize, but he’s really not interested. As he walks off, Siobhan gets a call from whoever she’s working with. They’ve now hit a snag.

Back in New York, Bridget is trying to sneak off to dispose of the bag and ID when a drunken Henry corners her. She tells him the affair is over and when he asks her why she’s acting like the last year never happened, we get yet another flashback to her birthday a year ago where Siobhan and Henry are sharing a very passionate night together. Siobhan begs Henry to read to her from his latest manuscript, even though it’s only a first draft. As Henry gets up to get the manuscript, he notices an envelope addressed to Siobhan. It’s the necklace from Bridget. Siobhan doesn’t say much when Henry asks, only that it was from an old friend and they used to pass it back and forth. In the present, “Siobhan” makes it clear that she cares about Andrew and Gemma and doesn’t want to hurt them anymore. Henry storms off, leaving Bridget to make it out to the beach to burn the bag and its contents.

In Paris, Siobhan narrowly avoids getting booted from her hotel because she doesn’t have the money to extend her stay when Tyler swoops in to the save the day. They end up at an outdoor café, and Siobhan says she’s just been having a crappy week. She’d always dreamed of going to Paris (took lessons and everything) but now she’s here alone because her husband never took her. She says she left him and ran away, so he doesn’t know she’s in Parris. Which is true. It’s also true that someone drained her savings account, so she’s got no money. And she plays the “it’s my birthday and I’m pitiful” card. Tyler eats it up and decides to take her out to celebrate. Somehow, I’m pretty sure that’s feeding into whatever plan she’s got.

Stateside, one of the detectives Victor is working with found a citation for the Martin’s boat. It was taken out the day Bridget went missing, and someone returned it to the wrong slip. But no surveillance was able to catch either sister anywhere near the boat. The detective did, however, did get a US Coast Guard recording. That doesn’t bode well for “Siobhan”. Meanwhile, Andrew has hired a chef and set up an elaborate set of gifts for “Siobhan”. She says it’s too much and her cover slips a little as she eats a piece of meat. Apparently the real Siobhan has gone vegetarian. She blames it on the pregnancy (that is getting a little old Bridget) and rushes off for a moment alone. She puts on the necklace and Henry catches her. They have another whispered argument about the affair, but Henry says he’ll walk away if that’s what “Siobhan” wants. He just doesn’t understand how one minute she could be with him and look at him like he was the only person that mattered, and now, she looks at Andrew that way. The pregnancy comes up again, and unfortunately (though not all that unexpectedly), Gemma’s listening in. She tries to keep it together at dinner but rushes off. Henry says he’ll go talk to her but “Siobhan says she’ll handle it.

We hop to Paris for a brief moment to see that Siobhan and Tyler spent the night together. Not all that surprising. He’s brought her a croissant with a candle in it since they never had cake the night before. And he’s taken care of her hotel situation. Nice guy. Stupid, but nice. While he’s in the bathroom finishing getting ready for work, she steals a Martin-Charles folder from his briefcase and hides it under the sheets. She calls her cohort once Tyler’s left and says the plan (whatever that may be) is back on and that Tyler extended her stay on the company dime.

In the Hamptons, Bridget heads inside to find Gemma, makes another call to Malcolm and gets accosted by Victor. He really does need to learn some boundaries. He plays the Coast Guard recording and “Siobhan” feeds him a line about how she and Bridget argued on the boat and that’s why she made the call. She went to find the duffle bag to see if it could lead her to Bridget. She basically tells Victor to get out, and she leaves. He saunters towards the door but picks up her phone to see she’s been calling Malcolm. And if there wasn’t enough drama in this week’s episode, Gemma explodes and threatens to tell Andrew about the affair. To try and keep things quiet, “Siobhan” blurts the truth that she is in fact Bridget.

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