Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ringer 1.03: "If You Ever Want a French Lesson"

Once again, Sarah is being awesome and helping get MTVP back on schedule when my life is crazy. Enjoy her take on last week's episode of "Ringer."


“Looks like I just bought myself some insurance.”
- Bridget

Before we begin I just want to say that “Ringer” needs shorter episode titles. Anyway, we begin with “Siobhan” sitting at the window with what looks like the dead gunman’s cell phone when Andrew walks in. He’s surprised she’s up this early, and she feeds him a line about morning sickness. I really don’t know how she’s going to get out of the pregnancy issue. Apparently, Andrew convinced Juliet’s mom to take her for a little while, so Juliet is off to Miami. Andrew tells “Siobhan” to be at an address at 11 and leaves. As soon as he’s gone, Bridget calls Malcolm. He’s back in that same creepy garage we last saw him in (I really don’t have high hopes for his survival). He tells Bridget to pry the back of the dead guy’s phone off to get a serial number. In the process, she pokes herself with a letter opener and discovers a photo of Andrew and Siobhan, and it looks like the same picture the dead guy had in his pocket. She thinks Andrew is behind Siobhan’s suicide.

And as predicted, as soon as Bridge hangs up with Malcolm (she’s going to find proof to link the gunman to Andrew), he gets knocked out and wakes up in a strip club surrounded by men, including the guy Bridget was supposed to testify against. And back in New York, Victor is having no luck getting any of Siobhan’s records. The judge didn’t think the connection to the bad guy was strong enough. So he’s going to keep pestering judges until someone gives him what he wants. And once he finds Bridget, he’ll put the bad guy away. Bridget visits a pawn shop to try and get any information off the gunman’s phone, but the clerk tells her that only cops, FBI and some high level drug dealers have the tech to retrieve information off a burner phone.

Unlike the first two episodes, we actually get to see the real Siobhan for more than two seconds at the very end of the episode. She’s at a bar, and a fairly good-looking guy walks up to the bartender and asks for some horrid sounding type of martini. It’s all kinds of bad communication because the guy speaks no French and the bartender’s English isn’t great either. Siobhan swoops in to save the day, and the guy, Tyler Barrett, seems pretty impressed and grateful. It turns out he works for a French subsidiary of Martin-Charles (aka Andrew’s company). Siobhan acts like she’s never heard of it and gives Tyler her hotel (and a fake name, Cora Farrell).

Back in New York, Bridget shows up at the address Andrew left, and at first it looks really sketchy. She obviously thinks maybe Andrew’s out to get her. But just as a creepy black SUV and some rather large imposing guys show up, Gemma pops out and brings “Siobhan” inside. Apparently it’s a big fashion collection and Andrew set it up as a thank you for her help at the party. “Siobhan” can pick any outfit and they’ll tailor it to fit her. Meanwhile, Henry and Andrew are having their own little get together. Henry wants to pull his investment from the firm and try to self-publish his next book (I will not go into a giant rant about established authors doing this. I won’t. I do think it’s pretty stupid though). Anyway, Andrew isn’t exactly pleased to be losing an investor. Henry’s pretty set on it, and it looks like he’s doing it because he’s mad at “Siobhan” for dumping him.

Bridget is still trying on outfits. Andrew is going to take her to see “Swan Lake” even though he hates the ballet. He’s definitely trying to be nice to her for a reason. She’s skeptical and Gemma picks up on it. Of course we know it’s not the reason Gemma thinks. As the two of them and the designer head out for lunch, Bridget gets a call on the gunman’s phone. The guy on the other end gives her instructions to leave the phone on a bench and walk and she won’t get hurt. She starts to comply, but snatches the phone back and takes off. She gets home and tries to use the operator to trace the last call to the burner phone, but it was blocked. She dials Malcolm’s number and it shows up blocked on his phone. But he’s too busy getting the crap kicked out of him to answer.

Bridget’s suspicions rise as she finds a business card in her orange planner for a divorce attorney (she’s quite distracted while talking to Gemma). Meanwhile, Olivia (aka H.G. Wells) is not happy Andrew is letting Henry just walk away. She’s concerned about landing Gemma’s dad as a Martin Charles client. Andrew tells her quite emphatically to drop it and we’ll see if she actually does. Bridget heads out (presumably to the attorney) and runs into a woman in the elevator who she is clearly supposed to recognize. Bridget manages to pick up on some visual cues (the woman’s holding an FAO Schwartz bag) and lets the woman do all the talking. And then things get strange. Apparently Siobhan had gone to the attorney to see about changing the prenuptial agreement but had never sent anything in. And when the attorney asked whether the fighting had gotten physical, Bridget kind of freaks out (albeit internally). And it looks like Andrew might be cheating her out of some money on a property his company bought. Just as she finds the file at home, Andrew shows up, demanding to know why she saw a divorce attorney. I guess things really aren’t going so well for them. Andrew storms off and tells her to take Gemma to the ballet.

We’re back in Wyoming, and the bad guy is listening to a message from Bridget on Malcolm’s phone. Malcolm keeps telling them he had no idea where she was or what she meant when she said she was ‘ready to go”. Things really aren’t looking good for him. It also seems that Olivia has her own motives. Gemma’s showed up to sign some papers and Olivia let’s slip that Henry’s going to pull the investment. Just one more thing to come between her and her husband. Jaime Murray does play morally ambiguous characters well. I’ll give her that.

On Andrew’s somewhat angry advice, Bridget goes to check out the property the attorney said might be worth more than he was saying. It really is a dump. Unfortunately, the creepy guy from the party (and the one who called and wanted the phone back) shows up. Bridget pulls out the gun she took from the gunman (I’m pretty sure she needs a permit to carry a concealed weapon but whatever) and makes a break for it. She’s just fast enough to snag a taxi before the guy gets outside. And in an odd turn of events, she calls Victor. The meeting is rather awkward. Bridget keeps looking around rather nervously while Victor shares what he knows about her. He knows about the affair with Henry and that she never canceled classes to attend the party the night before. Not exactly consistent behavior. Just as he walks away, the guy who’d been chasing her call and Bridget displays a little bit of bad-ass-ness. She tells him that if anything happens to her or if the gunman’s body ever shows up Victor gets the phone.

Henry’s gotten word that Gemma was called into Martin Charles, and he’s really pissed. He went to Andrew to keep things away from Gemma since they’re having issues. Andrew apologizes, but Henry doesn’t want to hear it. And now it’s Andrew’s turn to be pissed at Olivia for not doing what he asked. Meanwhile, Bridget hands over the tickets to “Swan Lake” to Gemma and has a momentary panic when she sees the picture from the gunman’s pocket in Gemma’s things. It turns out the photo was their holiday card. Back in Paris, Siobhan is getting hot and heavy with Tyler only to throw him out abruptly and make a beeline for the bathroom. Guess she knows now that she’s actually pregnant.

Bridget tries to set things right with Andrew by showing up in this really huge dress and explaining that she saw the attorney to stop the divorce preparations. She had weighed her options when things were bad, but now that they’re getting better, she wants to just trust Andrew. And as further evidence that Malcolm is in some deep crap, the bad guy dopes him up. No more being sober. Andrew and “Siobhan” seem to reconcile and the real Siobhan calls Henry but says noting as she stares at a positive pregnancy test. Guess we’ll see where things go from here.

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