Saturday, November 5, 2011

Body of Proof 2.04: "Lazarus Man"

Here's Sarah with her take on another episode of "Body of Proof." Enjoy!


“Maybe it’s our new thing.”
“So you’re admitting we have a thing?”
“We’ve always had a thing.”
- Megan and Peter

We begin with a guy running through the woods at night, and he looks pretty freaked out. He runs into a chain link fence and falls over, dead. Next we find ourselves in what appears to be a van as a somewhat crazy driver speeds through a parking garage. Turns out the driver, a pretty brunette named Dani, is the new driver for the ME’s office. Megan lets Ethan handle the body Dani’s brought in, and Ethan is quite impressed she knows what she’s doing. Turns out the guy, Alex Grant, was found ice cold. Paramedics thought he was a druggie. There are marks on his arm that might support that theory. With that, Dani heads out and leaves Ethan to do his autopsy. He begins to undress the body when he discovers a gunshot wound to the upper abdomen. Ethan races to tell Megan and interrupts her and Peter having a little light-hearted argument about how they never talk about Peter’s personal life, but always delve into Megan’s. She and Kate seemed almost friendly the night before. Guess Megan’s over her boss dating her ex. Anyway (and given the episode title), Ethan explains about the gunshot wound, and Peter goes to call Bud and Sam. Megan and Ethan head back to autopsy to find the body has disappeared. They get everyone, including Kate, in on the search until Megan finds Alex sitting at a table. And he’s not looking good.

Bud and Sam arrive and Megan assures them that it wasn’t her team that messed up. It was the paramedics at the scene. Bud is a little cranky that if Alex dies, he’ll have a murder but no crime scene. As the paramedics wheel Alex out, Sam gets him to tell them that his roommate Paul shot him. So the cops head to the apartment (Bud kicks down the door), but Paul’s not there. Sam thinks they have a lead because the crime scene techs got a GPS lock on his phone. But, after a rather disappointing chase scene, they find Paul’s cell phone along with his rather dead body in the back of a trash truck.

Paul was definitely shot in the chest, but it was a through and through so no bullet for Bud and Sam. Apparently Paul worked on a campaign for a local Councilwoman. He’s the complete opposite of junkie Alex. Peter makes a comment about how he won’t tell Megan about some of the guys he roomed with in college and she snarks back at him that of course he wouldn’t tell her. Later, Sam and Kate meet with Ms. Bennett (the Councilwoman), and she says that Paul didn’t have any enemies and that anything they need that she can give them by leveraging her political power, she’ll do. Ethan is trying to figure out what the trace is that Megan pulled from Paul’s body when Dani shows up. She thinks she’s in trouble for bringing in the still living, and she’s partly right. But Curtis also tells her that her outfit (kind of biker chick-esque) isn’t appropriate work attire.

Bud and Sam are going over Alex and Paul’s apartment, and Bud thinks that whatever happened to them came from Alex’s world. Sam’s not so sure when she finds a gun in Paul’s desk. The plot thickens. Megan is a little cranky that Peter hasn’t gotten Paul’s medical records yet, but pre-Katrina records are hard to come by (Paul’s originally from New Orleans). Megan rambles on about all the strange thing she’s encountered while doing Paul’s autopsy when Peter’s sisters show up. Megan is going to have a field day with this. Apparently Peter’s been avoiding his sisters by not answering their phone calls or emails, and they’ve showed up to stage an intervention. His “great love” is in town. Peter’s clearly mortified at them just showing up and dropping this on him, especially with Megan giggling away beside him. Ethan appears (as he always does) with news about the trace. It’s from Astroturf. Peter drove the garbage truck route to see if it would provide any clues as to where Paul might have been killed and remembers seeing a school being built. The gang heads over and Peter finds blood on a dumpster and Megan finds a sign with Councilwoman Bennett’s face on it.

Kate, Bud and Sam head over to Councilwoman Bennett’s office to have a chat. The Councilwoman says she didn’t want to think about Paul being at the school and that’s why she didn’t tell Sam about it previously. Conveniently, Bennett gets a call from the Mayor, leaving her chief of staff to handle their visitors. They’ve got some surveillance video of a known loan shark harassing Paul. Supposedly it had something to do with Alex. Ethan’s managed to type the blood found at the school and it’s a match for Paul, but they’re still running DNA. He and Megan dig into a Peter a bit, telling him to call Lizzie (his “great love”). Luckily, he’s saved by the phone. Alex is out of surgery. Megan, Bud and Sam head over to question him, but things don’t get far. Bud and Sam push Alex too hard in trying to get information and his heart rate spikes. Megan manages to get them to leave before too much damage is done. And it also looks like Paul didn’t shoot Alex. The bullet the doctor’s pulled was .25 caliber while Paul’s gun was a .22.

Sam and Bud head out to Sam’s old neighborhood looking for the loan shark, Mike. They find his mother, but no Mike. And mom isn’t too keen on giving her boy up, either. She remembers Sam and asks about her brother, but Sam just tells her to let Mike know they’re looking for him. Megan walks into the break room to find Peter still there. He says he’s waiting on the DNA results from the lab. As Megan wonders why Paul and Alex stayed roommates for so long, Ethan materializes with the results. The blood on the dumpster was Paul’s. But there was a second sample that belonged to Alex.

Bud and Sam go back to the hospital and cuff Alex to the bed. They tell him they know he killed Paul and that the DNA proves it. They aren’t the only ones getting antsy to close the case. Councilwoman Bennett is giving a press conference, and Kate is pissed off. First the Councilwoman says she doesn’t want press, and then she mentions DNA evidence and an arrest, even though Alex hasn’t been formally charged yet. Her chief of staff says it’s just politics, but Kate’s not buying it. Back at the lab, Peter shows up to find Megan’s big breakthrough. She’s finally figured out where all the problems in Paul’s body are coming from. He had a bone marrow transplant and his body was rejecting it.

At the hospital, Megan and Peter let Alex go (well they uncuff him anyway). He didn’t know Paul before the marrow transplant and afterwards, Paul acted like he owed Alex. So Alex used that connection to his advantage. He still feels responsible for Paul’s death. And the reason Alex’s DNA was at the school was because of the transplant. That night, Bud and Sam are staking out Mike’s mom’s store, and Sam explains that her brother never made it out of the neighborhood. He was gunned down in a drive by shooting. This episode seems to be all about family. Bud and Sam chase Mike down, and he claims the night that Paul was shot, he was playing cards.

Back at the lab, Ethan is busy cleaning up Paul’s body to be released when Dani stops by. I really like their banter/flirting. It’s cute. Ethan lets Dani help, but the spray bottle she’s got won’t work until Ethan fixes it. Unfortunately, some of the solution gets on Paul’s hand. Curtis walks in and after scolding Dani for being there, tells Ethan to get a sectioning kit because there is something on Paul’s hand (that turns green and luminescent). At Paul and Alex’s apartment, Peter and Megan are trying to figure out what happened. Alex says he wasn’t supposed to be there. He’d been out of town but came back early. He does recall that Paul had a secret hiding place that Alex wasn’t supposed to know about. Peter finds two environment survey reports with the exact same numbers. One was for a building site and one was for the school. They get back to the lab to find Curtis and Ethan examining the substance on Paul’s hand. It comes from a testing kit to test for soil contamination. Kate, Megan and Peter head to the school and test the soil. Turns out, Paul was right and it was contaminated. I knew the Councilwoman was sketchy.

Bud and Sam are grilling Councilwoman Bennett in interrogation while Megan, Kate and Bennett’s chief of staff watch. Things go downhill quickly, though. The chemicals that Paul was working on transferred to his killer and Megan can smell them right now on the chief of staff’s coat. She admits to it, saying she was just trying to protect Bennett’s career and her own. Big mistake, lady. That night, Alex asks to see Paul’s body. He claims he’s going to use his second chance for good, in honor of Paul. Megan ends up at a bar, and after shooing away a somewhat good looking guy, Peter saunters over. He’s just finished dinner with Lizzie. They had a good time, but the chemistry just wasn’t what it used to be. Megan asks if there are any other great loves in his life. He says maybe but he’s not sure he likes having Megan dig into his life. They’re so adorable!

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