Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Person of Interest 1.04: "Cura Te Ipsum"

Enjoy Sarah's take on episode 4 of "Person of Interest."


“I know that you spent years of your life healing people, and I know if you do this, if you murder this man in cold blood, it will kill you. I know what happens when you take a life. You lose a part of yourself. Not everything, just the part that matters the most.”
- Reese

We begin this week with a somewhat disturbing voiceover by an unseen woman. She’s talking about how when she closes her eyes, she still sees “him” and she wonders if she’s already dead. It doesn’t make a lot of sense now, but it will in time. Next, we find ourselves meeting this week’s number, Doctor Megan Tillman. She walks into a curtained off waiting area to see a patient whose been there two or three hours. Lo and behold it’s Mr. Finch. He’s complaining of back pain. He gets Megan to write him a prescription (and clones her pager). I’m pretty sure he isn’t faking the pain.

Reese follows her out to a food truck on her lunch break where he sees a well-dressed yet creepy guy watching Megan. Reese follows her that night as she goes home (telling her colleagues she needs to sleep since she works 80 hours a week). She’s not home long though. She heads out to a club. Reese sidelines a guy he thinks has a gun (it’s just a cell phone) and then spots the creepy well-dressed guy from the food truck. Enter Andrew Benton. It seems someone else is following Megan.

The next morning, Reese goes to scope out Benton’s apartment since not only is he creepy, he was carrying date rape drugs at the club. And he’s got various other drugs in his apartment. There’s also some concern since Megan’s been at the club every night that week. Much like the pilot, it appears we have a damsel in distress. And we also have our B plot of the episode. Detective Carter is going to talk to Finch about the robbery at the evidence locker since it appears he talked to the robber (aka Reese) from the surveillance video. That’s not going to end well.

Reese is a little annoyed that there is no apparent connection between Benton and Megan. He hasn’t done any sort of online checking up on that would indicate she was his next target. He and Finch do find an old college police report and Reese is off to talk to Lionel to get it. We find him playing hockey with his son when a group of drug dealers (the ones who lost product when the other corrupt cops got busted) shows up and threatens to kill Lionel if he doesn’t get them $1 million dollars in 2 days.

Another night means Reese is back at the club watching Megan. And this time Benton makes contact as the bar. They leave quickly and Benton tries to entice Megan back to his place but she declines. He really is creepy. But that’s not the worst of it. In continuing to follow Megan, Reese discovers that she’s the one doing the stalking. She stands in a parking garage across the street from Benton’s place and videos him entering the security code to get in. Honestly, I’m not that surprised. We can’t always have victims.

Reese pops up (quite literally) behind Lionel to pick up the police report (and a medical examiner’s report as well) and Lionel complains that if he’s going to keep helping Reese, he (Lionel) needs protection. He wants Reese to get rid of the cartel. But Reese isn’t interested. He proclaims he can find another dirty cop just as useful and without the baggage. Back at HQ, Reese and Finch learn why Megan is stalking Benton. In the 90s when she was in college, he supposedly raped a freshman girl at a frat party. That girl was Benton’s sister, Gabrielle. He was never arrested because she waited 2 days to report it and the physical evidence (rape kit and toxicology) were inconclusive. However, a year later, she OD’d on anti-depressants and sleeping pills. Megan’s after the man who caused her sister’s death. Not a good combination.

Detective Carter is heading to do her interview with Finch (whom she believes is a paralegal). Being the smart man that he is, he doesn’t let anything slip. She didn’t really think it would be that easy, did she? She thinks he slips up when she asks if any of the robbers said anything to him and he says ‘no’. He coves well. Later that night, Reese does a little surveillance on another cop meeting with a hooker to use for leverage. It’s also going to help with the Detective Carter prying.

Reese follows Megan (who is going by the name Kate) to a rape victim support group. Luckily, he manages to talk to Megan alone and sort of connects with her by saying he lost someone very close to him. It makes me wonder what happened to Jessica. Anyway, Megan says she’d gotten past what happened to Gabrielle until a month ago when she saw Benton and her world just crumbled. The following morning, Reese heads out to a beach house that was rented under Megan’s alias. And she’s got enough lye to dissolve a body in a few hours. Reese decides he’s not going to give Megan the chance to ruin her life by killing Benton. He’s going to do it for her.

But first he has to take care of Lionel’s drug cartel problem. He beats the crap out of the guys (but doesn’t kill them much to Lionel’s dismay) and steals some of their drugs. He pays a visit to Benton and knocks him out and sets him up to get arrested with said drugs in the front seat of his car. Unfortunately, he’s a team of expensive lawyers to bail him out. That makes Reese rather unhappy. And what’s more, Megan’s on the move. It turns out the voiceover from the beginning of the episode was Gabrielle’s last phone message to her sister. Megan’s getting ready to take out Benton. He’s on his way when he gets knocked out by the cartel, leaving Megan to taser Benton and abduct him.

Reese takes a beating from the drug cartel boys but obviously fights back. He uses his time down in Mexico doing whatever sort of CIA spook stuff he was doing to kick off some inter-gang hostilities to escape. He’s really not happy to have been derailed. But he catches up with Megan at a diner. He talks her out of killing Benton by telling her that she doesn’t want to kill him because it will ruin her and take away the best parts of her. She finally hands over the keys to the van and we end with Reese and Benton at the beach house. Benton claims he can change but Reese isn’t sure. We end with a fade-to-black as Reese places his hands on either side of the gun, deciding whether or not to kill Benton.

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