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Body of Proof 2.05: "Point of Origin"

For your reading pleasure, here's another "Body of Proof" write-up courtesy of Sarah.


“I know what it’s like to wonder about your birth parents because I wondered about mine for years.”
- Peter

Peter is driving along late at night when he stops to see a house on fire. After making a 911 call, he barges in to try and be a hero. He manages to save a woman (though she’s in critical condition), but her husband wasn’t so lucky. Megan gets to scene to find out that the couple (the Applebees) had some domestic dispute trouble a week earlier. Bud and Sam tell Megan that the arson investigators are handling the scene, and she doesn’t seem too thrilled. It becomes clear very quickly why Megan isn’t happy about working with the arson boys, led by Ray Easton. They won’t release the body to her until they’re done, and it took them three hours. Ray thinks someone poured accelerant on the husband’s body, but Megan can’t confirm until after she examines it. They also have an argument over Peter breaking in to save the wife. Ray thinks he should have waited for the fire department and both of them could have lived. Megan’s not so sure.

When she finally gets the body back to the lab, Megan determines that it was lighter fluid in the husband’s pocket that caused the fourth degree burns to his leg and pelvis. And she’s called in Kate to help with bone fragments. Things go from bad to weird when Ethan arrives with the Mike Applebee’s dental records. He also brings news that Peter is fine except for a bruised shoulder. Megan wants Peter to stay at the hospital to collect the wife’s clothes, and she tries to get Bud to nudge Ray along on what started the fire. Ethan thinks he knows what subdued the couple (cyanide), but Megan reminds him that when a fire burns it releases toxins into the air. And the weirdest thing of all is the crispy body in autopsy is not in fact Mike Applebee. He had all his wisdom teeth removed, but the body in the morgue still has all of his.

Megan is examining the John Doe when Curtis walks in. He tells her that most of the time he sides with Kate when it comes to issues with Megan, but on the Todd front, he’s Team Megan all the way. I really thought they’d put their drama behind them from last week. Guess not. Anyway, Megan keeps trying to cut into the victim’s skull to see if he suffered head trauma but keeps getting interrupted. Ethan shows up to tell her the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning. Not surprising given he was in a fire. Over at the hospital, Peter is checking up on Jenna, the wife. She’s unconscious and still being treated for carbon monoxide and cyanide toxicity when Ray Easton’s lackey shows up. He says he wants Jenna’s clothes, but Megan got to them first. He also tells Peter about the John Doe. Peter is clearly distraught over not knowing there was a second person in the house.

Meanwhile, Bud and Sam have tracked down the real Mike Applebee in some run down motel. He claims he wouldn’t hurt Jenna and that the last few months had been difficult with him being out of work and her working more often. He called her out on why she wasn’t coming home and she threw him out. He denies being anywhere near the house when the fire started. He was in his motel room reading The Girl Who Played with Fire. Back at the lab, Megan is examining John Doe’s brain. She discovers that someone hit John Doe over the head while he was still alive. She heads back to the scene to try and look for a murder weapon and finds that the arson investigators haven’t even left the kitchen yet. They’ve been on scene ten hours and have made very little progress, though they claim an old fridge was the cause of the fire. Megan doesn’t think so.

Bud and Peter show up bearing Jenna’s clothes and a possible murder weapon from Mike Applebee’s motel room. Down in the lab, Kate is still working on her bone fragment analysis while Ethan examines what he can out of John Doe’s wallet. He finds a picture and a card indentation in the leather. It turns out to be an organization that works to reunite adopted children with their birth parents. John Doe is now identified as Ben. Jenna was a client of the organization, and they helped find her birth father, Daniel Robinson. But it seems he wasn’t interested in seeing his daughter because he closed his door on Ben’s hand. Guess that’s where the hand fracture came from. Back at the lab, Megan, Peter and Kate have a little pow-wow which is rudely interrupted by Peter getting a call that Mike Applebee was arrested.

Peter is really pissed that they arrested Mike without even looking into Jenna’s biological father. Bud claims they didn’t have any reason to look at him, especially since Ray says the vodka bottle found on top of the old fridge with Mike’s prints on it was the accelerant. Peter finally reveals that when he went into the house, Jenna called him dad. Would have been useful to know beforehand, Peter. The car ride to the Robinson house is quiet and we finally get a little Peter back story. He was adopted, and when his dad died, Peter got a sealed envelope with information about his birth parents. But he buried the information with his father because he didn’t think he wanted to know. Looks like he and Megan have something in common. They meet Daniel Robinson, and he says that Jenna showed up the night of the fire despite his wishes not to see her and he turned her away. But he says he never went to her house and didn’t know anything about the fire.

Curtis is examining Jenna’s clothes, and he’s using her shoes to chart her movements the day of the fire. There’s trace of floor cleaner from where she worked and a pebble to corroborate she visited Daniel’s house. And she stepped in wet paint. Just then, Peter shows up with the news that Jenna is dead. Megan tells Peter that she can handle the autopsy on her own and lets him go home. He’s still pretty upset over the whole thing. Megan begins to look over Jenna’s body and discovers there’s far more cyanide in her body than here should be, given the treatment she was on had been working. So someone poisoned her. At the police station, Bud is releasing Mike and Peter stays to look through hospital security footage. Megan continues the autopsy and finds blunt force trauma to Jenna’s head made by a different weapon than the one used on Ben. We get a very brief exchange between Megan and Kate regarding Todd. I really thought they’d gotten over this whole issue.

Peter is still going through the security footage when Ray’s lackey shows up to help. We learn that Peter was a cop, but he got shot and decided he liked medicine. Ray’s lackey said that Ray took him under his wing. Peter fast forwards through some more footage and finds Daniel Robinson’s daughter, Emily on the tape. Emily claims she was only there to try and give Jenna some peace. Her dad didn’t know she was home when Jenna was there. Peter runs into Daniel waiting for Emily and demands to know why Daniel gave up Jenna. It turns out Daniel was only seventeen when Jenna was born. He left her in a police station with a t-shirt and a stuffed turtle. The same turtle Jenna was holding when Peter rescued her (that got lost in the fire). Bud is out checking to see if there’s any footage of Jenna at the nearest train station while Megan and Sam check the park (which Emily said she saw Jenna head towards the night of the fire). It leads them to a toy store fire where Megan finds a spent canon fuse. She thinks that Ray has been setting the toy store fires.

Kate is arguing her case to Bud (he’s rather defensive about the accusations) and Megan backs her up. She’s found leather fibers in Jenna’s head wound and Bud makes the connection of a sap (a leather thing passed down in families of cops). Megan borrows Bud’s to test against the wounds while Peter goes with Ray’s lackey to the toy store. Things get out of hand pretty quickly. Ray shows up in autopsy all creepy-like and denies setting the fires. He says he gave his sap to Skip (his lackey). So Ray isn’t the arsonist, Skip is. Peter puts it together pretty quickly and Bud and Sam show up just in time to nab Skip. The next morning, Peter goes to tell Ben’s biological mother they caught the killer and to ask for her help in finding his birth parents. At the lab, Megan and Kate are actually civil to each other about the whole Todd situation. Megan even gives Kate tips on where to go on their next date. Things are definitely getting interesting.

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