Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Girl 1.11: "Jess and Julia"

“I am about to go pay this $800 fine and my checks have baby farm animals on them, bitch!”
- Jess

I have to say I’m kind of excited to be blogging my first episode of “New Girl”. So this week we find that Nick and Julia are actually sort of seeing each other, though they’re not labeling their relationship. Jess walks into the bathroom a little later to find Julia getting ready and Schmidt is in the shower. He picks up his towel and starts complaining about how it’s damp and that having two girls in the bathroom makes it too humid. Winston and Nick walk in just as Julia leaves (feeling kind of awkward) and we get a Jess voice (she says Nick is too sophisticated to label his relationship with Julia). Winston tells her that her impressions is off and does his own. The guys just tell Winston he needs to get laid. So he calls up Shelby, a girl he used to sleep with before he went to Latvia. Unfortunately for him, he spends the whole time talking about himself and Shelby shuts him down. It doesn’t help he took her out for drinks where she woks.

That night, Julia stops by to help Jess with a traffic ticket. It looks like there’s not much she can do since there is a traffic cam shot of Jess speeding away from the intersection and she now has an $800 fine for missing her first court date. Jess blames that on her ex for not getting her the notice. Jess, in her typical fashion, has kind of a quirky story for what happened (she brakes for injured birds) and when Nick shows up, Jess is a little upset. She thinks Julia doesn’t like her because Julia doesn’t like dessert. Jess is commiserating with CeCe and her lesbian gynecologist, Sadie, when Nick walks in and tries to defend Julia. He says they tell each other everything. Not exactly true since Jess points out he didn’t know Julia had asked if he was seeing other girls. We get more Schmidt being cranky about wet towels until Sadie mentions being a lesbian.

That night, Nick is at work and the roommates are at the bar trying to console Winston about his failed hookup attempt with Shelby. Jess and Schmidt are giving him advice (well Schmidt is telling him to lie) when Julia shows up. Nick tells Julia what Jess told him and Julia admits she’s seeing other people. Nick says he is too (which obviously he’s not). He looks really sad as Julia heads to the bathroom. Jess tries to apologize but Julia isn’t interested because she knows eventually Nick is going to go running to Jess for comfort. Julia kicks Jess out of the bathroom because she (Julia) is about to cry and doesn’t want to do it in front of Jess. Jess heads for the men’s room so she can cry in private but Nick’s already in there.

The next day, Winston shows up where Shelby works to apologize for being such a jerk. He says he has realized he’s not very good at being in relationships. She doesn’t turn him away outright but it is a little unclear where they stand. Jess is waiting in court for her case to be called and Julia actually shows up. They sort of bicker as Jess’s case is called and before Julia can do much Jess pleads guilty and has to go pay her fine. They get out of the courtroom and Jess basically tells Julia that just because she’s girly doesn’t’ mean she’s not tough and strong like Julia.

Apparently Winston hung out at Shelby’s work all day because he’s walking her home that night. He says he wants to take her on a real date and she tells him to call her. He does this sort of weird victory dance/back spasm thing before walking away berating himself for not having “game”. Jess and the girls are having their crochet club when Schmidt finishes a shower but his towel is in his bedroom. He scampers out into the living room where the girls are and they make lots of jokes about his pubic area (poor guy…no not really) while he goes on a “sex” rant. He’s still not happy about the damp towel situation and Jess tells him to put up towel bars. Schmidt disappears into his room just as Julia shows up to sort of apologize to Jess. Jess invites her to the group but her anger issues start to flare up when the needle and the yarn won’t do what she wants. Jess manages to talk her down just as Nick comes home. They end up deciding to put a label on their relationship and not see other people. Schmidt seems happy with the towel bar situation until he feels his towel and it’s still damp. He calls an emergency meeting in the bathroom and Nick says he’s been using the blue towel. He and Schmidt start arguing and Jess and Julia leave hand in hand. I guess the girls have made up.

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