Thursday, April 26, 2012

Person of Interest 1.18: "Identity Crisis"

“Look, I know you’ve got no reason to trust me. But I know exactly how you feel. Everyone’s got you wrong. Everyone thinks you’re something that you’re not and you’ve got no way to change their mind.’ You help me catch this guy and I’ll see about getting you out of here.”
- Lionel

This week begins with Reese bringing Finch some coffee and donuts. They have a new number (obviously) but it’s going to be more difficult than normal to find the POI. Whoever belongs to the social security number the Machine spit out has an almost nonexistent digital footprint. Finch can’t even verify gender. He did run a credit check which reveals the person they’re looking for (Jordan Hester) has two of everything. It appears he or she is leading a double life. Reese tries calling Carter to see about criminal history but she’s at the scene of a teen stabbing (I don’t even know why it’s been put in the episode since it’s not really all that important to the plot). Anyway, she doesn’t answer. I guess she’s still mad about the Elias issue from the last episode. Reese and Finch split the work and each go to one of Jordan’s apartments. Reese finds a receipt for a bar nearby with an employee discount and discovers Jordan is a guy working as a bar back. Finch, however, finds out that Jordan is a woman. So they don’t have one person leading two lives, they’ve got two people potentially leading one life!

Apparently, Reese had to set off the automatic sprinkler system in the female Jordan’s building so Finch could get out of the closet he was hiding in. It is just not going to be a good day for Finch, I can tell. We learn a little tidbit about the numbers the Machine churns out in that usually there’s a 24-48 hour window before whatever is going to happen, happens. Since they still don’t know who the real Jordan is, they’re going to need to keep tailing both. And Reese enlists Lionel in helping with the background and criminal history. He’s looking at the cases when Carter comes back from her scene. She’s still kind of bummed when a Fed from a couple episodes back shows up. He read Carter’s early reports about Reese and thinks he’s responsible for deaths going back years. He wants to meet with Carter to “show her” something.

Meanwhile, Finch finds out from a closer look at the credit report he ran that there’s a third apartment in Jordan’s name. Reese goes to check it out since his Jordan is still in the middle of a shift and won’t be going anywhere soon. Finch has been following his Jordan around doing errands all day. Reese gets to the third apartment to find it’s an ecstasy lab. Reese knocks out the guy who is at the lab and plants a camera to see what’s going on. The guy wakes up and argues with his partner. And they aren’t too happy that after four years, their boss wants to meet. Finch has managed to lose his Jordan in a bookstore. Or so he thinks. He’s looking at a rare book and she just walks up to him. Reese has to call Finch’s phone to chide him for engaging with her. Of course, Finch turned around and Jordan’s gone. He races out to find her being tailed by two guys. Meanwhile, Reese has followed his Jordan from work to the meeting with the two cooks. It looks like he’s the fake. Finch manages to get Jordan away from the guys following her and into a cab.

Reese is busy watching his Jordan meet with the cooks when Lionel calls to say that Jordan’s name came up in a bust for cooking and selling ecstasy. The distributor got arrested but they had to turn Jordan loose because the cops couldn’t get an ID. A little later, Lionel meets with an ID Theft cop and finds a second case of theft. The guy who claimed he was innocent is now in prison. Meanwhile, Finch gets to know his Jordan. She’s an antiques dealer. Finch is just eating it up. Reese is starting to suspect something is off when he finds nothing suspicious on his Jordan’s laptop and how-to videos on how to load and fire a gun.

Finch really shouldn’t let Jordan talk to him. She’s convinced him to go back to her apartment with him so she can pack a bag before they head to a safe location. Reese is watching the drug cooks and his Jordan. He still has a bad feeling. While he’s keeping an eye on the ecstasy, Lionel is meeting with the other ID theft victim, Kyle Morrison. Lionel really does want to be a good cop I think. He promises that if Kyle helps in the investigation, Lionel will see about getting him released and back to his family. As they’re going to the female Jordan’s bank accounts and statements, Kyle kind of freaks a little. He sees her picture and says her name is Mary and she was the receptionist at his accountant’s office. Things are starting to unravel with both Jordans. The cooks realize that the Jordan they're with isn’t a dealer and Finch realizes (too late) that his Jordan is in fact the ID thief and has drugged him.

Reese manages to save the real Jordan from the cooks and they decide to use the rest of the supplies to lure the fake Jordan in. Unfortunately, Finch is in the throes of ecstasy high. I have to say I never realized how funny Michael Emerson could be. Finch is trying to reason with his brain all muddled and it’s just hilarious. Reese tells him over coms that he and the real Jordan are planning a party for their “mutual friend”. That was totally a LOST Desmond/Ben shout out. Thank you writers! Anyway, the fake Jordan combines a bunch of chemicals in tin foil and pops it in the microwave. I’m not sure if that was supposed to kill Finch or just distract him long enough so she could get away. In the background, Finch is just kind of stumbling and dancing around. I really want more Funny!Finch. Reese sends Lionel to get Finch while and the real Jordan wait to spring their trap.

We’re back to Carter for a few brief moments when she meets with the FBI and finds out they think the CIA has been conducting domestic operations (which is not what they’re supposed to do). In short, the FBI agent plans to offer Carter help in catching Reese. She doesn’t look too sure she wants their help or that she actually wants to catch Reese. Lionel manages to get Finch out of the apartment just as the fake Jordan shows up with her goons to try and take out Reese and the real Jordan. You really shouldn’t leave armed men in a room with Reese and walk away. The results are usually never in your favor. The fake Jordan gets to a meeting with the accountant she works for (he’s the one supplying her with identities) and the ID theft cops bust in. Looks like both Jordan and Kyle are getting their lives back. Reese gets Finch back to the library and promptly declines when Finch says they should talk (he’s still loopy from the drugs). Reese bids him goodnight and in a little odd moment, Finch says “Goodnight, Nathan.” I guess his addled brain forgot Nathan was dead.

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