Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ringer 1.19: "Let's Kill Bridget"

“This isn’t about me. This is about the mess my sister made. If you want to blame anyone, you blame Bridget”
- “Siobhan”

I have to say Ringer has really stepped up the plot pace in the final group of episodes. It really makes me hope we get a second season (although it is a cautious hope). This week begins with a bit of a weird in media res flash between three characters. First we see Henry at the police station saying he didn’t do “it”. Next we flash to Catherine making out with Andrew and finally we see Bridget in a really seedy place and a sniper is watching her. The gun goes off and right before the credits roll, we see her lying dead on a mattress. We pick up with Victor talking to “Siobhan” and Andrew about the guy who shot Andrew. His name was Daniel Eckneth and he was one of Bodaway’s men. Obviously Bridget told Andrew about the guy who tried to kill her a few months ago because he blows up at Victor, saying it wasn’t until he started messing around in people’s lives that things happened. Victor’s response is to calmly tell the couple he’s assigned cops to sit outside the apartment and Martin/Charles. Bridget tries to talk Andrew down, saying that it couldn’t have been Bodaway before since Eckneth wasn’t even in the city but he’s still grumpy.

Henry is still being a gullible idiot when it comes to Siobhan. He really needs to stop trusting her and just cut ties all together. But he’s in love and thinks she’s having his babies so that’s not likely to happen. Anyway, he still can’t get in touch with his father-in-law. Siobhan suggests using the boys as bait but Henry shoots that down (and rightfully so). Siobhan admits that she’s been syphoning money from Martin/Charles to live off of. Henry tells her whatever she has will have to suffice and that if they’re going to start a life together, they need to try it, regardless of whether Andrew tries to off Bridget or not. The Martins are trying to enjoy breakfast as a family but Andrew keeps getting calls from investors about Olivia’s departure and his shooting. He heads off, saying he’ll meet Juliet in the car and we see that Juliet is going to meet Catherine that afternoon. Bridget doesn’t think it’s a great idea but will let her go. And she stresses that they can still tell Andrew about the fake assault scheme. But Juliet wants to be the perfect daughter in the wake of Andrew’s shooting. Bridget is clearly unsure of what’s going on and she tries to call Jimmy Kemper. She digs around and finds out he’s in prison and confessed to Mary and Shaylene’s murders. She thinks maybe she trusted the wrong guy when Solomon says he dug into Machado and found he’s not dirty, just a bit obsessed with Bodaway. Bridget resolves to fix her mistakes and testify against Bodaway.

We get a flashback to when Bridget was first picked up by Victor. She’s strung out and just a huge mess. Victor’s trying to convince her to help him and testify against Bodaway. Unfortunately, she says the magic word (lawyer) and he just keeps on going. She does eventually agree to testify but really, he just violated her Miranda rights and screwed the pooch. Back in the present, Solomon says he can’t help her if she’s going to testify but she knows someone who can. We cut to Victor watching the dry cleaning place and he ends up going all ape shit on a guy when he refuses to tell Victor what’s going on. Not one of his finer moments I must say.

As usual, “Ringer” isn’t complete without even more jumping around so we end up at Catherine’s hotel with Juliet saying Andrew told her she had to make an in-person apology for running off. And Juliet has some demands. She says that Andrew is having all kinds of money issues and that he’ll have to sell the property in Florida. Catherine doesn’t seem all that concerned but Juliet presses the issue. They spent a lot of time there when she was growing up. And she wants her mom to buy the property to keep it in the family and buoy Andrew’s finances. Meanwhile, Henry finally tracks down his father-in-law and feeds him a line about sneaking on to Andrew’s computer to get the proof. Tim says he’ll handle it and Henry thinks everything is in the clear. Yeah, like I said earlier, Henry’s an idiot. And Victor is getting his ass handed to him by the new taskforce leader. We learn that Eckneth wasn’t in New York on Bodaway’s orders. They’d cut ties months ago. Victor and the other guy get into a shouting match which ends in Victor’s suspension from the FBI.

Catherine is obviously going along with Juliet’s plan. She meets with the person inquiring about the land in Florida and she reveals she knows he wants to land to build a wind turbine farm. It looks like they’re going to make a deal. Meanwhile, Bridget meets with Victor in a bar. He tells her about his suspension and she tells him that she wants to testify. I had to laugh when he says that her testifying as Bridget is illegal given how he convinced Bridget to testify in the first place. Bridget realizes (through a couple flashbacks) that Victor and Shaylene were an item. But Victor still isn’t comfortable with the idea of “Siobhan” putting herself in Bodaway’s crosshairs. He has too much blood on his hands to begin with.

Catherine shows up at the apartment and tries to seduce Andrew into selling her the land in Florida. She charms him with altruistic motives of making Juliet happy and reminiscing over old times. She even goes so far as to kiss him. He tells that if she makes him a fair offer, he’ll sell her the property. Victor has an idea that they can work out. They can fake Bridget’s death. They’ll shoot video and post it online. Siobhan is watching them through the window of the bar and we get a little fantasy montage of her confronting Bridget and then killing her to move on. The next morning, Catherine has wired $10 million into Andrew’s account. She plans to get way more than that from the wind turbine guy. Unfortunately he and Andrew were in it together and totally screwed Catherine. Juliet confessed to Andrew about the fake assault scheme and it turned into a family effort to screw Catherine back. We’re at the seedy flophouse with Victor and “Siobhan” and they’re setting up to kill Bridget. Unbeknownst to them the sniper is setting up on the roof across the way.

We cut very quickly to where we found Henry at the start of the episode. And Tim screwed him over, too. He tipped the cops off. Back at the flophouse, the sniper loses his shot and has to go in with a handgun. Victor receives a call that says Eckneth had been dead two weeks (before Andrew was shot). So whoever tried to kill “Siobhan” wasn’t after Bridget. The gunman tries to take out “Siobhan” and he thinks he’s done it (we get to the scene where she’s lying on the mattress with blood on her shirt) but she blinks. Luckily, Victor takes him out from across the room. And “Siobhan” isn’t really dead. It was the fake blood Victor gave her. The episode ends with “Siobhan” identifying the guy as the one who tried to kill her (not Bridget) a few months ago. Victor demands she tell him everything and before she can say anything, the dead gunman’s phone rings. Victor picks up and the audience gets the reveal of who is after Siobhan. It’s Catherine.

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