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Ringer 1.16: "You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail"

“The way I see it, you have two choices. Testify against Bodaway or leave and make a clean start somewhere new. But you can’t stay here where it’s more dangerous than what you left behind.”

This episode of “Ringer” certainly turned up the heat, and all of the characters seem to be in some sort of jeopardy. Either the life or livelihood (or both) of everyone seems to be up in the air at the moment. The situation is intense. The future of Andrew and “Siobhan” as a couple especially seems in jeopardy. I’d hope it would be, at least, considering it appears that Andrew may want to literally kill her at the moment. Being exposed as a crook can have that effect on people, I suppose. It’s kind of interesting to watch what Henry does now that he knows the truth about the twins. He’s pretty deftly playing all sides, although obviously he’s advancing Siobhan’s interests more than anyone else’s. Siobhan is quite the double crosser herself as well, but we knew that. In this episode, she has to play both Henry and Tyler in order to continue working towards her goal of blackmailing Andrew out of his money. The whole thing is a rather complicated mess.

This episode opens in Paris, where Siobhan has returned. Tyler pays her a visit because he wants to tell the authorities about the financial funny business going on at Martin/Charles. He thinks he can get full immunity and protect Siobhan and “his” child. Siobhan thinks this is a bad idea because she would lose all her blackmail leverage. The assets would all be frozen, and she’d get nothing. She wants Tyler to wait a little while to contact the SEC so she has some time to protect herself first. She doesn’t realize that it’s already too late. The next morning, Siobhan wakes up to a “sorry” note from Tyler, and she sees that all of her documents related to Andrew’s Ponzi scheme are gone. Tyler took them, obviously.

Meanwhile, Andrew is trying to explain to Bridget why he decided running a Ponzi scheme was a good idea. Apparently Martin/Charles was heading into bad financial shape, and the recession only made things worse. Andrew thought a Ponzi scheme was the only way to save the company. He also thought that the development of their new rapid trading software would help soften the blow for investors. Bridget isn’t really quite buying this explanation, though, and she says she needs some time to think about everything. She ends up talking with Malcolm, and she tells him all about the Ponzi scheme. Andrew had mentioned that Siobhan had confronted him about it before, and Malcolm thinks this means Andrew might have ordered the hit on her. Bridget is skeptical of this, insisting that although Andrew may be a crook, he’s not a murderer. Malcolm wants her to go back to being Bridget, one way or another, but Bridget isn’t hearing any of that. She kicks Malcolm out for even suggesting it.

Victor is out in Colorado meeting up with the new head of the FBI’s Bodaway task force, which provides the framing for the Victor flashback scenes in the episode. The head of the task force is kind of an ass and extremely self-important. He declares that Bridget is no longer important to their investigation of Bodaway. We get a flashback to Victor and Bridget’s first meeting at a Wyoming strip club. There wasn’t much substance to it. Victor was actually at the club to see Bridget’s friend, another stripper named Shaylene. Victor asks Shaylene to become his informant in the Bodaway case. He needs her to take a job at Bodaway’s strip club. Shaylene is reluctant, but she eventually agrees to help Victor out.

Back in New York, Malcolm pays a rather unwelcome visit to Henry. He wants Henry to convince “Siobhan” to distance herself from Andrew for her safety. Henry seems like he might be willing, especially once Malcolm guilts him into saying that of course he doesn’t want “Siobhan” to die, but Henry could be playing Malcolm too. Henry and Siobhan discuss this later over the phone. Siobhan thinks (or at least she tells Henry) that Malcolm’s concern for Bridget’s safety isn’t far from the truth. It looks like Andrew killing Bridget is something Siobhan is hoping for, because she tells Henry that they can’t have Malcolm around to protect Bridget.

Over at the Martin/Charles office, Andrew and Olivia are having quite the row. Olivia is really pissed that Andrew told “Siobhan” the truth about the Ponzi scheme. They talk at length about what to do if the company comes crashing down around them. Olivia wants to go to extreme measures to keep that from happening, but Andrew says they aren’t ready to use the “nuclear option.” It sounds like they might be discussing a plan to hurt Siobhan. Bridget drops by the office to talk to Andrew, but she sees him talking to Olivia. The conversation is interrupted when they get a phone call about Tyler going to the SEC. This freaks both Andrew and Olivia out, and Andrew says that they need to make sure Tyler doesn’t talk. Hearing this freaks Bridget out, obviously. She ends up going back to the apartment and packing her stuff up to stay at a hotel for a few days. Andrew arrives home just as she’s trying to leave. At first, he tries betting her to stay, and when that work, he gets a bit threatening while mentioning how they would both lose a lot if she blabbed about the Ponzi scheme. Bridget leaves anyway.

Martin/Charles calls Tyler to New York, obviously to deal with the leak to the SEC, and the poor sap actually does what they tell him to do. After he leaves, Siobhan and Henry have another phone conversation. Siobhan really, really needs for Henry to get the flash drive that Tyler took when he left Paris. Siobhan makes a second phone call to Malcolm, where she impersonates Bridget. She pretends to be extremely pissed that Malcolm talked to Henry about the Andrew situation. I think Siobhan is trying to play a little divide and conquer here. She wants Malcolm to stop helping Bridget, obviously. Malcolm is facing danger from another front, too. Over at Martin/Charles, Andrew and Olivia are talking about the recent computer security breaches. Olivia thinks Malcolm is behind all the hacking that has been going on, and she and Andrew agree that he needs to be dealt with, especially because he has a copy of the algorithm Martin/Charles has been using to make their earnings look strong. I’ve come to the conclusion that poor Malcolm is probably toast by the end of this season. Too many people want him gone.

We get two more flashbacks to the early days of the Bodaway investigation while Victor is still out in Colorado. The first is of Victor getting too close with his pre-Bridget informant. He wait for her outside of Bodaway’s strip club, and when she gets in the car, they start making out. Victor wants Shaylene to stop working for Bodaway, and he wants to run away with her. Shaylene said that she and Bridget promised to work one of Bodaway’s parties, and they can’t back out, or he would get suspicious. They agree that this will be her last job for Bodaway, and then she will quit. She has other news for Victor too, but she doesn’t want to tell him about it yet. The second is Victor at the morgue identifying Shaylene’s remains. Clearly the “one last job” thing didn’t go so well, as is often the case on television. And the medical examiner has one last surprise for Victor (which really wasn’t a surprise to viewers). Shaylene was four weeks pregnant.

On a tip from Andrew’s secretary, Bridget goes to the SoHo Diamond Hotel to meet up with Tyler. Unfortunately, the secretary blabs to Andrew about disclosing this information, which can’t be good for Bridget at all. At the hotel, Bridget starts to follow Tyler, but Henry stops her and kisses her. This outrages Bridget, and it provided a sufficient distraction to cause Bridget to lose Tyler. Tyler goes outside, and a Town Car containing Olivia pulls up. Olivia instructs Tyler to get in, and of course the poor sap obeys. Olivia tries to convince Tyler to turn over all his files with threats that the SEC won’t really give him full immunity. Tyler gives her the paper files so he appears compliant, but he doesn’t turn over the flash drive. After this goes down, Tyler call Siobhan to tell her what happened. She says he needs to get back to Paris ASAP.

Bridget keeps watch on the SoHo Diamond, and she sees Andrew go inside. She follows inside a little later, and thanks to some papers left on a housekeeping cart, is able to find Tyler’s room. She goes in the room and finds that Tyler is dead. Back outside the hotel, as the police arrive to deal with Tyler, Bridget leaves a panicked voice mail for Malcolm. Malcolm doesn’t answer the call, though, because he’s on the phone with Victor. He tells Victor that he wants to press charges against Bodaway for kidnapping, and that since Bridget can’t testify against Bodaway, he will. Victor, seeing his failing career suddenly resurrected, is quite the happy clam. Malcolm is about to listen to Bridget’s voice mail when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Andrew, and he does not look happy at all. In fact, he looks rather murderous.

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