Sunday, November 25, 2012

Person of Interest 2.07: "Critical"

“It seems he, too, values his surveillance.
- Finch

This week we begin with Reese heading for what turns out to be the rescue of a repeat number; Leon Tao from the season premiere. Leon seems to have gotten in trouble with the Russian mafia this time. Unfortunately, Reese doesn’t have time to do anything with Leon as they have another number to deal with and so takes him back to the library. Reese and Finch leave Leon with instructions not to leave or call anyone, don’t feed Bear or use Finch’s computer set up. After Ken and Michael not having any scenes together in the premiere, I was very excited they had scenes together this episode. It was nice to have a Miles and Ben reunion. After locking Leon in, our boys head to a big hospital where they’re getting a tour since Finch has donated money for a couple of the wings of the hospital. On the tour, they meet Maddie, one of the heart surgeons on staff and their number for this week. She seems nice enough but the guys are having trouble figuring out what the threat is against Maddie. She has a high profile surgery she’s about to perform and she responds to a trauma alarm of an Albanian gang member with a gunshot wound. Of course, there’s always the possibility it has something to do with her personal life. We are introduced to Maddie’s wife, Amy, who runs a children’s charity. No sooner have we met her, than her life is put in jeopardy. A sleazy Brit name Alastor Wesley shows up in Maddie’s office and threatens Amy’s life if Maddie doesn’t botch the super-secret surgery she’s about to perform. Her patient, Oliver Velt, owns a big energy company and it sounds like someone wants him out of the picture as competition.

We have a smaller storyline related to Lionel and Carter. Lionel shows up at a crime scene to find a guy shot in the back twice at close range. He has one of Carter’s business cards on him. He gives Carter a call and she’s more than a little disturbed to find her card on this guy. For one thing, she’s never even met him. She does some digging into something handwritten on the back of the card and runs into Agent Snow. He tells her rather cryptically that a female someone is on a tear and looking for revenge and she won’t stop until she gets it. We know he’s talking about Reese’s former partner but Carter doesn’t know that and Reese doesn’t seem to get it either when she tries to fill him in later.

Back at the hospital, Maddie is prepping Mr. Velt for the surgery by having him sign some last minute consent forms. He gets wheeled off to the OR and she ducks into a closet full of meds and gets a syringe full of Heparin just like Wesley told her. Finch and Reese have split up to try and keep Maddie from becoming the perpetrator. Reese manages to use the live feed to track the sniper’s position and takes him out. Finch is a little crabby about being stuck in the surgical wing without more access to surveillance and other hackable things. Too bad just after Reese takes out the sniper, Wesley calls and taunts him with the fact he has a whole team of people waiting for the word to take Amy out. Reese has no choice but to go meet Wesley for a drink. Reese calls in Lionel to watch Amy while he goes for that drink. Without his usual tech, Finch calls on Leon to dig up information on who wants Velt dead and who is paying for it.

Reese’s drink with Wesley doesn’t very well. Mostly they’re posturing with one another about who is ex-CIA and MI-6 and who has the better plan. Finch manages to insert himself into the operating team by first creating a computer error in the blood bank reserves and then approaching Maddie to offer his assistance. Reese is concerned that they won’t be able to pick up the other snipers and sleeper members in the crowd. It’s going to be a race against time to stop Maddie from having to go through with killing Velt and keeping Amy alive. Leon calls with some interesting information. He’s found that there was a big wind farm project that apparently Velt vetoed and now someone is short selling stock so if say the CEO dies in a secret surgery, whoever made the sale will get rich quick. Looks like Wesley and his associates are financing their own operation. Maddie is going along with Wesley’s orders and injects the Heparin into the IV but starts to panic and stops the surgery. This of course violates one of Wesley’s rules and he calls as soon as she’s out of the operating suite. He’s obviously got someone on the inside. He lets her talk to Amy and then cuts the call short.

Back at the park, Reese has decided he needs to get Amy out of there fast and so he’s going to have Lionel do a diversion. So what does Lionel do? He starts berating a patrol cop. It’s actually pretty amusing. He’s smacking the guy’s hat of his head, yelling about how he wants the guy’s name and badge number and to know what precinct he’s in. I think what made this so funny was it was partially a locked off comedy frame and also it was done off-screen. Meanwhile, Finch gets another call from Leon. He’s dug deeper and found that someone inside the company has access to all of Velt’s medical information. Finch thinks he knows who it is and approaches Velt’s aid (who knows a lot about the surgery in terms of medical procedures). Turns out Finch is off the mark.

Reese is implementing his extraction plan. He slips a phone in Amy’s bag and calls her, promising to direct her out of the park to safety. He manages to get her to safety and takes out the cop Lionel was harassing. Turns out he was one of Wesley’s plants. Back at the hospital, Maddie can’t go through with the plan. She declares herself unfit and sends everyone out. One of the nurses, Liz, says she’s going to stay and help stabilize Velt but really she’s a plant by Wesley to make sure things of the way he wants. She’s nicked the artery and Velt is bleeding out but with Finch’s help (he’s very squeamish about actually seeing Velt’s open chest cavity) manages to catch the incision and save his life. All is well for everyone involved. Leon is deposited back on the street and the boys live to safe another number another day. Somehow, though, I have a feeling Leon may be back again. He had too much fun helping solve the mystery.

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