Saturday, November 3, 2012

Revolution 1.06: "Sex and Drugs"

“How are we going to get out? How are we going to get Nora out? If I don’t do this, you all die.”
- Charlie

We begin this week with Miles and company stealing a militia wagon. Nora is in a bad way, failing to fight off an infection in the wound she got courtesy of Hutch. Charlie is ranting about how Aaron shouldn’t be saying things will be okay because he couldn’t save Maggie. We flash back to the night of the blackout and Aaron and his wife are in a limo on their way for a weekend trip on the company jet to celebrate their anniversary. Then of course, the power goes out and a big ass truck slams into them. In Philly, Danny finally gets to meet Monroe for like half a second before he’s ushered off to his room. It’s a little unclear whether Neville is in trouble but he gets promoted to Major and is now in charge of intelligence and interrogation. Just what we need, this guy asking people questions. Back on the road, Miles finally gets them where they’re going, to a guy named Drexel who can help Nora. Well, only if Drexel isn’t intent on killing Miles…which he is. And it turns out that Drexel is just messing around.

The doctor tends to Nora while Aaron and Charlie are pampered. Miles is down with Nora naturally. I really hope we eventually get to see what their past was. I also really want to know why Miles deserted the militia, especially since we’ve seen that it was basically his idea and everything. As Aaron is sitting in the nice comfy room, he flashes back to two months post-blackout and his wife isn’t doing well. She’s got dysentery from drinking tainted water. A young guy named Sean explains it and offers them some fresh water. Charlie hops in a bath and has a bit of a freak out remembering pretty much everyone she ever loved leaving or dying on her. She pulls out her box of post cards and rips them up. Out in Philly, Jason (aka not!Nate) shows up and Monroe compliments him on his report. Neville says it’s a bit light. Either way, Monroe gets out of him that it was Nora with the group and that Aaron has one of the pendants. Jason is concerned when Monroe wants to send one of his more ruthless guys after Miles and company. Obviously he has a thing for Charlie he’s trying to hide.

Back at Drexel’s, Miles is packing up to get back on the road when Drexel saunters in. He gives a big speech about how he knew Miles way back when and that after Miles deserted, Drexel got treated like crap, too. He ushers everyone outside to show off his burnt poppy crop (for making heroin). He says the drunken Irish family up the road did it and he wants Charlie to go kill them (or Drexel will kill our group one by one). Yeah I really dislike this guy. Charlie’s all dolled up to go infiltrate the Irish camp. Drexel tells her to take out the head of the family by sticking a poker in his eye (ew). He also gives her a cover story about her being one of his girls who he’s been roughing up (and then he hits her). Miles grabs him by the throat but can’t do much with the guards pointing crossbows at him. So Charlie goes off and Drexel tosses Miles some coin for his trouble and for burying Charlie. Aaron is freaking out a bit and we get another flashback. A group of people, including him and his wife, have been camped together and they’re frantically trying to leave before militia show up. Aaron is too slow and his wife gets caught. Luckily Sean is there to help. I can’t quite tell where this story is going.

In the present, Aaron tells Miles he has to choose Charlie’s safety over him and Nora and that he’ll try to get Nora out of the house. He sends Miles down some secret passage to the kitchen (Aaron’s house had 3) and Miles takes out the guys in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Charlie makes it to the camp and worms her way in to see the head of the family. It becomes clear quickly that Charlie doesn’t have it in her. For one thing, she sees that the head of the family was just playing with his adorable grandson. And he and his family used to be cops. He torched Drexel’s crop because his daughter Rebecca ran off to Drexel and came back a corpse. Miles has managed to get over to Irish territory but not much else. Aaron and Nora aren’t doing so well. The doctor shoots Nora up with adrenaline and Drexel rather cheerily says that she and Aaron are going to shoot each other. It seems like Aaron just isn’t very good at protecting the people around him.

Charlie is trying to get her courage to off the Irish guy and ends up smacking him in the face with a tea kettle. She’s about to stab him when Miles swoops in and says they’re leaving. Back at Drexel’s, Aaron is trying to be strong and say they aren’t going to play his game. We get another flashback to eight months post-blackout where he’s trying to start a fire. His wife says only he matters to her, not what they had before or that he can’t start a fire or find food. In the present, he tells Nora to shoot him because he’s useless and she can help find Danny. When Nora refuses to shoot him, he cocks his gun and shoots himself in the chest. He looks dead though there’s no blood. Just as Drexel gets close enough Aaron pops up and shoots him. Way to go Aaron. He pulls out his no bullet-dented flask. Kind of clever, I have to admit! He gets Nora out of there and they meet up with Charlie and Miles. Aaron seems mildly glad Charlie didn’t kill the guy. We get one last flashback where Aaron has basically left his wife because he thinks she’s better off with the group. I guess this leaves things open that maybe she’s still alive somewhere and they could reunite eventually. We close in Philly where Danny finally gets to see his mom after years of thinking she’s dead.

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