Sunday, November 18, 2012

Revolution 1.08: "Ties That Bind"

“Charlie, I commanded that whole damn militia. There was only one guy who scared me. And he’s out there right now. We’re in trouble.”
- Miles

We start this week in Freeport, PA, a mere 290 miles from where Danny is now being kept. Nora is paying a guard at the gate to a bridge so they can pass. Otherwise, they’d have to detour to Morgantown. It seems to be going okay (Nora gives the guy enough gold) and they’re walking through. But Miles senses things are off and they take off running back the way they came. Strauser, the guy Monroe sent after them a few episodes back has caught up and it looks like they were going to ambush our gang. The militia takes off after them and they manage to hide while Miles and Nora relay to Charlie that this is not a guy you want to mess with. Just as they’ve decided to go to Morgantown, Strauser gets word that our gang is lost. So of course he guts the messenger (saw that coming). What I didn’t see coming was that he has Nora’s sister, Mia.

We flash back to when Nora and Mia were little girls and they’re hiding under the bed as a man comes into the room. All we can see is his boots. He’s rifling through things and then leaves. The next morning, Nora goes to check the rest of the house and finds her mother dead. Being a good big sister she lies to Mia and tells her that their mother left a note for them to go find their dad. Back in the present, Strauser gives an ultimatum; Miles and the necklace are turned over within an hour or Mia dies. Nora has no intention of handing Miles over. She’s going to rescue her sister and kill as many militia boys as she can. She really has kick butt now, ask questions later kind of attitude. Miles tries to destroy the pendant but it doesn’t even leave a mark. He has a point though; Monroe can’t get his hands on it.

Back in Philly, Jason is getting a pretty bad beat down on Monroe’s orders. He apparently bribed a stable hand for Strauser’s whereabouts. So as punishment, Monroe is sending him on an expedition to California. And he’s pretty intrigued about the news about the lighthouse courtesy of Aaron and the pendant. Back outside Freeport, our not-so-merry band is planting explosives as a diversion to get Mia. It works (not a big surprise) and they make off. Unfortunately, Strauser is following. We get another flashback of Mia and Nora in Galveston looking for their dad. He’s not there and Nora, growing impatient with her sister’s questions about their mother, blurts out that their mom is dead. Kind of harsh, Nora. Mia is not so thrilled to be reunited with Miles. Obviously she doesn’t trust him. They manage to hide in a drainage pipe when Strauser comes looking. That’s not going to throw him off the trail for long. Mia does at least contribute a little something helpful. She knows a coyote that can get them across the river if they have the funds for it. As our crew moves towards the spot on the river where they should find Mia’s coyote, we get some exposition between the sisters that sheds some light on who they are and how they relate to each other. While Nora became a rebel, her sister became a bounty hunter. And apparently she found their dad. She wants Nora to ditch Miles and company and go to Texas to be a family again. Nora says she promised Charlie she’d help get Danny back. Just as they get to the river, they spot the coyote with his throat cut. Foiled once again by Strauser.

Later, as Neville ponders the map of what are the now the various territories, his wife comes in with their kitchen maid (have they really regressed back to having servants?) with a juicy tidbit. The Captain whom suggested they send Jason to California has a son, too, and his son is a rebel. Naturally, Neville feeds this information to Monroe and manages to protect his own. I have to say though, I really dislike his wife. Back at the river, Mia begs Nora to go with her to Texas again. Charlie gives her blessing and they head off (though not before a rather passionate kiss between Nora and Miles). I really want their backstory filled in. It seems very intriguing. I had a bit of a funny feeling about Nora and Mia going off together. Mia has nicked the pendant off Aaron and delivered it to Strauser. She’s also informed him about Miles’ whereabouts so they can be apprehended. In exchange, she and Nora are free to go. Her reappearance did seem rather suspect.

Nora quickly figures out that most of what Mia told her wasn’t true, especially about their dad being alive. She ditches Mia in favor of her friends and after some fancy maneuvering and Miles pretending to turn himself over to Strauser they take off and end up having to jump a waterfall to get away. Nora tries to apologize to Charlie that night but Charlie understands. We flash back to the girls curled up together one night, both promising to look after the other. In Philly, Mrs. Neville makes a bold suggestion. She thinks it’s time to get her husband in power and that Monroe is just a shadow of his former self since Miles left. Speaking of Monroe, he delivers the pendant to Rachel so she has everything she needs. It looks like she’s being forced to build whatever it was that made the blackout happen in the first place. We end back with Randall and Grace in a big spooky underground area. Apparently they have the ability to track the various pendants and Randall is sending Grace to Philly to stop Monroe. This is going to be a very interesting advance in the storyline.

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