Sunday, January 19, 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.12: "Seeds"

“All this history, you must be so proud. I wish I was a part of it.”
- Skye

We begin this week with a group of kids sneaking into an indoor pool late at night. It seems like all is well until the water instantly freezes and one kid gets his leg stuck. Luckily another kid breaks the ice to free him. It’s not long before we see the SHIELD logo on the wall. We’re finally taking a trip to SHIELD Hogwarts! On the Bus, FitzSimmons explains that there was a device found in the pool that caused the ice and since it was based on tech that they both created, they’re being called in to assist in the investigation. We also learn that the Academy has different divisions. Skye is kind of intrigued to be going. Meanwhile, Coulson is still brooding over his revelation about his death and May manages to snap him out of it when she says they’re going to Mexico City to hunt down the partner of the agent who died bringing Skye in as a child.

It’s pretty cool to see FitzSimmons not treated as the geeks of the team. They’re looked up to with awe of the student body and faculty. Before they start talking to said students, Ward talks to the kid who go this leg stuck in the ice. He says that the potential suspects are all friends with him except one. Turns out he was the kid who broke the ice to get him free. Oh and Skye laments not actually getting into SHIELD the right way because she sees all the history they have and feels left out. And I’d imagine as she sits in the lecture that FitzSimmons is giving, she feels left out of all the in-jokes, too. Things take a turn when the possible suspect turns to ice.

With some quick thinking from FitzSimmons, they thaw out the poor kid and Skye finds another device. So it would seem he was the target at the pool, too. But he can’t think of anyone who would want to hurt him. The main instructor explains that he’s only 18 and probably going to fail out just because he’s so introverted. So Ward puts a plan into action. He, Simmons and Skye will head down to where the students hang out in secret to try and get some answers and Fitz will buddy up to the kid. Fitz is pretty impressed with some of the ideas the kid’s come up with and encourages him to bring the ideas to his instructors. They aren’t his big ideas though. That’s kind of frightening. And Ward and Skye are also pretty impressed with the hide-out. It’s kind of like an underground rave.

In Mexico City, May and Ward are waiting for their target and May is rather chatty. She says it’s because Coulson is being so quiet and she wants to distract him and find answers for Skye. Coulson says he wants to root out all the secrets so May blurts out that she and Ward have been hooking up. We don’t get a reaction from Coulson because he spots their guy. I’m anticipating him having a rather amused delayed reaction though. They take off and May ends up fighting the guy a bit. But Coulson and Lola come to the rescue and once Coulson announces who he is, the agent seems to calm down a bit. Oh and we saw the billionaire guy from earlier in the season who tried to recruit Skye. Something tells me he’s involved in all this, too (either the Mexico angle or more importantly the academy storyline).

On the Bus, we get a rundown of what led to finding baby Skye. SHIELD got an 0-8-4 in China and things went crazy. Everyone in the village died and the 0-8-4 was actually little Skye. The team got back to the States and they started getting knocked off and taken out. So Agent Avery (the female agent who died) worked some SHIELD voodoo and set it up so Skye would move around in the foster system every few months so she wouldn’t be found. May implores Coulson to keep this quiet from everyone else since it could be rather dangerous.

Speaking of danger, our heroes are not out of it as it turns out. Ward chats up one of the smartest girls in the room, who has a rather eager attitude to get assigned to the Sandbox (aka where they build all the cool gadgets) and she explains that the two boys who got iced have been talking about meeting Fitz for weeks. Fitz is in the second kid’s room helping him solve a power issue. Unfortunately, just after Simmons warns him about the plan, he goes back to confront the kid and gets knocked out. It appears that the boys are trying to power a super big version of the ice machine. So not good!

The boys hide out near a parking garage and it turns out that Ian Quinn was involved in this plot. He was going to pay them for the prototype. But he’s not really interested since they can’t get it to him. He does say that if they give him a demonstration he might pick them up. But after he hangs up, he has his jet turn around. He’s not interested anymore. The kids get the machine to work but things go bad. They’ve made a super storm and now they have to find a way to stop it. Fitz has an idea that they can use the Bus to get to the center of the storm (when Ward can’t from campus) and they arrive in time to drag the two kids onto the plane. But the first kid, Seth, is dead (electrocuted by the device as they tried to reverse it). The second kid is pretty upset and won’t accept Fitz’s kind words as he’s ushered off to the Sandbox to be watched. And it seems when he was zapped by the machine, too, he took on some of its powers. Joy.

Meanwhile, Coulson comes clean to Skye about her past and she ultimately takes a minute to visit the Wall of Valor again down at the academy. As she’s doing this, Ward tells May that what he imparted to Skye could have ended her world but it didn’t. Skye took the information and reconciled it with what she thought she knew. Instead of thinking she didn’t have a family and she wasn’t worth anyone’s time, she sees now that SHIELD was protecting her. And that she had a really big family the whole time. But judging by the promos, things might not go so well for our newest 0-8-4. Oh and Coulson calls up Quinn to give him a warning. If he goes anywhere that has an alliance with SHIELD, he’s dead. Before Quinn hangs up, he tells Coulson that the Clairvoyant says hi. So it would seem Centipede is still in operation. Oh boy.

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