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Sleepy Hollow 1.12-1.13: "The Indispensable Man"/"Bad Blood"

“If using this map meant betraying your trust. That’s something I cannot do. For the world, for our friendship. You and I will choose our own destiny. We have free will. I choose to forge my fate with you.”
- Ichabod

The finale is finally upon us. I must admit I put off watching it as long as I could because I didn’t want to say goodbye (even temporarily) to our Witnesses and their world. We find Abbie getting home and leaving Ichabod a voicemail (yes our dear Crane has a phone). And she even gets a couple of texts back, including hilarious autocorrects. Abbie doesn’t have much time to muse over her partner’s techno problems because Andy shows up. He warns that Moloch is after Washington’s Bible because it leads to a map that could help Ichabod and Abbie. Andy begs her to give him the bible so he can have her soul spared, otherwise Moloch gets it through Ichabod. She basically tells him to get lost. Out at his cabin, Ichabod is pouring over the bible when he recalls Washington mentioning something to him in reference to the biblical story of Lazarus. Ichabod pours over the passage and finds ten extra verses that shouldn’t be there. Abbie arrives and he promptly complains that the phone he has is antiquated (it’s a flip phone so I totally understand his frustration). Abbie promises to get him a new one. It’s so damn adorable. He and Abbie discover it’s a message from our first President to Ichabod explaining that he’s created a map to Purgatory. Well hello Katrina!

Abbie and Ichabod continue their search and find a list of names of individuals who were present at Washington’s resurrection. One of them happens to be the poor Reverend who got beheaded in the pilot. Ichabod surmises that his prayer beads assisted and they call in Sin Eater Henry Parrish for an assist. I have to say, I’ve started watching Fringe and so now I appreciate John Noble’s performance on Sleepy Hollow so much more. While our Witnesses are getting ready to meet Henry, Irving is trying to dodge an investigation into what happened to the priest and other cop from last week. And Andy, pathetic thing that he is, begs Moloch to make him a weapon. And so our Big Bad infests Andy with locusts. Yuck. At the cemetery, our trio finds the prayer beads but things take a turn towards the hinky. Henry gets burned by the beads (a hex perhaps)? And he’s looking a bit worse for wear. He catches a few glimpses of Washington’s resurrection and the Reverend but that’s it. And then Ichabod and Abbie have a little heart to heart. Abbie is concerned that Ichabod may not be able to sacrifice Katrina’s freedom if the time comes because this game is all about sacrifice. I have to agree with her. I’m not saying Ichabod doesn’t understand that they’re at war and there is so much riding on their shoulders, but he is deeply in love with his wife and has been longing to save her since he woke up. And then some of Moloch’s sand beasties arrive. I love how Abbie shoots them.

In the sewers, Andy bursts out of the locusts as a demon, ready to serve Moloch’s will. I have a feeling most, if not all, of his feelings for Abbie are negated at this point. Our trio heads back to the cabin to try and figure out what to do next. Ichabod realizes that Washington, being a Mason, would want his secrets literally buried with him and he would have required the Reverend to keep watch over him. We get some intriguing altered history about a secret grave for Washington and the gang heads out to an island. As Ichabod searches for a Masonic marker, Abbie lets Henry know about the prophecy. He mentions that a portion of John’s testament was left out which mentioned the two witnesses turning on each other and neither surviving. Abbie’s concerned that this will happen but Henry reminds her that prophecies have a way of fulfilling themselves if you let them. Before they can speak more on it, Ichabod finds the hidden grave and we are one step closer to the map. And all the while, Ichabod is trying to use a smart phone per his agreement with Abbie and it’s just typical Ichabod fun. Tom Mison truly has a gift. And can I just say, damn those Masons are show-offs! Washington’s tomb is seriously elaborate.

In a very National Treasure-esque sequence, Ichabod finds Washington’s true resting place and it seems he’s no longer resurrected. He’s a gross crispy corpse. But Ichabod snatches up the map. Unfortunately, demon-Andy shows up and gets all destructive on them. Henry helps remind him about how he felt about Abbie and that’s enough to get him to back off and reveal Moloch needs the map to win the war. Abbie shoots Andy in the head but that’s not enough to stop it. So she shoots the rigged pyramid and the place collapses in on itself. Ichabod leads our heroes away just in time and he burns the map, citing Abbie’s friendship and the fate of the world as being more important. However, back at the cabin, after reminiscing about Katrina some more, he draw the map from memory. I sense the whole betrayal thing creeping towards actualization here.

Elsewhere in town, the cops are continuing to dig into the murders and they take Macey’s DNA. Obviously, we know she killed the priest but they don’t know that she was possessed. In an effort to save his family, Irving confesses. I’ll be interested to see what his journey is going forward. News travels pretty fast. The next day, Ichabod happens upon a War reenactment and gets some new threads (well new “old” ones really). However, he gets a call from Henry and it’s dire. He’s had a premonition that Moloch will make a creature rise and he describes a figure on a horse riding during a solar eclipse. Jenny and Abby fill in some blanks about the eclipse and the fact that it was 13 years ago to the day that they first saw Moloch. It would seem the Horseman of War is coming by day’s end. Just a little problematic.

As we move into the back half of the finale, that ominous feeling just continues to build. Abbie goes to support Irving but his case has been moved upstate and he left her a present. Back at cabin HQ, she gets back to learn that Ichabod copied the map. He professes he wouldn’t have used it without her say-so but he did lie to her. They also have a plan to stop the Horseman. They need to cast a spell over the ground where the Horseman is to rise. So naturally, they need Katrina. So copying that map was useful. Jenny is kind of surprised Abbie is going along with this given the fact that Moloch is hot for her sibling’s soul. The Mills sisters exchange professions of “I’ll be okay and we’ll get through this” and it’s very sweet. But that just adds to the stress of how things are probably going to go horribly awry. Jenny searches Corbin’s audio files for any mention of meetings with the Reverend and finally finds one that may be helpful. Meanwhile, Ichabod, Abbie and Henry head to the spot where all the ley lines converge to access purgatory. This is going to be interesting.

Both Abbie and Ichabod are tested by Purgatory with visions of their friends and loved ones welcoming them with open arms and the words they want to hear. But they each remember the other and are able to break free. And with a little luck, they find Katrina at the church where the Golem first attacked. Katrina explains she can’t leave purgatory without forgiveness and that’s not likely to come along any time soon. But there is another option. She can leave if someone else stays. And this, I believe is what Moloch was talking about with Ichabod delivering Abbie’s soul.

I was right. Abbie says she needs to stay behind to face Moloch, even if it means the prophecy comes true. So while Ichabod and Katrina escape back to our world, Abbie faces Moloch and seeks shelter in a replica of a dollhouse she and Jenny played with as kids. And it appears that Moloch took some of their memories. As Abbie gets shown what she’d forgotten, Jenny finds the final piece of the puzzle about the “saint’s name being a sign”. Unfortunately, Headless shows up and shoots up her truck. It’s unclear if she’s alive but I’m guessing she’s probably dead. Which is a shame. While all those shenanigans are going on, Katrina and Ichabod are happy to be reunited. Too bad they can’t find the spot where War is supposed to arise. And then things just got from weird to “oh my God” territory. In a whirlwind reveal, we learn that Henry is not only a servant of Moloch but also Jeremy. I sort of didn’t see that part coming but I sort of did. Either way, as his parents are pleading with him to see reason, it’s just amazing that Moloch and his own circumstances have corrupted him so much. He hands over Katrina to Headless (fulfilling Moloch’s promise that he’d get her soul) and Henry buries Ichabod in the same grave he’d been in.

I have absolutely no idea how they’re going to go forward in season 2 and I kind of can’t wait for it to come because the only words I’m forming right now aren’t particularly socially appropriate. It was just that insane! The writers did a bang-up job plotting out and presenting this season. And they made you care about all the characters, even the bad guys (well maybe not Moloch). Bravo creative team! Bravo!

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