Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sleepy Hollow 1.11: "The Vessel"

“I beg you, don’t let that girl fall into the fire. Every moment we linger could hasten the end you’re so diligently trying to avoid.”
- Ichabod

Welcome to the beginning of the end. Of season 1 that is. We are just two hours away from wrapping season 1 of this amazing journey. And don’t worry, we’ll be back for season 2 come fall. There’s no way we’d let up on this ride. We catch up with Abbie and Ichabod just after the New Year and while they’re trying to puzzle out Moloch’s message to Ichabod, he’s trying on skinny jeans. He looked rather hot but he couldn’t sit down, poor boy. So he hastily dons his normal threads to which Abbie says he needs to visit a dry cleaner. I cannot wait to see that outing! Abbie suggests that maybe Moloch got spooked since they dealt a pretty heavy blow with stopping the War and the tree monster and that the warning was just to mess with them. Something tells me Moloch isn’t into that.

Meanwhile, Irving is still freaking out of the demon he ran into in the park with Macey. He has the two people brought in for questioning but the demon jumps bodies before he can get any answers. But the demon does make contact, demanding Washington’s Bible or else the demon will go after Macey. So, in a fit of spiritual panic, he calls hi priest who suggests Irving get his ex and Macey to a safe place. Once he agrees to that, he pays our Witnesses a visit and learns that they don’t really know what is so special about the bible. But they aren’t giving it up. They’ll find a way to stop the demon. To that end, Abbie and Ichabod find a substantial file on demon possession in Corbin’s cases accompanied by a DVD recording of a 19-year-old woman who is possessed. No big surprise but said woman is Jenny.

Jenny is surprised to find out that they’ve seen part of the video. Ichabod explains they only watched enough to ID her, though they need to see the whole thing so they can figure out how Corbin beat the demon. The video is pretty creepy. The demon (through Jenny) says that Jenny has been marked and that she will kill Abbie and at the start of the war, Corbin will die by the hand of the Horseman of Death. Why our heroes aren’t making the connection between Jenny and Moloch’s warning (about touching a soul once before), I don’t know. But Jenny freaks and takes off. She doesn’t get far because her car won’t start. Ichabod begs her to help them and we learn that Jenny still heard voices wanting her to do things to Abbie, even after the demon was gone. So she’d get herself committed whenever the voices came back to protect Abbie. That’s actually very touching and makes me worried for both Mills’ sisters! But by watching the recording in reverse (and thanks to Ichabod mastering the pause button) the trio figures out the demon’s name and how to contain and expel it. They’re going to need salt and a French lantern bequeathed to Benjamin Franklin by the French during the war.

Irving may think he’s getting his family to a safe place but the demon jumps into Luke who is tasked with checking the perimeter. Irving has also brought his priest. The demon gets the other cop to disperse a salt line so he can cross the threshold and then kills the cop (poor red shirt. He was kind of cute). I’m guessing Luke is going to be the one to go after Macey which is going to carry a whole host of other complications for our characters. Irving is getting a little jumpy when he gets the call that the team is on the move to get the lantern. Unfortunately, the demon has made its move. It’s taken over Macey and she’s hovering all Exorcist style in the living room when he gets back inside. Time is running out for young Macey.

Things indeed get worse for Macey. While possessed she kills the priest, gets kind of gnarly looking and threatens to kill Irving’s ex if he doesn’t take her to the bible. So he’s got no choice but to comply. However, he calls Abbie and company as they head off to steal the lantern from some crazy militia types to try and buy time to stop this thing. The theft seems to be going okay as Jenny guides Abbie and Ichabod to where the lantern is hidden. But once inside, the signal cuts out and that leaves our heroes vulnerable. We also see Jenny getting a weapon together. I’m thinking those voices are back and she may not be able to fight them. Lantern in hand, Abbie and Ichabod head back towards the car, only to be stopped by those scary militia guys.

Ichabod tries to play to the militia’s belief in avoiding going to hell but it turns out Jenny was not hearing voices. She’s playing the cavalry and they get away. They head to the archives to find Irving and possessed Macey at odds and the bible nowhere to be found. While Ichabod lays down a circle (well more like and oval) of salt around Macey, Abbie taunts the demon to come after her instead of going after children. With the help of the lantern the demon is cast out and the Irving family and the Mills sisters share much needed family hugs while Ichabod sits alone looking kind of sad. But for the moment, it would seem that this particular demon is kaput. Back at the archives, Ichabod concocts a substance that can reveal invisible ink and at the very back of the bible they find a date penned in Washington’s hand; December 18, 1799. This of course is odd because Washington reportedly died on December 14, 1799. New mysteries abound as we enter the final two hours of this season. I know there was some speculation that perhaps Abbie is not the Witness among the Mills girls but it clearly seems that is as the demon referred to her as Witness and Jenny as a disciple. Still, I think it was a close call and death could still claim some more lives before the season is out. See you next week for a double recap!

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