Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1.14: "T.A.H.I.T.I."

“Being down there, seeing where I came from…I got scared that she would suffer. But she didn’t. For whatever reason, she didn’t.”
- Agent Coulson

The last time we saw our team, they were fretting over Skye’s fate. She’s in a cryogenic chamber being preserved while they try to find a way to save her life. They take her to a foreign hospital (since they’re close) and the doctors do what they can. While Skye is in surgery, the rest of the team plays the blame game while Coulson leaves an angry message for Director Fury. Unfortunately, things are not looking good for Skye. There was too much damage to her vital organs. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill Skye off seeing as this is a Whedon show but then again, there is still some more we don’t’ know about her, namely what makes her an 0-8-4. So they could keep her alive. May decides to take out her aggression by pounding on Quinn. I say let her have at the bastard. But Coulson intervenes. He deices that they’re going to take Skye to Bethesda to see the doctors who brought him back.

It would seem that Coulson is in quite the rule breaking mood. Not only does he disobey the direct order to hand Quinn over for interrogation, but he gives all of his newly acquired medical file to FitzSimmons to review so they can figure out how the doctors completely healed Coulson’s heart (split in half by Loki’s spear thing). Just as they jump on that task, we get a Ward and May cockpit chat where Ward expresses concern about the plan to try and save Skye. May is convinced that Coulson is doing what’s best for Skye and that he’d do the same for any of them. I’m not quite so sure about that but whatever. Some of Coulson’s rule breaking catches up with them mid-flight when they’re flanked by three jets and told that they’re being boarded.

It turns out the boarding party is Ward’s former SO and the guy’s new Ward. They’ve come to collect Quinn and Coulson susses out that Garrett (Ward’s SO) is after Quinn, too. After a little finagling, they convince Director Fury that Garrett can interrogate Quinn en route. Of course we had to see Ward and his replacement duke it out when the other guy tried to look for Quinn. Down in the lab, FitzSimmons is extremely boggled by all the drugs and tech that were used to revive Coulson. Simmons even remarks that it’s diabolical what they did. To make matters worse, they soon realize that the doctor who told Coulson the truth has disappeared and there isn’t a facility in Bethesda. At this pint I’m starting to get suspicious that something isn’t right. My fears were confirmed when Coulson and Garrett go to interrogate Quinn and he admits it all leads back to how Coulson was brought back. The Clairvoyant wants to see and so it’s either save Skye by figuring out what happened or letting her die. Why do I get the feeling the Clairvoyant may have something to do with there being no facility in Bethesda?

FitzSimmons is down but not out. They’ve gotten access to the SHIELD archive thanks to a friend of Fitz and they discover that Coulson was likely kept at a place called the Guest House and he was treated with a drug called GH325. It seems Director Fury set this all up. When they try to access the file on the drug, it appears encrypted until Fitz does a little reshuffling of their fancy holotech and finds a map. They land the plane and get ready to storm the place. Coulson of course wants people to be ready to move Skye if necessary and to keep people alive and technology intact. That plan goes sideways fast when our team doesn’t know the countersign to get into the facility. Both our team and the guys manning the controls inside are gearing up for a firefight. This won’t end well.

In typical boys and their toys fashion, our guys bust in and the other guys start shooting. Ward and Garrett take down the guards with an assist from Fitz and a flash grenade. Too bad there’s a timer that’s going to explode the whole base and kill them all in 10 minutes. Coulson tasks Ward and Garrett with disarming the bomb while he and Fitz search for the drug. After some fruitless searching they find a hazard room which contains all kinds of creepy looking substances, including GH325. To make matters worse, the action hero duo cant’ diffuse the bomb so they need to hightail it out of there with the drug. And with good reason because after a sweet heart to heart between Simmons and Ward 2.0, Skye starts coding.

Ward and Garrett manage to blow some of the doors to escape and Fitz and Ward head up to the plane to get the drug to Simmons while Skye continues to code. Garrett goes after Coulson who looks kind of crazed and shouting that they can’t give Skye the drug. They make it up to the plane but Simmons has already injected Skye. She seizes and her heart spikes to close to 200 bpm but it settles down and seems she’s going to recover. Whatever the drug was, it did its job. With Skye on the mend, Garrett and Ward 2.0 take Quinn into their custody and say their goodbyes to our team. A little later, May asks Coulson what he saw down in the bunker that freaked him out. He tells her that he was just scared that Skye would suffer but we really see he entered a place called T.A.H.I.T.I. (guess we know where the episode name and the memories came from) that has G.H. in it. He opens the door and there’s a blue alien guy in a tank with tubes of liquid being drained from him. It was rather disgusting and I can see why he freaked out. And I kind of thought the guy looked like one of the aliens from Avatar. It could just be that the lighting was blue. I guess we wait to see how the drug affects Skye. I’m hoping that it somehow interacts with her being an 0-8-4 or something (since she survived). Honestly, it’s not that I dislike Skye but it felt like if she actually died it might have been stronger stakes moving forward for the team. And it would be nice if dead really meant dead.

We end with a young woman in Death Valley hitching a ride and enslaving a man. She’s named Lorelei and it seems she’s of Asgard (she refers to our world as Midgard which would make sense). I think we’ll be getting some Thor action next week. Sweet!

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